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Group Basic Dog Training

Our Group Basic Dog Training teaches you and your dog how to communicate effectively and compassionately with positive reinforcement.  The course meets at Kiwanis Family Park in Sanford for 6 weekly sessions.  You will learn how to train your dog to focus, walk loosely on a leash, sit, down, stay, leave it, and come here.



Jael teaches group dog basic training courses on Thursdays starting on March 14th at Kiwanis Park in Sanford.  The address is 1800 Wicker Street, Sanford NC 27330.  Meet in the field in the middle of the loop trail behind the pavilions, splash park, and playground.  

During this course, you will compassionately and effectively teach your dog all the basic skills they need to be a great family pet: Focus, Relax, Loose Leash Walk, Come, and Leave It.  

Group Basic Dog Training Value

  • Teaching the basic skills prevents behavior problems which can lead to rehoming or even euthanasia.
  • Positive Reinforcement training makes learning fun so your dog is always eager to learn new skills.
  • Dogs trained with Positive Reinforcement learn faster than dogs trained with any other method.
  • Positive Reinforcement effectively communicates exactly what you want your dog to do.  They don’t have to try 10 million things to guess what you don’t want.
  • Dogs trained with Positive Reinforcement respond quicker to cues than dogs trained with other methods.  
  • There is dramatically reduced risk of negative emotional consequences with Positive Reinforcement training than with positive punishment.
  • There are no chances of hurting your dog with Positive Reinforcement as there are with shocking, choking, helicoptering, yanking, hitting, or other positive punishment tools.
  • Teaching very basic cues that can be used in many situations is a lot easier than teaching your dog not to jump on visitors, not to counter surf, not to beg at the table, not to pull or lunge on the leash, etc.  
  • Learning in a group environment helps reinforce “focus” which is essential for getting your dog to pay attention to you even with distractions.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your course at any time before the first class for a full refund.  There may be weather-related postponements of specific classes which will be made up the following week.  If you can’t attend a specific class, you can drop in on another group class to make it up.  Once you have attended 2 classes, there won’t be any refunds possible.  You can make up the classes with another group at no additional charge.