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Category: Dog Bowls and Puzzle Feeders

A dog has to eat out of something. I strongly prefer puzzle feeders for several reasons:

1. Prevents dogs from eating too fast, which can cause them to regurgitate their food.
2. Dogs that eat quickly tend to over eat, leading to obesity. Slowing them down helps to keep them in an ideal body condition.
3. They provide mental stimulation, which can help prevent or alleviate behavior problems.
4. You can use puzzle feeders to help crate train your dog, or to train them to go to a place and relax.
5. Puzzle feeders can slow down the progression of cognitive dysfunction (doggie alzheimers).
6. They provide safe activity for dogs that are on exercise restriction or are mobility impaired.
7. You can use a puzzle feeder to help manage separation anxiety.
8. Puzzle feeders help dogs with impulse control.

If you’re not using a puzzle feeder all the time, we have a selection of unique dog bowls too.