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Dog Training Insanity

Dog wearing a shock collar and a prong collar showing clear signs of distress.

Annika and I were enjoying a nice walk at Whitehall Trail in Southern Pines one Sunday when we were ambushed by the same 3 dogs 5 times within an hour. The dogs were wearing shock collars and boy, did they ever get shocked. A lot. Yet they kept performing the undesired behaviors. Why? Because punishment is a crazy and ineffective way to train dogs.

Medical Causes of Pet Behavior Problems

The significance of a holistic approach in treating these issues cannot be overstated. It is crucial to understand that pet behavior is not just a matter of training or discipline but is often deeply intertwined with their physical health. Recognizing this connection is the first step toward effective treatment.

The importance of thorough diagnostic approaches, including physical examinations, blood tests, imaging, and behavioral assessments, has been highlighted as key to uncovering the root causes of behavioral issues. These diagnostic tools are essential in differentiating between medical and purely behavioral problems and form the basis for a targeted treatment plan.

How to Solve Your Pet’s Behavior Problem

Unwanted behavior is a top cause for pets to be relinquished, rehomed, or euthanized. Dealing with a pet that has a behavior problem can be frustrating or even unsafe. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about approaching the treatment of behavior problems in pets. Some of this misinformation can cause the behavior problem to worsen.

How to Use Science to Make Dog Training Easy

In this post, you will learn how to use science to make dog training easy. There are lots of theories about dog training, but only one method has been scientifically proven to work the best- positive reinforcement. I use dogs as examples in this blog but the truth is that positive reinforcement works for any species- even humans. You’ll learn the basic principles of dog training and how to get your dog, cat, or even child to do what you want. You can even improve yourself with positive reinforcement.