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Many people look at dog kibble and think, “I’d hate to eat that every day of my life.”  I can’t blame them!  It’s boring.  And while the veterinary nutritionists state “Dogs eat nutrients, not ingredients” I do think that ingredients matter.

Warning- this is one of the few times I don’t have science to back me up.  Proceed with caution!

People are supposed to eat fresh food.  It has things in them that we won’t die without, but it makes us healthier.  I’m not talking about essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.  I’m talking about flavinoids for example.  Flavonoids are found in fresh veggies and fruits.  They have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and ant-carcinogenic properties.  Flavanoids are typically destroyed by processing of any kind.  There is no minimum daily requirement for flavonoids, but we’re healthier if we eat more.  Many other compounds are found in fresh food that improve our health and are lost during processing.  That is well-known and backed by science.

I sincerely doubt that it is any different for dogs.  That’s the part where I can’t prove anything.  Maybe flavonoids don’t protect dogs the way they do people.  That’s unlikely, but it’s also unlikely anyone will ever study it.

There is no harm in feeding dogs a diet of complete and balanced fresh whole food.  Except it is expensive and time-consuming.  So I like to mix either fresh food or dried raw food with their kibble.  They love it.  It gives them variety and I feel better about it.  Can they live on just kibble?  It’s adequate; says so right on the package and is scientifically proven. Is just kibble optimal?  I highly doubt it.

Don’t go broke trying to feed your dog.  Feed a quality kibble and add fresh whole foods a few times per week.  Add a cooked egg, fresh fruit, and veggies to their kibble.  Be careful about adding meats because they are very high in calories.  The fruits and veggies are where the real nutrients are anyway.  You can replace a few meals of kibble with a complete and balanced fresh food like the ones we recommend here.  Or mix it into their kibble every day.