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Dog Basic Wellness Package

Don’t worry about picking and choosing what you need for your dog’s annual exam and vaccines- you can get it all for $249 plus a house call fee with our Basic Wellness Package.  The comprehensive exam, all the vaccines your canine companion needs, heartworm test, and fecal test are all included.  Perfect for healthy young adult dogs and families who prefer to pay as they go for veterinary care.



Our Basic Wellness Package is designed for dog parents who choose to pay for veterinary care as they go rather than purchase an annual wellness plan.  

Basic Wellness Package Benefits

  1. Your veterinarian consults with you about your dog’s risk factors and recommends the most appropriate vaccinations- they’re all included!
  2. Our vaccinations are chosen for safety and efficacy.  If your dog suffers a vaccine reaction or gets a disease for which they are properly vaccinated, we will get you reimbursed for medical expenses.  
  3. Your dog gets a comprehensive examination with evaluations and recommendations for physical, nutritional, emotional, environmental, and relational health.
  4. Our entire team is Certified Fear Free for the most enjoyable experience possible. 
  5. We can treat all of your pets in one convenient and comfortable in-home visit.
  6. Heartworm test is included.  
  7. Includes a fecal parasite test.
  8. We provide prescriptions for heartworm prevention and flea/tick control for you to purchase through our online pharmacy or any legitimate pharmacy of your choice.  
  9. If your dog needs booster vaccines, they are not included.
  10. You pay a house call fee per visit, not per pet.

Dog Basic Wellness Package Benefits

If your dog is young and healthy, your main concern is preventing problems.  The Basic Wellness Package provides everything you need to ensure a year of wellness with the annual exam, vaccines, and preventative prescriptions.  We created this package because pet parents were sometimes forced to choose between which vaccines they could afford, or to defer testing that they know is important but couldn’t afford at the time.  

The best part is eliminating sticker shock!  At regular veterinary practices, each service and vaccine has a charge, and it sure does add up fast.  With our Dog Basic Wellness Package, you pay $249 for everything your pet needs.  

Our home visits make it easy to get all of your pets the care they need with one simple convenient home visit.  Contact us and check veterinary care off your list today!


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