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Embark Breed & Health Kit

When you rescue a dog, you often don’t know anything about them.  The Embark Breed and Health Kit helps dog owners understand their pup’s breed characteristics and health risks, all from a simple cheek swab.  This is the same DNA test that the Cornell Vet School developed to screen for MDR-1 gene mutations, degenerative myelopathy, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and other serious health concerns.  Instead of paying $100 or more per test, you get ALL the tests done for $159.



I use the Embark Breed and Health Kit on all my dogs to find out what medical concerns I should watch out for.  I also found out that I was calling Sirella a Notweiler and she was a purebred Rottweiler!  I had to apologize hard for that.  I was also surprised that Annika is a purebred Siberian Husky because she is huge!  But yes, her DNA test said that too.  I just tested our new dog, Irina.  She’s 54% Siberian Husky (no surprise there), but also pitbull, boxer, German Shepherd, and Supermutt!  Thankfully all her health screens are normal too.  

Product Description

  • ACTIONABLE HEALTH INSIGHTS: Test for over 250 genetic health conditions and get actionable insights to help you give your pup the best care possible. Knowing if your dog is at higher risk for certain health conditions means you can intervene earlier and work with your veterinarian to create a personalized care plan. After receiving their test results, 37% of dog owners changed how they care for their dogs.
  • MOST ACCURATE BREED IDENTIFICATION: Test for over 350 dog breeds including dingoes, coyotes, wolves, and village dogs. Using a research-grade genotyping platform developed in partnership with Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine, and testing for over 230,000 genetic markers, Embark offers the most accurate breed breakdown on the market.
  • WORLD’S FIRST CANINE RELATIVE FINDER: Find and connect with your dog’s relatives. Uses patented technology to find your dog’s family members based on their shared DNA. Nearly one million messages were exchanged for countless happy reunions.
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE & FAST RESULTS: Have a question about your results? Just talk to one of our dedicated vets or geneticists — they’re ready with the answer. Embark generally delivers results in 2-4 weeks and keeps you updated every step of the way.

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1 Count (Pack of 1), 2 Count (Pack of 1)

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1.2 x 3.5 x 5.8 inches; 4 ounces

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April 19, 2016

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Embark Veterinary

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#3 in Dog DNA Tests

Customer Reviews:

17,375 ratings

60 reviews for Embark Breed & Health Kit

  1. Kevin ConradKevin Conrad

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Info provided was vast and very useful. There is much that can be determined about your dog from its DNA and the report provided was full of good info. Embark reached out to me several times to advise status of test and then after to see if I had questions. I did and the reply was quick and thoughtful. Really good stuff. I highly recommend it.

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  2. Breeze

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Reliable and proven to be accurate

    It works! We suspected our newly adopted dog had puppies before she came to join our family, and Embark helped prove it to be true. She was linked to 2 other dogs on Embark as having direct family connection, sharing 50% of their DNA. And after one of the dogs humans reached out to us through Embark we were able to prove they were connected as mother and son, based on their ages, when they were adopted, and the location they were both adopted from, in a state different from where we both currently live. I’m so pleasantly surprised at how accurate the results were. If you’re on the fence on rather this is worth it or not, just do it because it is!

    One person found this helpful

  3. Zack Teitelbaum

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Technology

    I was skeptical. My dog is a red Siberian Husky, and I wanted to make sure there weren’t any hidden surprises lurking in his genetics. After you swab your dog, you need to set up a profile where they’ll collect your basic information and eventually populate your dog’s genetic information. I was afraid I would upload a picture of my dog and describe him, and then they would just echo that back to me, so I provided as little information as possible (no photo, no breed). Embark’s test described my dog’s breed, color, build, and weight perfectly! I highly recommend this product, the technology is amazing and it’s very worth it. They seem to have sales a lot, so just wait for one of those if you’re on the fence.

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  4. Alice

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Had to know my dog’s DNA

    Easy to use process. Quick results!

