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Dog Behavior Treatment Package

If your dog has a behavior problem, you need the right people to help you.  Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic’s Dr. Meghan, RVT Chelsea, and Animal Behavior Consultant Jael are the right team for pet parents in the Sanford and Southern Pines areas of NC.  After the initial behavior consultation, your team helps you implement the right management, behavior modification techniques, and medications if necessary to help your pet achieve their best emotional health.  Don’t let behavior problems negatively affect your relationship with your dog.  Schedule your initial consultation and dog behavior treatment package today!


Purchased Together

Initial Dog Behavior Consultation

Meet with our veterinarian, RVT, and pet behavior consultant to develop a reasonable treatment plan with your family for your pet's behavior problem.  We help families whose pets have any kind of behavior problem, from thunderstorm anxiety to all kinds of aggression.  Restore your pet's emotional health and your relationship now!  For pet parents in the Sanford and Southern Pines areas of NC only.


Pet behavior problems are one of the top reasons owned pets are rehomed or euthanized.  Yet few veterinarians are able to treat behavior issues.  If you are in our Sanford or Southern Pines, NC service area, we can help you.  You must purchase the Initial Behavior Consultation first.  

Pet Behavior Treatment Package Value

  • Our team prescribes the behavior treatment plan with your family during the initial behavior consultation.
  • Jael meets with your family weekly to help you implement your pet’s individualized plan.
  • We are here for you and  provide unlimited support during and after the treatment package.  
  • Jael assesses your pet’s progress and discusses changes with Dr. Meghan and Chelsea.  
  • We schedule 6 weekly sessions because most pets are well on their way to recovery within that time frame, but it depends on the work you put in between sessions.  
  • Additional sessions are available at $100 each if necessary.
  • All sessions are conducted in your home, with your entire family, so everyone is on the same page.  
  • Learn how to read your pet’s body language and respond appropriately to the fear, anxiety, and stress that is the root of all true behavior problems.  
  • Restore your relationship with your pet so you can have a long, happy, healthy life together.
  • Our goal is to keep families together!

Returns and Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the Pet Behavior Treatment Package before your first session for a full refund.  Once we start treatment, no refunds are available.  Jael will reschedule sessions as needed due to weather, illness, etc. so you always receive the full package benefits.  


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