Cat Wellness Plans

We created cat wellness plans because we’re Fear Free for humans too!

Wellness plans allow you to choose the appropriate level of care for your cat, family, and budget.  Your vet will recommend the most cost-effective plan for your kitty based on their needs.

Cat Family Plan

The Family Plan is a concierge wellness plan for the life of your cat.  It includes everything Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic offers: veterinary care, cat training, and pet sitting.  When we add more services, they will be included in the Family Plan.  You only pay for medications, food, and services performed by anyone other than Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic.  We even include heartworm prevention and flea and tick control.  There is a deposit and then a monthly subscription.  Your cat is enrolled as long as you continue the subscription.

Cat Basic Wellness Package

Our Cat Basic Wellness Package is a traditional annual visit with an untraditional price.  We include a comprehensive exam, all the (non-adjuvanted) vaccines your cat needs during that visit, a FeLV/FIV, and a fecal parasite test.  If your cat needs booster vaccines, they are not included.  A $20-50 house call fee is additional per visit, not per pet.

Cat Plus Wellness Plan

We designed the Plus Wellness Plan for proactive pet parents who go the extra mile for their feline friends.  It includes unlimited exams and house calls throughout the year, all the vaccines your cat needs, a fecal parasite test, and an FeLV/FIV test.  It also includes screening lab work: a CBC (complete blood count), chemistry panel, urinalysis, and a T4 thyroid test if indicated.  You also get 10% off all additional veterinary services.  This wellness plan is also great for healthy senior cats!

Cat Premium Wellness Plan

The Premium Wellness Plan is for pets who are on the road to wellness but aren’t there yet.  It includes everything in the Plus Wellness Plan and an additional laboratory panel at your veterinarian’s discretion.  We’ve used the second laboratory panel for allergy testing, glucose curves from the Freestyle Libre for diabetic cats, rechecking lab work after starting a chronic medication and monitoring chronic kidney disease.

Whatever your needs, you will find the perfect wellness plan for your kitty!

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