  5. AZNativeAZNative

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow! Even predicted weight was spot on…

    Just got my results back from Embark. I ordered the test on 11/27, received it on 12/05, sent in the swabs the evening of 12/05. Received my results on 12/26. I did not upload pictures or provide any information about the dogs, including my name or location, their coloring or size. The only information that Embark had was that it was two dogs and their names. The results seem reasonable. They even got the coloring right and the weight was spot on. They also found a sibling/momma for my little one that lives in the same area. I’m convinced that Embark has done a good job understanding the science behind the DNA analysis. Just bought two more kits for my grandpups! Can’t wait to see their results.

  6. Ashley Moffitt

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fun and Informational

    I have used this for both my dogs and the process has been very fun and informational.

  7. Victor

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use

    It was great fun finding out what our grand dog really is. She’s a poodle/bull dog mix. We were pretty surprised about the poodle. If you have a mutt, this is great fun.

  8. Jon SJon S

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A great tool to help get our foster dog adopted to her forever home

    Upon taking in our foster dog, Mya, we ordered this product as a means to find out what she was. She was brought to our state from California, where she was a feral stray from the desert highlands, and had no recorded history at all. This test allowed us to quickly determine her variety of breeds and adopt our training accordingly to appeal to her innate dog traits. It was also a great advertising piece for helping to get her adopted by her forever family that has decided to adopt her as of two days ago. The test results came back within 10 days, and are easy to view and understand. It is also a great benefit to know if there are any anticipated health markers to be aware of for later in life.

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  9. marcia phillips

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bully sticks

    Dog loves Bully sticks

  10. Stephani

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great info but pricey

    Fun learning our dogs genetics and nice to get a heads up on any potential health risks.Feels a little bit overpriced but we enjoyed getting the information back.

  11. Lori S. Lizardo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    DNA testing

    Embark made the testing easy and instructions for returning swab. They keep you posted where your swab is at. Didn’t take long to get results. Love the results being online. Answered a lot of medical issue for my dog. I ended up ordering another for my other dog for a beeed determination. Website very user friendly.

    One person found this helpful

  12. W.M

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked great

    We have a mixed puppy and we never knew what he was. The turn around after mailing in the dna was under a month and it gave us a lot of info about him and his breeds. Worth the money

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  13. Alexopal

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It works

    I got this as a Christmas gift for my mom because she got a new puppy I was worried because she is allergic to stuff and we didn’t know her breeds and wanted her to be happy and healthy also because before her my mom had a puppy that died at nine months old of a heart attack so I was really concerned with this one and now we don’t have to be because we have all her information about her and can even share it with her vet which is great next we will get her a test to see what she is allergic to to fully help her live a better life to the fullest

  14. Carey WCarey W

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Breed and Health

    We adopted Sophie from a rescue who got her from a puppy mill out of state. Sophie is very small and has some interesting behaviors. I was curious if she was a purebred boxer. Does not matter to us either way just curious due to her size. With Embark we found out Sophie is 100% Boxer with some inbreeding, which is helpful to know. We also found out she has both markers for Degenerative Myelopathy. We had a boxer pass from that and it is helpful be aware so we can be better prepared if she does get it. I was also able to get in touch with two of her siblings thru Embark. One of which is her twin but male literally same markings. I was very happy with Embark and would 100% recommend it.

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  15. CaitlynCaitlyn

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So glad we did this!

