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Dr. Meghan, DVM

Founder and Owner

  • In the veterinary field since 1997
  • Elite Level Fear Free Certified
  • Silver Low-Stress Handling Certified
  • Member of the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior
  • Member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management
  • Member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners
  • Member of the Veterinary Information Network
  • An Author of the Course How to Start A Veterinary Practice

There was a bit of a twisted path to my starting FVM.  Because of my love for functional design, I pursued architecture until my first year of college. Then I realized while I love design, drafting did not excite me at all. So I quit school because I didn’t see a point in taking classes without a clear goal. All I knew is that I wanted to do something with plants or something with animals. Yeah, I know, not very specific. Life has a way of clarifying things….

Then my first iguana, Lee-Zard, got sick.  Like, REALLY sick, as in emergency surgery or death sick.  I had a heck of a time finding an exotics animal veterinarian who could do the surgery she needed.  And the one I did find was horrible.  First, she told me that she “didn’t cut lizards.”  OK, no pet owner wants to envision someone CUTTING their family member.  Surgery is scary enough!  Then she told me it would be better to let her die and just get a new iguana.  WTF.  Seriously.  A person who had sworn to alleviate animal suffering just told me to let my iguana continue to suffer and die.

Well, that made me REALLY mad.  Mad enough to decide right then and there to be an exotics animal veterinarian and help owners of weird pets take great care of them.  Oh, Lee-Zard had surgery with a different vet and lived for several years, so happy ending there!

I got a job as a veterinary assistant and started night school to get my prerequisites for veterinary school. I was definitely hooked on veterinary medicine. After what seemed like forever, I finally graduated NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 with a concentration in Zoological medicine.

My first associate position was with Animal Hospital of Fayetteville, a high-volume, low-cost clinic that challenged me to hone my skills- FAST! Then I started Family Veterinary Hospital in Sanford. But that didn’t give me the relationships I wanted. In order to make ends meet, I was working 70+ hours per week as a veterinarian, and bringing home all my management work. Instead of joy and freedom, I was miserable and enslaved to the business. Not seeing any other way out, I closed down the hospital.

I was frustrated with the veterinary industry at that point. So many other veterinary practice owners and associates reached out to me with tales of the same woe. There had to be a better way.

I decided to prove that veterinary medicine can be a fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding profession with a great work-life balance.  So I started Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic for that purpose, and am working on replicating it so that other veterinarians and technicians experience the same joy I do.

I live in downtown Sanford with my husband, Dave, and my husky, Annika.  Favorite activities are grilling and chilling, hiking, hanging out with friends, gardening, and anything on, in, around, or under water.  You can usually find me, my husband Dave, and Annika at Kiwanis Park, Endor Trail, White Pines Nature Preserve, San-Lee Park, Local Joe’s, Hugger Mugger, The Beer Den, Camelback, or Wild Dogs.

Chelsea Seguine, RVT

Veterinary Technician and Practice Manager

  • In the veterinary field since 2001
  • Registered Veterinary Technician since 2014
  • Elite Level Fear Free Certified

Chelsea has had a passion for animals and knew she wanted to work with them since she was 4 years old. She has worked in veterinary medicine since high school. Since getting her start at PetSmart, she’s been a veterinary assistant/technician for about 18 years. She moved to NC from NJ in 2010 to pursue her career and goal of tech school. She graduated from the Gaston College Vet Med program in 2013 and has been a registered vet tech since 2014. She has a dog named Bear and they enjoy hiking and camping. She also enjoys volunteering for a church organization and visiting NC State Parks.

Chelsea has been with Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic since the very beginning. She is now our Practice Manager.

Jael Crawford

Behaviorist and Trainer

  • Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer and Mentor
  • Fear Free Certified Trainer
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Michelle Crawford better known as Jael is an animal enthusiast and outdoor adventurer specializing in animal behavior modification. From a very young age it was very clear she would have a career that was centered around the wellbeing of people and their pets. By the time she was in high school her focus was more clear and her passion for veterinary science was at an all time high. After completing the Veterinary Science program at Chesterfield Technical Center in Richmond, Va she enrolled into a local college to begin chipping away at her goal to become a veterinarian.

A year into beginning her pre-veterinary courses she met her now-husband and started a family. This is where the goal shifted from the veterinary medicine side of thing  to understanding animal psychology after having to rehome their family dog due to behavior issues. Helping families stay together by providing education, positive reinforcement,  and a deeper understanding of what each individual pet and family member needs has been the mission ever since. 

