Our Mission

We are committed to happy, healthy relationships

The number one core value at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is we are committed to happy healthy relationships.  

Let’s take a minute to break that down because it is a powerful statement.  

Commitment is a promise to dedicate time, effort, and physical and emotional energy into something or someone you believe in.  With mutual and reciprocal commitment, people achieve seemingly impossible goals, like landing on the moon, or to being more healthy and finally dropping those extra 20 pounds.  Commitment motivates people despite the odds, despite the hardships, despite the cost and sacrifices.  

But commitment also gives us security; we feel safe and comfortable with someone who is committed to us, we feel free to express ourselves.  We know we are supported, we know that someone who is committed to us has our backs.  When we are committed to an idea or goal with other people, we are filled with hope that no matter what the odds, we will overcome.

What is a happy healthy relationship?  It is a relationship built on mutual and reciprocal trust, respect, and confidence.  Whether that relationship is with your partner, friend, veterinarian, customer, colleague, dog, or cat, the keys to a happy healthy relationship are mutual and reciprocal trust, respect, and confidence.  

To earn trust, we are honest with you.  To earn confidence, we do what we say and say what we mean.   Our behaviors and actions reflect our core values.  To earn respect, we give you results and share how our knowledge informs our thinking.

We promote the same kind of trust, respect, and confidence in any human relationship with your pet.  We respect our patients enough to recognize their signs of fear, anxiety, and stress, and don’t violate their trust by causing them emotional or psychological harm.  We respect their choice about whether or not they will accept the procedures we are doing the way we are doing it, and find another way that doesn’t violate their trust.  We are adamant about using only Positive Reinforcement in training and vet care, because a relationship based on dominance and abuse is the opposite of happy and healthy.  


The relationships that sustain us

Diagram of the relationships at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic

Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is connected to our community and your family through the relationships that sustain us and give us joy.  

For our Company Family, we provide each employee the education, training, equipment, support, as well as above average compensation and a stellar work environment.  Our schedule ensures that we all have quality time with our own families and friends so we can nurture those important relationships.  Our protocols and standards are created and innovated by the people delivering care, not some far-off clueless executive.  We firmly believe that employees who are well-supported financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally bring their best selves to work every day, providing the excellent care that each client and patient deserves.  

To our Clients, we provide veterinary preventive care, behavior medicine, chronic disease management, dog training, and pet sitting from a whole health perspective.  We focus on the relationship between pets and their family.  We ensure clients have the resources to give their pets the care they need, and always follow through with any referrals.  We never want a client to feel alone in the care of their pet.  Nobody knows their pet like their family, and we are honored that our clients choose us as partners in their pet’s care.

We are committed to a healthy environment.  After all, it’s impossible to be healthy when your surroundings are literally killing you.  Instead of staff and clients driving to a clinic building every day, we put one vehicle on the road.  We ditched the entire energy-consuming clinic building.  We use electronic records, online prescription portals, and signature-capturing devices to dramatically reduce our paper consumption.  The little paper we do use is 100% recycled.  Our practice is working towards Gold Green Business Bureau Certification to prove our commitment to a sustainable healthy environment.  

In our Communities, we seek ways to bring people together.  From supporting community events like Carolina IndieFest, to our Dog Walk Club, our mission is to unite people who love animals.  We establish mutually beneficial relationships with local veterinary practices, and consider them colleagues, not competitors.  Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic is a strong supporter of equal rights, diversity, and social justice.  We celebrate our differences while recognizing we are all animal lovers here!

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