    The shelter knew very little about the history of our boy, and assumed based on his size, build, and of course markings that he was a rottie mix. With knowing so little about him, we were also concerned about what health issues might crop up. We were a little hesitant to go with embark just based on the price, but we came into a little splurging money and decided to go with it.The whole process, surprisingly, took only about 3 weeks from when we ordered it. I’m sure some dogs are more complicated, and I’m sure after Christmas is busier. Getting the sample was a two person job, and we were slightly concerned we didn’t have enough, but it was fine. Returning it was easy and they kept us up to date with shipping notifications.I personally enjoyed that they kept us updated as they were processing the sample. I have a pretty good idea of the science based on my background, but it was nice to know ETA’s.The first results they provided were the health results – I’m no vet, but the list seemed pretty comprehensive for inherited traits. Our boy had no known genetic issues, which is comforting for a shelter dog.Two days later, they sent me a link to the results – I highly recommend doing the optional quiz. I would have guessed rottie, put, and lab mix with possibly some german shepherd – guess I wasn’t truly wrong. But nobody, not the vet, not us, not the shelter, not our friends and family, would have guessed a combined 35% Husky and Malamute and only 5% Rottweiler. The whole mix explains a lot though – his love of fetch, his love of snow, his desire to run in open places, his friendliness, small aspects of his personality.Their technology is good enough where they can guess the mixes of his parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. He has no supermutt, so it might be different if he didn’t have purebred (or close to purebred) great grandparents on all sides. Plus they can figure out his maternal side was the Husky/malamute/German shepherd and his paternal is the Pit bull/Stanfordshire/lab/rottie side.The traits section does a god job of explaining why his coat looks the way it does. I’d recommend contributing to the research section, since it will help link your dog to their individual traits and genes, which will help other dog owners understand their pets better.Overall, we still have a perfect 80 lb mutt. He’s still the same dog he was before the test, but now we understand him better. I’ll be a lot less worried this winter about whether he’s warm enough, we’ll be a lot less confused that he loves fetch incessantly (whoever heard of a fetching rottie?), and we’ll have a phenomenal argument against people who think pit bulls are inherently evil (seriously, he loves everyone and every dog). I will probably become that annoying person that insists on making everyone who meets him guess his breeds. This was a lot of fun, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wants to understand their pet better.

    9 people found this helpful

  16. aguyinca

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Adoption centers will lie to you, but DNA won’t

    Note: As I understand how these pet DNA kits work, only a portion of the DNA is analyzed and compared against a database. So the larger the database, the more accurate the results. Embark is the largest, so unless your dog is a very rare breed, it will likely be accurate.I purchased the ancestry and health kit. The adoption agency had told me my puppy was a Lab mix and they had the mother who was a Black Lab. It turns out my dog has 0% Lab in him! He is a Pit Bull/German Shepard/Bulldog mix. I was also able to connect with two of his brothers and they were told the same story with similar DNA results as me. We may reunite the brothers at some point for a family reunion! The adoption agency purposefully lied to all of us because Labs are easier to get adopted. In the end, I don’t care what Breed he is… but it’s nice to know the truth to keep an eye out for breed dependent health issues.The Health Kit does much of that work for me with 256 health risks analyzed and only 2 risks detected. I was able to print out the results and share them with my vet so we can keep an eye out for anything that may develop later in life.The test procedure was very simple, just rub the test swab along his cheek/gumline and send it off. It took about 3 weeks for the full results. I suggest signing up with Embark as soon as you get the kit. They will update the account when the sample arrives and give time estimates on the results.

    13 people found this helpful

  17. Ben

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use

    This product was so easy to get a sample, and the packaging for sending in makes everything so streamline! Just swab your dog and register it and you will receive email updates as it goes through the process of testing! Had my results in under 3 weeks! Even tho it said it would take longer

  18. Jason Georgetti

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Luckily found a genetic kidney disease before any issues arose

    Aside from breed curiosity the genetic profile was very useful to have(and cheaper than blood work at vet). We got the results back and were a bit shocked and worried as we saw that our pup had a genetic kidney disease, CaOx1, that she was born with. The Embark app has a brilliant feature where you can look up your vet and forward the information right to them. We started our pup on a special diet and are taking some other steps to keep her healthy. The test was invaluable as one could argue it will give us more quality years with our much loved girl. I would highly advise every dog parent who can to get the Embark DNA test.

    2 people found this helpful

  19. EspressoYourself

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    We got two of these kits for our dogs, as they are both rescues and mixed breeds. We received the test kits rather quickly. Once we performed the swabs and sent the kits back, we got updates via email on the progress. We were provided with not only the test results, but customized videos for each pet revealing the results. You will get insight to their ancestry, traits, breed and genetic health results. It’s awesome to receive notifications if your furry one has a new relative. You are also provided with care resources and recommendations. There is an option to send your results to the vet too! Embark has great customer service and these kits are a great idea if you want to be familiar with your pet’s genetic background. The company does offer other testing (f.e. age testing) but this one in particular encompassed a lot and told a story for each of our dogs. Highly recommend giving it a try. Worth every penny.

