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We are (slowly) adding more resources for pet parents in the categories of community events, veterinary medicine, the pet care industry, and enjoying life with pets.  

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How to Use Science to Make Dog Training Easy

In this post, you will learn how to use science to make dog training easy.  There are lots of theories about dog training, but only one method has been scientifically proven to work the best- positive reinforcement.  I use dogs as examples in this blog but the truth is that positive reinforcement works for any species-

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Preventing Unnecessary Over-Vaccination in Dogs and Cats

Is Your Dog or Cat Over-Vaccinated? What does over-vaccination even mean? Surprisingly, I’m not talking about the number of vaccines given during one visit. Because sometimes your pet really needs all of the vaccines! It is not ideal to administer too many vaccines in one visit. Nobody likes that many jabs. However, that doesn’t count

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Ultimate Guide to Understanding Vaccinology in Dogs and Cats

About Vaccines I’m going to try to make all this science stuff understandable, so please let me know how well I succeed. This is a crash overview course in vaccines and vaccinology that took almost a semester of vet school to learn. I promise not to go into that much detail unless you really want

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