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Category: Dog Food by Life Stage

When selecting dog food, it’s important to select the right nutrition for your dog’s stage of life.  Some foods are designed for all life stages.  They’re OK for medium-sized dogs with an average activity level.  I recommend specialized foods for all other dogs for their life stage and size.  Large and giant breed dogs need more protein and less fat at all life stages.  In puppyhood, they also need different calcium and phosphorus ratios than other puppies to prevent orthopedic problems.  Small and toy breed dogs mature much faster than larger dogs- they are physically adults at 6 months of age!  So they need specialized nutrition to support that rapid growth.  Most toy and small breed dogs prefer smaller kibble.

We’ve organized the foods so you can find the life stage appropriate for your dog.  You can also use our search tool at the top of the menu to search through multiple categories- for example, large breed puppy food chicken flavor.