    4 people found this helpful

  20. El Publico Name

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does what it says.

    We purchased this kit for a three reasons. We had suspicions of our dog’s breed, but she was found on the streets, and we were curious. More importantly, she had some very poor reactions to anesthesia during her spay surgery, and we wanted to find out if there were any indications of health issues in her DNA. Finally, we wanted to make sure that she did not have a specific gene mutation that would have limited her heartworm medication choices.The kit arrived promptly. The instructions were written in accurate English, clear, and easy to understand. After swabbing our dog, the most difficult part was having the patience to wait for the results. Embark didn’t exactly spam us, but they sent lots of updates, from receipt of the swab to every step in the process.We were very surprised at the results. The health portion showed one slight anomaly that had nothing to do with her anesthesia issues. She was free of the MDR1 mutation. Her breeding was the shocker. Our supposed Border Collie mix picked up a new nickname – NBC (No Border Collie). :-)The bottom line is that while not cheap, Embark runs regular sales (almost as frequently as Kohls or mattress stores). The test is easy to use and submit. It provided us peace of mind regarding her health, and a good laugh on her breeding.

    9 people found this helpful

  21. Jon

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Don’t listen to the rumors

    Before buying this test, I read a few reviews saying that these tests relied more on your description of your dog and less on the actual DNA test. Being worried about this, I purposely left out all of that data when sending out my profile. The results came back as accurate as I can tell- I knew 50% of my dog’s breed for sure and the test confirmed it.The breed results are definitely important to know- the rest, not as much. Is it cool to find your dog’s cousin? 100% but all in all, I was interested in finding out the remaining 50% of my dogs breed and this test was great for that. Results came in about 4 weeks- but you’ll find yourself logging in daily.

    11 people found this helpful

  22. victoria fiddelke

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use.

    The Embark process is all around amazing and fun. Getting emails throughout each step of the process was great and created a buzz of excitement. I received the end results within 2 weeks, which was a great. The results are very detailed and clear.

    One person found this helpful

  23. constance manalioconstance manalio

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Breed mix

    Training for this stubborn girl

  24. bjpoms

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very happy with Embark service.

    Great coverage of possible DNA for diseases.

  25. FamilyLife

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best Waste of Money I’ve Ever Spent!!

    We rescued this adorable dog a few months ago. We were told, best guess, that she was a wheaten terrier. We did lots of research and didn’t think so. Her paperwork had her listed as a Shepard mix and we thought that wasn’t right either and different paperwork suggested she was a labradoodle which we thought most likely but due to her smaller size we didn’t think that was quite right either.When Prime day rolled around and they did a sale on the breed and health kit we decided to go for it. We were super curious about her make up and we also thought because we didn’t know what she was learning more about her health would be a good thing so we can take proactive measures.We researched dog DNA tests since we adopted our dog and knew without a doubt that Embark was the best one to go with. When we saw the sale it was impulse to buy it.Got the test in quickly (thanks Amazon) and taking the sample was pretty easy and straightforward. Sent it off and it took a while (USPS sucks) but just short of a month later we got our results.Before getting our results we did get updates along the way each step. When they received the sample, and a few other times explaining the process which was so neat to learn about.We got out health back a day or two before the breed. It was good to see our dog was healthy and didn’t carry a whole host of genetic markers. Then we got the breed information back and we were stunned to find out our dog was part poodle which is what we suspected and her other half was Siberian husky which we did not suspect at all!! But now learning about “siberpoos” “huskipoos” “Siberian poodles” it all makes sense and it definitely fits her size and physically.We did not provide Embark with any information besides our dogs name and approximate age. We didn’t upload a picture nor did we answer any of the surveys they have optionally.We were so shocked and so excited to know what she is. It takes away the mystery and now when people ask what she is we can tell them! Also neat that we got a doodle from a rescue who is first generation from two pure bred parents without knowing it. And really I just love knowing things about her breeds so we can be the best pet parents to her we can be!!I would 100% do it again! What a blast!