She has dedicated 9+ years as a certified pet trainer to preserving families by ways of teaching positive reinforcement methods, behavior modification, and obedience to create less stressed, happy, and well-behaved pets with happy owners.

Jael joined our Family in 2022!

Marie Daniel

Client Services Representative

Marie joined our team in March 2023 as our first Professional Pet Sitting Manager.  Soon after, she also took on the role of our Client Services Representative.  Marie has an extensive background as a veterinary assistant and veterinary practice manager, so she is perfect for the job of triaging patients to ensure they get the care they need when they need it.  

Hey everyone! My name is Marie Daniel, I have been working in the veterinary field for over 20
years and have done pet sitting during most of that time. I am excited to be working with Dr.
Meghan and her Family Veterinary Mobile Pet Sitting Service. Dr. Meghan’s Fear Free
approach to pet care is what prompted me to join her team because being a voice for pets has always been important for me.

What to Expect

Current Clients

New Clients

  • Please complete a New Client Form
  • Complete a New Patient Form for each pet
  • Have your pet’s complete medical records emailed to  Complete medical records are exam notes, lab work results, xrays, etc. NOT receipts.  We can ask for records but many clinics will not release your records without your authorization.  

Scheduling and Confirming the Appointment

Your pet care team will schedule your pet’s next appointment before leaving your home.  You’ll receive an appointment email and/or text depending on your preferences right away.  About 3 weeks before the appointment, we’ll send you a reminder by email and/or text.  


If you don’t, the appointment will be canceled.  Once the appointment is confirmed, we don’t remind you again.  

If you need to reschedule the appointment, you can reply to the email or text and Marie will help you.  If you cancel the visit, Marie will reach out to reschedule.  We send email and/or text reminders for overdue pets but only once- after that it’s up to you to maintain your pet’s healthcare.  

Please note, if you confirm the appointment and your pet’s care team shows up to an empty house, you will not be able to work with Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic any more, ever.  We respect your time by almost always arriving according to schedule if not early, and we require the same respect from our clients. 

Preparing For Your Pets' Visit

Nobody likes to see their pet stressed for veterinary care.  If your pet is typically anxious for vet care, please let us know so we can help you plan to make everything as comfortable as possible.  We may have to drop off pre-visit pharmaceuticals a few days before the appointment.  We can sedate pets in the home if needed.  

Your vet and tech need a couple of things to safely and effectively examine and treat your tech: 2 chairs and a small table, good lighting, a power outlet, and inside a temperature controlled environment that we can park very close to.  

We respect your time and schedule appointments so we are rarely late.  It’s more likely that we will text you that we are running early.  Either way, we will text you as soon as we know our updated arrival time and ask how you would like to proceed.  

Please have your pets confined in areas where they are easily accessible before our arrival.  If your cats are comfortable in their carriers, that works for us.  Bathrooms are also usually good.  Bedrooms and laundry rooms do not generally work because cats will get under the bed or behind the appliances. Dogs should be inside.  

Please don't let your cat have access to hiding places before we arrive!

During the Visit

keeping kitty patient comfortable with Mom

Pet care is a family affair.  We welcome your entire family to be present.  Most pets enjoy being comforted by their family during care.  If your pet is very anxious, we may ask you to step away for your own safety.  

Your vet and tech will set up their equipment in the area where they will do the exams.  We’ll ask you about each pet one by one and collaborate with you about their specific needs and care plan.  Once we have everything set up, we’ll examine and treat each pet individually.  

After the exam, your vet will go over exam and test results and update the care plan.  We provide treatment estimates so you can make the best decision for your pet, family, and budget.  

Most immediately needed medications can be purchased through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic during the visit.  We can also provide written prescriptions if you prefer a local pharmacy.  

Then your pet care team schedules your next visit.  


After the Visit

Please watch your email for your pet’s medical records.  If there was lab work sent off, it is usually available the next day.  All other records are done the same day.  The medical records are also available in your Pet Portal.

The medical records include your pet’s history, detailed exam results, test results, diagnostic interpretation, and an updated plan.  Our CSRs will contact you about scheduling any follow up care.  

We prescribe long term medications, including heartworm prevention and flea/tick control, through our online pharmacy.  You will receive an email with a link to purchase the recommended medications.  Our online pharmacy is generally cost competitive with the other online pharmacies but you may find better deals if another pharmacy is having a sale.  We gladly approve any prescription from any legitimate online pharmacy.  If you prefer to use a local pharmacy, we will give you a written prescription.  We do not call in prescriptions to local pharmacies because it’s simply impossible- they never answer the phone and they always lose voice messages, so we gave up.  

