Veterinary Care for New Clients

Veterinary care for new clients

To ensure quality care, we require information prior to scheduling your first appointment with Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic.

First is the new client information form.

Then, we need a new patient information form for each pet.

Finally, please email the complete medical records for each pet to Marie, our CSR.  You can have your previous veterinarian email the records directly to us if desired.  The email is  Your veterinarian will review the medical records prior to seeing your pet for the first time to ensure consistent, quality care.  If this is a new puppy or kitten or rescue without any previous veterinary care, please let us know.  We do not schedule appointments until we have the forms and records.

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  • Our kitten right start wellness package ensures your new family member is protected and developing normally.


    Right Start Kitten Package

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    Give your kitten the Right Start!  Our Right Start Kitten Package ensures your new family member grows up to be a happy, healthy cat.

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