Family Veterinary
Mobile Clinic

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Serving the Sanford and 

Southern Pines areas of North Carolina

Welcome to Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic

We’re looking for awesome pet parents who want to optimize their dogs and cats wellness by partnering with us.  We’ll coach you on your furkids preventative, physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental, and relationship health.  You want a long happy healthy relationship with your pet- Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic will help you get there.

We serve families with dogs and cats in the Sanford and Southern Pines areas of North Carolina.    

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 am to 6 pm by appointment.

We provide the following services IN YOUR HOME

  • Comprehensive Preventive Care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Wellness and Diagnostic Lab Work with next day results
  • Behavior Medicine
  • Dog Training
  • Professional Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking

Join our family today by completing a New Client Form and a New Patient Form for each pet.  And understand why Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is this area’s premier house call veterinary practice.


We provide services IN YOUR HOME, not the porch, yard, or barn.  We require seating for our doctor and technician, ample room for our equipment including a 4’x2′ scale, a table, good lighting, room to work with your pet(s), and one 3-prong electrical outlet.  

You must confirm your appointment via text or email.  

You are busy with work and home obligations, we get that.  95% of the time, we will arrive within 5 minutes of your appointment.  If we are going to be early or late, we will contact you with an updated arrival time and ask how you would like to proceed.  

Please respect our time as well.  Your pets need to be confined and accessible.  Please don’t ask us to add more pets to the visit as we only have enough time to see the scheduled ones.  If you are not home for your confirmed appointment, you will not be able to schedule another appointment with us. 

We have multiple wellness packages that include all of the things we recommend for each life stage.  

Dogs are considered seniors at 8 years of age and cats at 12 years of age.  We strongly recommend at least annual wellness lab work for all senior pets.  Our Plus, Premium, and Family Plans include at least senior lab panel.

Please explore our wellness plans’ costs and benefits.

Canine Wellness Plans 

Feline Wellness Plans

Payment is due at the time of service.   We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, CareCredit, Affirm, and cash.  You can also purchase care on our website.  Gift Certificates are available.