    3 people found this helpful

  26. skippy nikkiskippy nikki

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Please stop questioning and just buy this

    We rescued a puppy in December who was described as a pug mix. (as you can see in the photos everyone but me doubted this was correct) so we decided to DNA test her. I was looking at several tests (both more and less expensive than this one) and decided on Embark because of the genetic disorder portion of the text. My parents lost a dog, that could have been saved had they known about his genetic condition. They kept me updated regularly as to where they were in the process, and though it feels like it took forever, I never wondered if my girl’s DNA was shelved somewhere being ignored, because I knew just what step it was going through.When the genetic portion came back with her testing positive for a scary sounding condition, the Embark geneticists sent a personalized email before releasing the results, letting me know things weren’t as bad as it sounded, and explaining further about the condition (including the breed of dog that it typically cause the most issues with) Had I just opened my results and seen this condition I would have PANICKED!! However knowing more about it allowed me to not panic, and just let me Vet know so we could keep an eye on her as she gets older.I was very impressed when the breed tests came back!! They were very complete and detailed. My husband could not believe we got that much information for our money. (one test we had looked at was a $200 blood test that would only give us her breed) Not only did we have the breakdown of her breed, we also got a family tree, as well as the level of inbreeding on her genes.I have seen some reviews on here complaining about the Supermut results, however when you get the supermut results they also provide information about what trace breeds go into the supermut.Another amazing thing is that if new genetic disorders are discovered, they run these through the existing DNA profiles, and if your dog tests positive they will update your results and let you know.The only con I have about this test is how long it takes to get the results, but given everything they check, this is completely understandable!!If you are on the fence about what doggy DNA test to get, please do yourself a favor and pick this one.

    1,099 people found this helpful

  27. Worldbridger

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Uncovered Important Health Information and more!

    I recently got a puppy from a rescue that told me they DNA tested (test manufacturer unknown, or if any) the litter and they were 37 1/2% German Shepherd, 12 1/2% Labrador retriever, and 50% Golden Retriever. At 9 weeks old, he looked exactly like a mini version of my older Labrador retriever. However, I was very skeptical about their testing results when our puppy grew to 30 pounds, 16 inches tall at the shoulders, at 15 weeks old! I decided to get my own DNA test completed along with a health check. I researched the top three and found Embark to be the winner. The test is really easy to use. Don’t feed your dog at least 30 minutes before the test, swab their cheek pouch at the side/back of their mouth, put the swab in the solution and secure the container, shake for a short period, put it in the postage paid package, and mail it. Embark tracked the package from the start, keeping me updated when they received it and through the whole process. I was sent information and videos by email explaining everything that they do to test the DNA. Really interesting! I received the results at 3 weeks, a week earlier than they projected. My puppy was not what the rescue had said, not that it matters anyway because we love him so very much! He is 38.4% Labrador retriever, 32.8% German Shepherd, 10.4% Collie, 9.0% Australian Cattle Dog, and 9.4% Supermutt (a mix of Golden Retriever and American Pit Bull Terrier). At 19 weeks old (5 months) he is a big boy and I can even see the Collie features in his face! The most important part of the testing was the health check. He turned out fine on all of the more than 200 genetic tests completed…except for one. He has Multiple Drug Sensitivity. According to the findings, if he were to have any of a long list of drugs, over-the-counter or prescription through a veterinarian, he could get very ill or possibly die. One of them is ivermectin, the drug in heart worm medications. For the safety of all in his litter, I am contacting the rescue and the others who adopted from the litter to let them know of Embark’s findings. I very highly recommend Embark with Health!

