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Dog Training

Improve Your Relationship with your Dog with Training

The key to a great relationship with your dog is basic training.  Training is a communication method that establishes your expectations and helps you understand your dog’s emotional state.  Positive reinforcement training prevents problem behaviors borne out of anxiety, mistrust, and confusion.  It does not attempt to take away a dog’s choices, it just increases the odds that they will choose to do what you want.  After all, if you wanted something that is 100% obedient all the time, you’d get a robot, not a dog.  A well-trained dog is calm and confident in most situations, joyfully does what you ask of them, and is a pleasure to be around.  

Jael is our Fear Free and Animal Behavior College Certified Dog trainer.   She has over 8 years experience in dog training and behavior consulting.  Using her Certified Professional Coaching knowledge, she teaches you how to train your dog using Positive Reinforcement.  

If you want to learn the science behind successful dog training, and why we use Positive Reinforcement, check out our blog post: How to Use Science to Make Dog Training Easy.  

Adult Basic DogTraining

Whether you just adopted your dog or they need a refresher course, every dog needs solid basic dog training.  This class is for dogs over 16 weeks of age.  

We are currently offering private in-home training.  Group courses will resume in early 2023.  

Our 6-week course gives your dog the skills needed to function as a fabulous family dog and companion:

Trained dog relaxing at outdoor bar patio
Well-trained dogs get to go fun places, like Annika at Hugger Mugger!
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Go to place
  • Heel
  • Come
  • Drop it
  • Leave it
  • Wait
  • Focus
  • Target
  •  And more!

Group classes are $450

Private in-home dog training is $600

Training courses are included with the Family Plan at no additional cost!

Right Start Puppy Training

This course is for puppies who are under 16 weeks of age at the start of the course.  It provides the essential early socialization and basic skills required to get your puppy off to the Right Start. 

Our next Right Start Course will begin in early 2023!

This course starts with the REAL basics.  Puppies first learn that the marker (clicker or “good” or whatever word you’re using) means that a yummy treat is coming.  Once they understand the concept of training, Jael focuses on teaching calm behaviors, focusing on you, and socialization.  Puppies will learn sit, wait, leash walking, and come.  

Puppies on the Right Start Plan get a 10% discount off the price.  

Family Members get free training for life!

The price is $450 for the 6-week group course.  


Buddy has SKILLS!

Leash Walk Boot Camp

How to stop a dog from pulling on a leash

If the image to the left looks all too familiar, you need our Leash Walk Boot Camp!

This is a private 2-session program at your home with Jael designed for dogs without behavior problems such as fear of other dogs or people or vehicles, etc.  Dogs with such fears will be referred to a complete behavior modification course.  For the others who are just overly exuberant or easily distracted, we can help!

Jael uses positive reinforcement techniques along with clear communication to help your dog learn that you want them to walk on a loose leash next to you.  We don’t use any aversive tools such as choke, shock, or prong collars and if you have them, throw them away now.  You don’t need them.  Jael may recommend a front-clipping harness or a head collar in certain situations.  

This program is $200, free for Family Plan Members.


Requirements for All Courses

You do NOT have to be a client of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic to participate in our training courses.  

All dogs must be healthy, currently vaccinated against distemper, parvo, rabies (puppies by 16 weeks of age as per NC law), on heartworm prevention, and on effective flea and tick control.  Aggressive dogs will be referred to Behavior Modification.  If you have any questions, please contact Jael.


  • Sturdy flat buckle collar.  Jael will check for fitment.
  • 5-6 foot long leash
  • Hands free treat pouch
  • Lots of very tiny and very fabulous quick to eat treats.  Cut up hot dogs, bits of cheese, cooked meat, or training treats work well.  Bring a variety so your dog doesn’t get bored.  Also, don’t feed your dog for several hours prior to training.  
  • Clicker
  • Your whole family! 
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