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Category: Beef Flavor Dog Food

Many pet parents feed beef flavor dog food because their dogs love the taste and it is reasonably priced.  It is a plentiful meat product, especially in the US.  We don’t often run out of cattle 🙂

That said, the production of beef has one of the largest negative impacts on the planet.  Cattle are responsible for almost 20% of global greenhouse gases.  Beef production requires 15,415 liters per kilogram of meat, 112 liters per gram of protein, and 153 liters per gram of fat. One-third of all the water used by the animal agriculture sector goes toward the production of beef.  That’s a lot of water.  Even more unfortunate, precious forestry such as the Amazon is destroyed to make room for animal agriculture.

So if you can choose a different animal-based protein for your dog, please do.  For everyone’s sake.