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Category: Products for Fear, Anxiety, and Stress in Dogs

Anxiety in Dogs

If your dog is always anxious, has severe stress about specific triggers, or is fear-aggressive, please see a veterinarian who can help.  They need behavior modification and possibly prescription medications.  The longer you delay proper treatment, the worse the anxiety will get.  They do not grow out of it.  In any case, never punish your dog for exhibiting any signs of fear, anxiety, or stress as it will only worsen matters.   

NEVER PUNISH YOUR DOG FOR GROWLING.  They are telling you they are very uncomfortable with the current circumstances.  Make the scary thing disappear or remove your dog from the situation.  You may be successful in preventing your dog from growling by punishing them, but you’ve done nothing to change their underlying fear, anxiety, or stress.  Not only is it mean to punish a dog for expressing their feelings, but you’ll also end up with a dog that bites without warning when stressed.

Products for Fear, Anxiety, and Stress in Dogs

There are many ways to provide comfort and relief for your stressed canine companion.  If possible, the best thing to do is to remove your dog from the stressful situation.  Your dog does not have to go to the dog park or take walks near other people, dogs, or cars.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid things like thunderstorms, fireworks, construction down the street, etc.  You can treat mild to moderate fear, anxiety, and stress at home.  We’ll show you how.  It involves both behavior modification and the right products.

While it’s illegal for me to sell prescription medications without a veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR), I can recommend non-prescription products that work.

Our products for fear, anxiety, and stress in dogs include supplements and wraps.  We also carry other things you perhaps didn’t consider such as window clings to block your dog from barking at passers-by, privacy fencing material to prevent your dog from fighting with the neighbor’s pet, ear muffs to reduce the sound of thunder, etc.

I organized the products based on the problem.  I hope your dogs find relief from their fear, anxiety, and stress with our guides and products.