Cat Behavior Medicine

Behavior medicine in cats focuses on the unique needs of our feline friends and correcting behaviors that frustrate their guardians. We find the cause of urinating inappropriately (it is NOT SPITE), attacking people and other feline housemates, and so on.

The fact of the matter is that cats have unique requirements for their best behavior, and many homes don’t quite meet their cats’ needs, especially in multiple cat homes. For example, almost everyone feeds their cats in one communal area. This is not a natural cat behavior- they hunt and eat alone. While they may tolerate communal feeding, it doesn’t take much for something to upset the delicate peace and cause mischief and mayhem in the home- everything from inappropriate eliminations to cat fights.

Our approach to problem behaviors in cats is:
1. Ensure the needs of the cats are met- separate feeding stations, plenty of ways to explore their environment from different heights, providing an appropriate hunting behavior outlet, the correct number, type, and location of litter boxes, claw care, and more.

2. Treat any medical conditions that can cause or exacerbate behavior problems. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is often the culprit of cats urinating outside the litter box out of “spite.” FLUTD can be triggered by stress (you going on vacation, a guest coming to the house) and causes painful inflammation of the bladder, making the cat feel like they always have to pee. They avoid the litter box because they associate it with pain and leave little puddles on your bed, floors, and furniture. Treating their stress and pain solves the problem.

3. Treating the emotional cause of the behavior problem- often fear or stress. Some things can’t be avoided. If your cat is stressed by you going on vacation, we can prescribe anti-anxiety medications to treat the problem. If your cat is stressed by other cats, we can help you rearrange their living situation temporarily and then reintroduce them in a positive controlled manner so they have a better relationship.

Multiple cat homes present unique challenges in feline behavior. You need people who address all of the underlying issues to restore peace in your home. Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic can help. Book your initial behavior consultation today.

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