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Dog Beds

Providing your dog with a comfortable place to relax is the key to the successful training of a calm settle. Your dog will appreciate being able to chill out in their favorite place.

There are several factors to consider in buying a dog bed. #1 is of course your pet’s comfort. Some dogs like to sprawl, so a flat pillow type bed is best for them. Others snuggle into a tight ball, and would prefer a high sided bed to burrow in. Some dogs are cold natured; they would love an attached blanket to get under. Other dogs are hot natured and prefer a raised hammock with great air circulation. If your dog has arthritis or is a large to giant breed, a memory foam bed is best; those egg crate orthopedic pads flatten out very easily. Some dogs prefer a den or a crate- you can even get crates that double as furniture if space is a concern.

Next you need to consider washability and durability. Some bed covers are not completely removable, especially beds with bolsters. It’s so much easier to throw the cover in the washer and dryer than to spot clean. Make sure any zippers are completely covered by a large fabric flap to discourage chewing. If your dog is a chewer, you need more durable fabric that isn’t easy for them to get their mouth around. Some crates are quite edible too! A waterproof liner can be necessary to protect memory foam and other padding that can’t be washed. However some waterproof material melts in the dryer, so be sure it is completely washable also.

Next, you have to buy the correct size bed. I say go big or go home! A manufacturer may say the bed supports a 100# dog, but they mean a fat lab, not a long Borzoi. Measure your dog’s length snout to tail and for the bed’s length, and toes to shoulders for the bed’s width. Measure your dog all curled up to purchase a round bed with inner dimensions a few inches larger than that.

Finally, you want something attractive for your home. Luckily, every type of bed is offered in multiple fabrics and finishes, so you can choose a style that works for you.

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