If you have any problems with our online pharmacy, we will resolve them for you.  For outside pharmacies, we charge a service fee of $250/hour to resolve their problems.  We have never had to charge this fee for Chewy or PetMeds.  Allivet and Heartland cost at least $250 because we are often on hold for at least 45 minutes, multiple times, because these pharmacies are incompetent.  We don’t recommend Allivet or Heartland.  You get what you pay for.  We will not approve any prescriptions from a pharmacy not licensed in North Carolina.  


Continuing Care

Please see Terms and Conditions for specific information about establishing and maintaining a veterinary-client-patient-relationship (VCPR).

The gist of it is that we need to see patients at least once per year for an exam to maintain the VCPR.  The VCPR can not be established any way except by an in-person exam.  Once the VCPR is established, we can use telemedicine if appropriate to help you and your pet.  


Dr. Meghan started Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic in 2017 after she closed her brick and mortar animal hospital.  It was just too much overhead- $44k per month just to break even- and that didn’t included any compensation for Dr. Meghan, who was working 70+ hours as a vet and another 20-30 hours per week on management.  Clearly that was unsustainable.  

She decided to do house calls for a couple of reasons:

  1.  One of the things Dr. Meghan loves is truly connecting with people, especially animal lovers.  It’s hard to do that when you’re having to see so many patients per hour just to keep the doors open.  The relaxed setting of home makes people more open, which in turn helps us deliver better care to the pets.  
  2. Her own cat, Greta, hated the 3 minute drive to the clinic.  Greta would scream as soon as the carrier doors were closed (even though she hung out in her carrier all the time), then managed to vomit, pee, and poop on the ride in.  Then she had to be sedated to be cleaned up because she would kill a person who tried to bathe her.  If the veterinarian’s own cat has that much trouble during a 3-minute car ride, Dr. Meghan could only imagine how many of her client’s cats she never saw for the same reason!  Pets are so much more comfortable at home, which makes the examination more accurate.  
  3. We can see first hand the environment the pet is living in.  We have solved so many medical and behavior problems just by understanding the pet’s lifestyle.  That saves our clients a ton of time and aggravation.  

During the first week of running her brand new house call practice, Dr. Meghan had a few problems.  It took her forever to lug everything she needed into and out of the clients’ homes.  She would book her appointments back-to-back but that left no time during the day to answer phone and email queries or to schedule appointments.  By the time she got done for the day, she had millions of messages to return, which took hours.  But most people had either already taken their pet to a clinic or scheduled elsewhere.  She was losing clients because she couldn’t get back to people quickly enough.  The other major concern is that pet owners are not trained in veterinary restraint.  They either couldn’t hold their pet- especially for blood draws- or scared their pet half out of their minds holding them too hard.  This situation wasn’t safe for anyone!

So Dr. Meghan put out an ad for a technician to help her with everything.  Chelsea came to the interview with a copy of the ad and a point-by-point response to everything that Dr. Meghan was looking for.  Dr. Meghan knew she found the right person for the job almost immediately. Chelsea is the detail oriented person Dr. Meghan needs to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.  Now Chelsea is the Practice Manager and is getting more and more responsibilities so Dr. Meghan can focus on being a veterinarian and keeping the Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic alive.  

In early 2022, we hired Jael, a dog trainer and animal behavior consultant, to help families implement the behavior treatment program Dr. Meghan prescribed for their pet.  It’s a lot of work to do behavior modification and having Jael help coach families dramatically improved our success in treatment.  Jael also prevents behavior problems by conducting group and private dog training.  She is working on some online courses for people who can’t make it to our courses due to time and/or distance so they can learn at home with her support.  

Last year, we expanded our services to include pet sitting and dog walking.  We have an awesome team of professional pet sitters led by Marie, who does double-duty for us as our Client Services Representative.  

Our goal for this year is to get a vetmobile in which we can perform surgical and dental procedures.  Then, we’ll replicate our model throughout North Carolina and beyond!  


The objective of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is to raise the standards of the veterinary profession in the delivery of care to patients, the client experience, employee happiness and compensation, and industry sustainability and profitability.  This is accomplished by developing and nurturing relationships between clients, employees, and colleagues based on trust, respect, understanding, support, and an over-riding mutual desire to improve the lives of pets.  