    20 people found this helpful

  28. Beth

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It’s not as comprehensive as I thought

    I bought this as a “deal” at $127, but I’m fairly certain that’s always the price. It wasn’t as comprehensive as I had hoped. It told us our dog’s breeds and some distant cousins but that was pretty much it. I’m not sure how expensive their overhead is, but would not have paid more than $50 to know the information that we received.

    One person found this helpful

  29. Christopher LaurentChristopher Laurent

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good, reasonably accurate

    Not sure what spending the extra $50 got me. Got the breed info (100% Great Pyrenees) and very general info on potential health issues by breed, but not specific DNA markers. I don’t think the upgrade is worth it.

    One person found this helpful

  30. Vlad O. Dumitrascu

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality product. Took a while but worth it.

    We got this kit for a Shiba Inu puppy we got from a backyard breeder. We love our little pup, and wanted to know more about him, since he looked a little off from other breed standards. So, we got this DNA test, mostly for breed identification.The sampling: The kit was easy to sample. Be careful with the swabs and solution. My wife spilled 60% of the solution immediately. But the dog was okay with the inside cheek swab. No way to hold the swab for 30 seconds, but 10 seconds was fine.The results: After sending results in the mail, we got an immediate email that the test was received. Then we had to wait 3-4 weeks for the final results. Embark kept sending emails with partial updates, so it wasn’t exactly limbo but we had to wait a full 4 weeks for results. So don’t expect fast turn around. But I guess that made it seem like we were part of the process, so it wasn’t bad.The results finally came in. The breed identification was the only one we wanted, but there was some medical stuff there too. Nice to know our little guy wasn’t going to get some random genetic disease on there. But it was over our heads as non veterinarians. They DID offer a suggested lifespan, which was reassuring. Who knows if that will be accurate.The breed came back as 85% Shiba, 12% Jindo (which is a dog I never heard of) and like 3% German Shepard. The Shiba is obvious. The Jindo, they showed some pictures, and it was fun to see the resemblance. The German Shepard I don’t get. Also the percentages are mathematically confusing, because how do you get 3% when pairings should be power of two, right? Two parents, four grand parents, 8 great grand parents, etc. After researching these kinds of tests, most geneticists advise they shouldn’t be used for identifying purebred dogs. More for finding out your lovable mutt’s possible breeds mix. So, basically, take it with a grain of salt. This isn’t FBI DNA evidence stuff, nor is it Montel William’s “You are NOT the breed!” reality show tests. It’s just not that type of thing, no matter how scientific the title implies.The verdict: This is a quality version of an imperfect product. They put together a good package and it provides about 4 weeks of fun around the house as you discuss the results and wait in anticipation. But don’t hold your breath for super detailed ancestry data or like evidence you can take to the AKC for papers.

    2 people found this helpful

  31. Precise DisarrayPrecise Disarray

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    fun process, loaded w/ helpful information, can find dogs relatives, WORTH IT

