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You’re busy, we get that.  It’s hard to care for everyone and you have a lot of responsibilities.  We’ve all been in this situation.  You’re exhausted, and then you look at your pets and think “I really need to get them to the vet for their regular checkups, but when?”  Schedule with Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic and discover why it’s just easier to stay home.  


Going to a Typical Veterinary Hospital

Home Care with Family Vet Mobile

  • Have to call during business hours to schedule an appointment.
  • Struggle to get your pets into a carrier or into the car.
  •  Listen to your pets cry, or worse, vomit, pee, or poop, during the ride.
  • Decide to struggle handling multiple pets in one visit, or making multiple trips to the vet.  
  • Keeping your pets safe from other sick or aggressive pets in the lobby.
  • Get shuttled into the exam room and wait- again.  
  • The tech takes a history, then disappears.  Then the vet comes in and asks the same things over again- what a waste of time.  
  • What happens in “the back” anyway?
  • If your pets are scared, they call in more assistants to manhandle them, or worse, make you the bad guy holding them down.  
  • The vet is rushed because their corporate overlords demand them to see so many patients per hour. 
  • Sticker shock!  All that treatment sure adds up fast!
  •  Full payment is due at the time of services. 
  • Back in the car for the stressful ride home.  Then cleaning out the fur and bodily fluids. 
  • You can’t remember all the details of what the vet said.  
  • Call or text during business hours or schedule your appointment through your Pet Portal.
  • Just keep your pets inside.  
  • No fuss and no mess.
  • We take care of all your pets in one convenient home visit with no struggling from you or your pets.
  • It’s just us and your pets.  No worries about infectious diseases or other animals.
  • No waiting.  We are proud to run on time or early!
  • Your vet takes your pet’s history while the tech prepares everything they need to treat each pet.  
  • You are present and able to comfort your pets during treatment.
  • Certified Fear Free Professionals take the time to treat your pet with the tender loving care they deserve.
  • We stay as long as needed to ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed to your satisfaction.  
  • Wellness plans eliminate sticker shock.  If a treatment is not covered, we provide an estimate for care first. 
  • We can set up payment plans for wellness packages.  
  • Our team packs up, cleans up, and leaves without a trace.
  • We email your pets’ medical records and they are available on your Pet Portal.  

Price Lists

It’s just easier to know what your pet’s veterinary care will cost in advance.  

Wellness Plans

Wellness plans make it super-easy to budget veterinary care.  You can choose the level of care you want for your pets.  If you can’t decide, your veterinarian will recommend the most cost-effective plan for your pet based on their individual needs.  

Regular Prices