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Cat Premium Wellness Plan

The Cat Premium Wellness Plan is a great choice for cats who are on the road to wellness but aren’t there yet.  Our veterinarians recommend this wellness plan for pets with chronic diseases such as allergies, chronic kidney disease, etc. because it includes 2 sets of lab work and unlimited exams.



Our Cat Premium Wellness Plan is designed for pets who need multiple sets of lab work for diagnostics or monitoring chronic diseases.  It’s only $110 more than the Plus Wellness Plan and you get at least $250 in value.    

Cat Premium Wellness Plan Benefits

  1. Unlimited exams and house calls for one year.
  2. All of the vaccines your cat needs throughout the year.
  3. Our vaccines are chosen for safety and efficacy.  If your cat suffers a vaccine reaction or comes down with a disease that they have been properly vaccinated against, we’ll get you reimbursed for the cost of treatment.  Our feline vaccines are all non-adjuvanted to prevent vaccine-associated sarcoma, a deadly cancer caused by cheaper vaccines.  
  4. 4 Telehealth consultations per year.
  5. Fecal parasite test.
  6. FeLV/FIV test for cats.
  7. One Complete Blood Count (CBC) to evaluate red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
  8. One Chemistry Panel to check liver and kidney function; screens for diabetes and GI disease.
  9. Urinalysis to check kidney function, screen for diabetes, detects certain metabolic diseases.
  10. T4 Thyroid test for cats over 12 years of age.
  11. A second Laboratory Panel: repeat CBC, chemistry, T4, Urinalysis OR Allergy Test OR biopsy of a mass OR any other test your veterinarian recommends.
  12. 10% Discount on all other services.

Cat Premium Wellness Plan Value:

If your cat has a chronic condition such as allergies, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, etc., the Premium Wellness Plan is for you!

Two sets of lab work give you the flexibility to include advanced testing in your annual wellness plan.  For example, if you cat has allergies, it’s a good idea to screen for Cushing’s disease and other conditions that exacerbate skin problems.  Then you can use the second included laboratory panel for allergy testing.  Normally, our allergy test is $325.  The difference between the Plus Wellness Plan and the Premium Wellness Plan is only $110, so you save $215! 

When we diagnose arthritis in an older cat, it’s important to screen for liver and kidney disease before prescribing NSAIDs.  Then we recheck the lab work 2-4 weeks after starting NSAIDs to make sure they are handling the medication normally.  Both panels are included in the Premium Wellness Plan.  We also recommend that pets with Chronic Kidney Disease have lab work every 6 months. 

The added benefit is unlimited exams, so any time you have concerns about your cat, you don’t have to worry about another exam and house call fee.   

Cancellation Policy

There are no full or partial refunds for this wellness plan.  


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