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How to Start Training Your Dog- Essential Skills for Dogs

Congratulations on deciding to start training your dog. Whether you are here because you have a new dog to train, you are solving a training problem, or both, we have the resources you need to get the job done quickly, effectively, humanely and fun for you and your dog.

Dog training is easy when you understand there are only 5 essential skills that a fabulous family dog needs to learn.  Jael says the first to teach is focus because it is the foundation upon which all other skills are taught.  After you and your dog have mastered focus, all that’s left is training your dog to:

Calm down

Leave stuff alone

Come when called

Walk nicely on a leash

That’s really it!  When your dog has accomplished learning these 5 essential skills you will be able to prevent or solve any training problem.

Let’s get started!

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