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Category: Products for Joint, Bone, and Muscle Health in Cats

Our joint, bone, and muscle supplements for cats are just that- supplements.  They are NOT intended to be used as the sole treatment for feline osteoarthritis, torn ligaments, or muscle injuries.  In other words, if your cat is limping, less active, or won’t jump like they used to for any reason, go to your veterinarian for prescriptions that treat the problem.  Supplements alone aren’t good enough.

You can help prevent osteoarthritis and joint disease in your cat.  The single most important prevention is to keep your cat lean throughout their entire life.  Not only will you help to prevent joint disease and osteoarthritis, but you will also help to prevent cancer, diabetes, and hypertension which can damage the kidneys and cause blindness.  Keeping your cat lean is easy and cheap- feed less food.  You’ll save money on cat food and veterinary bills.

Supplements are not well regulated.  The FDA doesn’t require proof of efficacy or safety before a supplement is released to the market.  In fact, if supplements were proven to treat a disease, they’d be medications, not supplements.

That said, we’re a science-based company, so the supplements we sell and recommend to clients for their cats are researched to be safe and effective.  You wouldn’t expect any less from us!

We also carry other products to help cats with joint, bone, and muscle problems.  For example, if your cat can’t jump onto the furniture anymore, ramps can help.  Maybe they need a horizontal scratching surface instead of a vertical one.  They may need a litter box with lower sides to make getting in and out a lot easier.

There are many things you can do for your feline companion to make living with joint, bone, or muscle problems easier and more comfortable for them.