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Category: Duck Flavor Dog Food

Feeding a dog a duck-flavored diet can offer several benefits, particularly for dogs with specific dietary needs or preferences. Here are some reasons why duck flavor dog food might be beneficial:

Novel Protein Source

Duck is considered a novel protein, meaning it is less commonly used in commercial dog foods compared to chicken or beef. This can be beneficial for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities to more common proteins.  However, if your dog is allergic to chicken, sometimes duck cross-reacts and can cause allergy symptoms.


Many dogs find duck to be highly palatable. Its rich, savory flavor can make it a good option for picky eaters or dogs that have lost interest in their regular food.

Variety in Diet

Offering duck as an alternative protein source can add variety to a dog’s diet, which can be beneficial for their overall well-being. Rotating proteins can help prevent the development of food sensitivities and keep meals interesting.  Though most veterinary nutritionists don’t recommend switching dog food that often, I think my dogs enjoy the variety.

I like to add a variety of canned, dried, or fresh foods to my dogs’ base kibble.  My girls love duck flavor toppers!