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Wellness Plans

Do you want wellness plans that are upfront, easy to understand, and budget-friendly?  You got it!

Our cost-effective wellness plans take the price anxiety out of veterinary care. Yes, we’re Fear Free for humans too!  

We include all the vaccinations your pet needs with each wellness plan. After a consultation with you regarding your pet’s lifestyle, we vaccinate to protect your pet without ever over-vaccinating. Well, unless another facility requires specific vaccines too often, we can’t help that.  The value is that you don’t have to guess which vaccines your pets need, or figure out which ones you can afford because they’re all included.  

For pets on chronic medications or who are considered seniors, we recommend the Premium Plan.  Dogs 8 years and over and cats 12 years and over are considered senior pets.  While old age is not a disease, they certainly do start collecting medical conditions as they get older.  When detected early, we can treat and sometimes even reverse some of these diseases, giving your pet a longer, happier, healthier life.  

Our Ultimate Plan is for pets who have been recently diagnosed with a condition that requires a second set of lab work within 6 months.  Some examples of conditions that would be included are arthritis, thyroid disease, and seizures. 

The Fine Print

We can always upgrade your pet’s plan if needed.  We do not automatically re-enroll pets in wellness plans.  If you decide next year that the plan wasn’t for you, there is nothing you need to do to stop it, and there is no cancellation fee.  If you decide to stop the plan before it expires, we’ll calculate the value received based on our regular prices, and what you have paid, and we’ll either refund the difference or we’ll charge you the difference.  Most of the time, you’re better off just paying off the plan. 

If you are a new client or have a new pet, please complete the required forms prior to contacting Ms. Angel to schedule your appointment. Thank you!

Puppy and kitten getting to know each other through the Right Start are healthy, happy, and well trained!

Right Start Puppy and Kitten

Congratulations on your new furkid! We know you’re probably a little overwhelmed at the moment, so rest assured we’ve got your vet care covered. The first 6 months of puppy and kitten parenting are crucial to the long-term health and happiness of your furkid. They need a ton of vaccines- like every 3 weeks- and deworming and microchipping and heartworm prevention and flea and tick control and making sure they are developing normally and training and WHEW!

Relax, take a deep breath. Our Right Start Puppy Wellness Plan and Right Start Kitten Wellness Plan include all the vaccines, deworming, microchipping, exams, preventative recommendations, support, and advice that you need to provide your puppy or kitten the foundations for a long, happy, healthy life. Right Start puppies and kittens receive 10% off our spay and neuter packages, and puppies also get 10% off our group and private in-home Right Start Training courses. The cost of the Right Start Wellness Plan is $480, or 6 monthly payments of $90.

Even dogs and cats that snuggle on beds inside all day need protection from infectious diseases.  We ensure your pets are safe to snuggle another day.

Basic Wellness Plan

Our Basic Wellness Plan is perfect for healthy young adult dogs and cats and families who prefer to pay as they go for additional services if needed. This Wellness Plan is a traditional annual visit that includes all the vaccines your dog or cat needs, a fecal parasite test, and for dogs also a heartworm test. We’ll authorize and prescribe up to a year’s worth of heartworm prevention and flea/tick control for you to purchase either through Covetrus (the online pharmacy we partnered with) or any other legitimate pharmacy of your choice. The price for the basic wellness plan is $169 per pet, and there is a $25-55 house call fee per visit (not per pet). There is no monthly payment option with this wellness plan.

We make sure that dogs and cats who enjoy each other's company outside in the fresh air and sunshine are well protected from diseases that are common in their area.

Plus Wellness Plan

The Plus Wellness Plan is designed for people who want extra protection against issues and incidents that require more than one annual veterinary exam. It’s also perfect for multiple pet families who prefer affordable monthly payments for veterinary care. It includes everything in the Basic Wellness Plan, plus 3 additional exams and house calls throughout the year. The cost is $259 per pet, with no house call fees. There is a monthly payment option of $80 at the time of the visit, plus 9 payments of $26.67 per pet for 9 months.

The Premium Wellness Plan includes lab testing to ensure good health in older kitties like this one.  And dogs too!

Premium Wellness Plan

The Premium Wellness Plan is our most popular plan. In addition to all the vaccines, a fecal parasite test, and heartworm testing for dogs, we’ve included screening lab work for a thorough picture of your pet’s health. The lab work consists of a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel, T4 thyroid test, and urinalysis.

We designed the Premium Wellness Plan for healthy dogs over 8 years of age, cats over 12 years of age, and any pet on chronic medication. The Premium Wellness Plan includes unlimited exams and house calls throughout the year, as well as 10% off all additional services offered through Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic. There is never an exam or a house call fee. The cost is $469 at the time of the visit. The monthly payment option is $129 at the time of the visit, then 9 payments of $43.89 each.

Keeping our loyal companions comfortable as they get older is easier with the Ultimate Plan.

Ultimate Plan

For pets on the road to wellness but aren’t there yet, we recommend our new Ultimate Plan. This plan is for dogs and cats with newly diagnosed problems such as arthritis, thyroid disease, diabetes, allergies, and other chronic conditions.  This plan is only for 6 months because we hope to get your pet well by then!  

Ultimate Wellness includes unlimited exams and house calls, vaccines, heartworm test for dogs, and parasite test.  Plus it includes 2 full lab panels and a 10% discount off additional services purchased through Family Vet Mobile.  The extra lab panel allows us to ensure the medications are working properly in your pet.  Allergy testing can be substituted for the second lab panel at no additional charge.  The cost is $639 at the time of visit with no exam or house call fees. The monthly payment option is $116.50 for 6 months, starting at the time of the visit.

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