Diagram of the relationships at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic


Family: It’s not just our name, it’s how we do things.  

From the core of our existence, we focus on the enhancing the relationships that sustain joy in our lives, both individually and between our company and the world community. 

We provide relationship-based veterinary care to pets in the comfort of their own home. The services we offer allow us to help prevent and manage diseases and conditions so that pets live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.  

Serving our Client Families:

Providing veterinary preventative care, behavior medicine, and chronic disease management from a whole health perspective with the focus on the relationship between the pet and their family.  We ensure clients have the correct resources for emergency and urgent care, and follow through with any referrals.  We never want a client to feel alone in the care of their pet. 

Serving our Family Members:

Providing our members with the education, training, equipment, support, as well as above average compensation and a stellar work schedule to ensure they can enjoy their relationships outside of work and have the excellent quality of life they deserve.  Our company is built from the ground up, with the people who are delivering care and providing services directing what protocols, equipment, training, etc. are needed to serve the patients, clients, veterinarians, and company better.  

Serving our Communities:

 FVMC is committed to social and economic justice.  Just like most professions, the veterinary field suffers from a gender wage gap of approximately 21%.  The entire industry struggles with low pay, long hours, and increased stress.  Therefore FVMC pays 21% more on average than the published compensation for the field despite working 4 days per week.  We are a firm believer in non-discrimination based on color, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, etc.  in all aspects of our business.  

Our company is transparent in its operations.  Our family members have access to our total company and their own location financial statements.  We share our in-house research through both peer-reviewed journal articles and newsletters so that all veterinary practices, clients, and patients may benefit.  

Recognizing that we limit our services, we form partnerships with local veterinary practices so our patients and clients can be served at any time and for any service they need.  This is designed to be a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances the client experience as well as the care the pet receives, thus increasing the importance of veterinary professionals in the client’s perspective.  


Dr. Meghan started this company to save the vets from the moral stress, burnout, and other pressures that contribute to a veterinary suicide rate of 5 times the general population and in veterinarians leaving clinical practice.  Initially, she saw FVM as a haven for veterinarians.  It would be a place that vets could work without a corporate overlord demanding more and more revenue production with fewer resources and support staff.  A place where personal relationships really matter.  Where the medical, service, and professional standards of the company are dictated by veterinarians, not some venture capitalist who nobody has ever met.  

Since that initial motivation, she realized that the entire pet-care field, from veterinary technicians and assistants, client service reps, managers, groomers, and others, suffers from similar anguish and fatigue.  She also recognized that clients prefer pet care to be less stressful for not only their pets, but for them as well.  Performing all services in the home removes a lot of the stress suffered by pet parents and pets alike.  The pace, structure, and personal connection of pet care in the home is conducive to the professional pet caretakers’ well-being.  It’s a win-win situation.  

Our goal is to bring all aspects of pet care back home where pets are more comfortable: veterinary care, training, behavior medicine, pet sitting instead of boarding, and grooming.  We are building out the services here in Sanford, NC and then will replicate the system throughout the country.  Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic will be a haven not just for veterinarians, but for all pet care professionals, pet parents, and pets who desire the Fear Free and personal care that we provide. 


The number one core value at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is we are committed to happy healthy relationships. 

Let’s take a minute to break that down because it is a powerful statement.  Commitment is a promise to dedicate time, effort, and physical and emotional energy into something or someone you believe in.  With mutual and reciprocal commitment, people achieve seemingly impossible goals, like landing on the moon, or obtaining civil rights for African Americans and LGBQT plus communities, or loving someone in sickness and health, good times and bad, or to being more healthy and finally dropping those extra 20 pounds.  Commitment motivates people despite the odds, despite the hardships, despite the cost and sacrifices.  But commitment also gives us security; we feel safe and comfortable with someone who is committed to us, we feel free to express ourselves.  We know we are supported, we know that someone who is committed to us has our backs.  When we are committed to an idea or goal with other people, we are filled with hope that no matter what the odds, we will overcome.

What is a happy healthy relationship?  They are built on mutual and reciprocal trust, respect, and confidence.  Whether that relationship is with your partner, friend, hairdresser, customer, colleague, or dog, the keys to a happy healthy relationship are mutual and reciprocal trust, respect, and confidence.  You trust that what the other person is saying is true, and you are honest with them.  You respect their work, time, ideas, contributions and they respect yours.  You have confidence that that person means and does what they say, and you do the same for them.  You’re a great team and you work well together.

That is what we mean by we are committed to happy healthy relationships.