In-home Fear Free Certified veterinary care, dog training, and support for people with multiple pets

Our Services

Pet parents with multiple pets need the convenient in home care provided by Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic

Veterinary Care in Sanford, NC

  • One convenient home visit for all your pets
  • Wellness plan
  • Fear Free Certified
Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic group training class at Kiwanis Park in Sanford, NC

Dog Training and Behavior Services

  • Group classes
  • Private in home training and behavior
  • Online dog training courses
Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic teaches multiple pet parents how to keep the peace in their home.

Multiple Pet Home Community

  • Support
  • Practical and expert guidance
  • Sharing the joys and frustrations

Join Our Family

Please check out the rest of our website for a list of our services, prices, and how we do things. If you are interested in becoming a Family Member, fill out our New Client and New Patient forms (one patient form for each pet). We see dogs and cats only IN THEIR HOME in Sanford, Goldston, Cameron, Vass, and Broadway NC (Zip codes 27330, 27332, 27252, 27505, 28326, 28394).

Unfortunately, if you don’t have email or text capabilities, we will be unable to provide services for you. We communicate primarily by email and text, including record keeping, relaying test results, ordering medications, and updating treatment plans. You may also need a free PDF reader.

Once we have the completed forms and records from your previous veterinarian(s), Ms. Angel will get back with you to schedule your pets’ appointments. Please note, we are not an emergency or urgent care provider. Our appointments are booking at least a week in advance. Thank you, and we hope to meet your family soon!

A convenient Fear Free home visit for Otis and family from Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic

Our History and Plans

Dr. Meghan started Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic in 2017 to provide in-home veterinary care to dogs and cats in Sanford, NC.  Chelsea and I quickly realized that our customers need us for two main reasons: they have a pet who is fearful of veterinary care or doesn’t do car rides well, or they have a lot of pets.  We love helping both kinds of families who use our services. 

Fear Free Certification for Mobile Veterinarian

Everyone at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic has achieved Fear Free Certification.  Fear Free is an educational platform that teaches all types of animal handlers how to recognize the signs of fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) in animals, and how to alleviate it.  Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is helping Fear Free to develop practice certification for mobile practices. Once that model is complete, we will be one of the first Fear Free Certified Mobile practices!

In the past, veterinarians and their assistants man-handled pets. They scruffed cats and they piled more people on top of dogs to restrain them, and they didn’t care what the results were on the pet. As a result, veterinary care terrifies many pets. Now, we take special care treating our patients so they don’t experience FAS.  Veterinarians, trainers, veterinary technicians, groomers, and other animal care professionals embrace Fear Free and similar programs. It only makes sense; we are in the animal care business to help animals, not to cause them duress!

Mobile Veterinarian for Multiple Pet Homes

Almost all cat owners have more than one cat, and more than 30% of dog owners have multiple dogs. Despite this fact, there isn’t any framework that addresses the special needs of these families.  Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic decided to create that framework ourselves, and share it with the world.

Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic of Sanford NC patients Sirella and Annika enjoying time together

Multiple Pet Home Framework for Success

Convenient Affordable Home Veterinarian

First, people with many pets need affordable convenient veterinary care. We can not overstate the convenience of seeing all of your pets in one home visit! Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic’s Wellness Plans with optional monthly payments make the care predictable in cost, and affordable. 

After the comprehensive exam and consultation, we collaborate with you to optimize your pet’s preventive care according to their individual risks, diet, physical health, behavior and emotional well-being, and environmental health.  We’ll provide you with written, detailed, easy-to-understand, actionable ways to help your pets live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Training and Behavior Medicine

Second, people with multiple pets need expert pet training and behavior advice. Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic in Sanford, NC hired Jael, a Fear Free and Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer to assist Dr. Meghan. Together, we use positive reinforcement (R+), a scientifically proven effective method to communicate your expectations for behavior to your pet.  We increase the behaviors we want with positive reinforcement. Unwanted behaviors are extinguished with the lack of reinforcement.  Jael conducts group and private, in-person, and online training courses to teach you how to train your pet in the Fear Free way. 

If your pet has a behavior problem, Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic in Sanford, NC can help.  Did you know that 15% of behavior problems in pets are due to medical problems?  And that many more behavior problems are exacerbated by medical issues? That’s why we always start with a thorough exam and lab work.  There’s no point in undertaking a behavior modification program if your pet simply needs to be treated for a medical condition.  If your pet does need behavior modification, we can help.  

Our unique “dysfunctional family” plan is specifically for homes where the pets are no longer getting along.  After the individual evaluations, all the pets are included in the behavior plan so the issues can be resolved more completely than by focusing on the “problem child” alone.  

Multiple Pet Home Community

Third, we support multipet homes. We see a future where pets only go to a hospital or urgent care when they are very sick. Where pet care is home care. Where the people who help take care of pets also help take care of the pets’ families. We make it easier for people with multiple pets to live in harmony with their pets, to accomplish the things they need to get done, and truly experience the joys of a multiple-pet home. 

Being the pet parent for multiple furkids comes with lots of joy, a fair amount of chaos, and some challenges.  This community is for people with more than one dog and/or cat to ask questions, give and receive advice, and of course share pictures!  Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic will bring in experts from various fields to impart their wisdom to our group as well.  Join our Facebook Group to get started.

Happy Customers

King Daviston

They care, takes time to answer several questions, and puppy loves them. He actually enjoys their visits. That speaks volumes, they take time to be gentle and successfully distract him (SMILE).

Angelika Daviston

Lilly Ballard

Dr Megan and Chelsey are wonderful!! Dr, Megan educates and explains everything, and she is not rushed!! I have been so pleased!!

Marcia Ballard

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