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Cat Plus Wellness Plan

The Cat Plus Wellness Plan is a great choice for proactive pet parents who want the assurance of unlimited exams, house calls, and screening lab work included in their furbaby’s annual care.



Our Plus Wellness Plan is designed for proactive pet parents who want the security of unlimited exams and house calls for the year.  This plan is also perfect for healthy cats over 12 years of age and healthy dogs over 8 years of age.  

Cat Plus Wellness Plan Benefits

  1. Unlimited exams and house calls for one year.
  2. All of the vaccines your cat needs throughout the year.
  3. We choose our vaccines for safety and efficacy.  If your cat suffers from a vaccine reaction or gets a disease for which they are properly vaccinated, we’ll get you reimbursed for your medical expenses.  We use only non-adjuvanted cat vaccines to reduce the risk of vaccine-associated sarcoma, a deadly cancer caused by cheap vaccine.  
  4. 4 Telehealth consultations per year.
  5. Fecal parasite test.
  6. FeLV/FIV test.
  7. One Complete Blood Count (CBC) to evaluate red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
  8. One Chemistry Panel to check liver and kidney function; screens for diabetes and GI disease.
  9. Urinalysis to check kidney function, screen for diabetes, detects certain metabolic diseases.
  10. T4 Thyroid test for cats over 12 years of age.
  11. 10% Discount on all other services.

Cat Plus Wellness Plan Value:

For senior cats (over 12 years of age), we recommend annual screening lab work to detect problems before your pet gets sick.  Early detection allows us to treat conditions when we can reverse, dramatically slow down, or even cure disease.  For example, when we detect kidney disease by the urinalysis, before the blood work shows any problems, we can extend survival from 12-18 months in cats to many years.  Most cats are asymptomatic at this point.  Once the BUN and Creatinine are elevated and your cat is showing symptoms, 75% of kidney function is already lost and there isn’t anything we can do to reverse it.  Many pet parents like the assurance of normal screening lab work in their younger pets as well.  

The Plus Wellness Plan allows you to call us without worrying about paying an exam and house call fee each visit- they’re all included.  You can set up a Zoom call or send us a video if you have questions about anything you are concerned about.  

If your cat is prone to ear infections, skin problems, or other recurrent issues, the Plus Wellness Plan can save you a lot of money.  

Cancellation Policy

There are no full or partial refunds for this wellness plan.  


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