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Dog Family Plan

For dog parents who want it all! Get a lifetime of pet care with one low monthly subscription.  Deposit required.


Title Range Discount
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 2 25%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 3 38.9%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 4 50%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 5 56.7%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 6 62%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 7 64.3%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 8 66.7%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 9 68.5%
Bulk/tiered discount - Family Plan 10 70%


If you never want to worry about the cost of routine pet care, this plan is for you!

We make it easy to budget vet care for all your pets with our unique Family Plan.  It includes every service that Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic offers: all veterinary care,  behavior medicine, dog training, professional pet sitting, and dog walking!  You also get your dogs’ heartworm prevention and flea/tick control delivered to your home included.  When we add more services, you get to enjoy them at no extra cost.  The price will never increase once you have enrolled.  


Family Plan Benefits:

  1. Unlimited exams.
  2. Unlimited house calls.
  3. All the vaccines your pet needs.
  4. Heartworm prevention delivered to your home.
  5. Flea and tick control delivered to your home. 
  6. Surgeries- spays, neuters, mass removals, and more.
  7. Annual exams for life.
  8. Annual vaccines for life.
  9. Annual testing for life- heartworm tests, FeLV/FIV tests, fecal tests.
  10. Sick pet exams for life.
  11. Diagnostic lab work.
  12. Screening tests.
  13. Pre-anesthetic laboratory tests.
  14. Allergy tests.
  15. Xrays.
  16. Ultrasounds.
  17. Pet Sitting.
  18. Dog Training.
  19. Dog Walking.
  20. Behavior Services.
  21. Guaranteed appointments within one business day.  We keep special slots open just for you!
  22. An invitation to our yearly company meeting.  Have a real say in what Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic does next!

Dog Family Plan Price:

For each pet, there is a one-time non-refundable deposit.  Then a monthly subscription fee.  Nothing more to pay for except food, medications, and services outside of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic.  

Pet #1: $1800 deposit, $100/month subscription

Pet#2: $900 deposit, $50/month subscription

Pet#3: $600 deposit, $50/month subscription

Each additional pet: $300 deposit, $50/month subscription

You can mix and match cats and dogs!


Special Offer

If you have purchased a Plus, Premium, or Right Start Wellness Plan within the last 3 months, we will apply the full price of your current wellness plan to the deposit for your Family Plan!

Bonus Offer

If you enroll your new puppy in the Dog Family Plan, we’ll throw in pet insurance for free!  Use it in case your canine companion needs services that Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic doesn’t offer- emergency care, urgent care, and specialty care.  

Dog Family Plan Value:

Think about this.  If you have a new puppy, getting their initial vaccines, deworming, and microchip is a $629 Right Start Package.  Puppy needs training, there’s another $600 for in-home puppy classes.  And you’ll want your puppy spayed or neutered, which costs about $600.  

You’ve already spent over $1800 in the first year, and you haven’t even factored in the heartworm prevention and flea and tick control that is included in the Family Plan.  And if your puppy gets sick, that’s even more out-of-pocket expenses.  Going on vacation and can’t take your new family member?  You have to pay for boarding or pet sitting too.

Consider this: it costs $350-400 for 12 months of Simparica Trio for most dogs.  An exam with 2 vaccines, a heartworm test, and a fecal test costs about $300 at most full service veterinary practices (not shot clinics where the “exam” is cursory at best- nobody can do a good exam, history, and consultation in 6 minutes).  For an additional $50 per month, your dog can get UNLIMITED exams in the comfort of home.  If they need surgery to remove a mass, it’s covered.  When we add dental care, it will be covered.  You get the pet sitting and training services too!  

You’re much better off with the Family Plan.  All exam fees, vaccinations, lab work, xrays, ultrasound, surgeries are all included.  Don’t worry about the ever-increasing costs of veterinary care because everything is covered for you pets forever with the family plan.  

Cancellation Policy

Canceling is easy.  Just tell us you no longer want to be a Family Member and we’ll simply stop the subscription.  There are no cancellation fees.  If you have insurance, we will transfer it to you.  The deposit is non-refundable.  


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