    I think it is worth it. Everyone has their own budgets so I dont factor in price in my rating. I was able to get this when on mega sale for $139.00 for the DNA & Health option. Fun process, loaded with info. Worth it.We recently adopted what I was expecting to be a Lab & Mountain Curr mix. Her photos appeared that way, and she looked to be a bigger puppy with expected adult weight of 60 lbs. I am used to big dogs(80-110lbs), so when my soul mate beloved girl English lab passed away recently at just 7 years old, I set out to look to adopt a dog for her surviving brother (another English lab). Saw a listing for an 11 weeks old “Lab Mountain Curr mix”, her expression and details caught my interest and so I started the adoption process. She was in the south (rescue grabbed her from a kill shelter), I am in the north, they provide transport. Took a chance on sight unseen.5 weeks later, she arrived. Basically we were catfished. She is actually 9-10 months old, and her pics were recent. So what I thought was a 30 lb 11 week old was actually a 28 lb 9 month old. That makes her a small/ish dog, and that makes her nearly full grown! SO, my 110 lb dog has a new 30 lb small dog. Our life and yard is set up for big dogs, not small. Ah well. We are adjusting. My boy is thrilled to have a friend.Which brings us to, well what is she then? Labs tend to be larger to BIG, and Currs are medium to large with similar large weight ranges. What is this weird little dog?I sniffed around various DNA test brands. I ultimately went with Embark (love the name) because of the tie to Cornell University (in my neck of the woods). My vet scoffs at these tests, but for me I figure it is simply information. I learn something or I dont.I was basically curious, and I also wanted an idea what to look for in terms of play style, training, motivation, etc. I KNOW labs (and to lesser but sizable degree, Currs– hence the perfect match up for me), but I dont know other breeds. I am not set up to have a dog that needs to herd sheep, nor do I have an agility course. I want to know what the propensity is for the breeds she may be, so I can tailor my style to what she may need. I want her to blossom. Her personality description seemed like a good fit, but since we were basically catfished on some info, who knows what else was left to discover? Hence, DNA test.Process was simple. Kit arrived very quickly. Just swab mouth with included tools, stick in tube, put in mailer (postage included), and mail it. They will contact you when kit has been picked up in mail, will contact when arrived. Will likely keep you informed of where they are at in the process and how long it will take. It feels more personal and professional. I got an early email saying they found a health red flag (potential back/neck disc issue). Then shortly after I got the full DNA & health results.There is a TON of information, down to nitty gritty details for the science nerds. Also super easy graphics for those less inclined for data. This info can also be shared easily, including info can be sent to your vet if you want.Nothing labrador related came up in results. She is basically a Super Mutt, not surprising. I was hoping for a little more standout on one breed, but the breeds that were sussed out are still small fractions. So 51% mega mutt (at least Mountain Curr is part of that), but for the 49%, that broke down into Beagle (12%), Great Pyrenese (10%—hilarious at her small size, but remember genotype differs from phenotype, AND her expect 40 lb weight means that she has big dog lineage). Then smaller % of boxer, golden retriever, german shepard, eskimo & collie. Oddly, I can kind of see it. Disappointed not to have lab in her. I know rescues always put “lab mix”, but I really did expect it given her “angle wing” at her “shoulders”.There are link to each breed so you can quicky and easily learn about each listed as part of genetic profile.Her expected adult weight is 40 lbs, which I concur with. I hope she gets bigger anyway.Main thing is that she is sweet. Doesn’t have that deep intelligence that my English Labs have nor the deep soulful eyes, but I knew I was getting a mixed bag. It is an adjustment. Still learning about her, but now I have a little more framework to operate within.What I like is that this Embark info doesnt stop here. They have a robust website loaded with info, and you can share pics and videos, take quizzes, dive into resources specific to your doggo and dogs in general. If there are any dogs that are close in relationship to yours then you can make contact as they are likely related. Neat stuff. I hope to find some relatives.So please be sure to fill out as much info as you can, add some pics, and maybe you too will be able to connect with family members. Even if later down the line someone decided to do DNA kit with their dog, it they are a genetic match you will be able to find out.If you are skeptical and have the extra money, you could wait to shop a sale to get another one, or from another brand to compare. Though if I did that, Id probably get this brand again for true fidelity of results.

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  32. Save a Life – Adopt A PetSave a Life – Adopt A Pet

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Surprise results – glad we did Embark

    We adopted a 2-3 yr old rescue, who was believed to be mostly Yellow Labrador Retriever. As you can see in her photo, she looks like an English Pale Yellow Lab, with the same size (71 lbs), blocky head, otter tail and body. But, her ears are smaller, higher, with spotted vs ombre tips, her eyes are smaller & almond-shaped, her muzzle fur is thin, with freckled skin, and she has no undercoat. She is also very mellow & reserved, low-energy & less playful than a Lab, and has minimal interest in food or treats. She also has behaviors like nocturnal roaming indoors & barking at night, and her bark & whine are very different than any of our past dogs (Labs, German Shepherds, Husky, Hound). As a rescue, her health history & that of her parents is unknown. We’ve had other dogs that developed life-altering or fatal issues due to genetic issues, that could have been avoided or better & less expensively treated if uncovered earlier via DNA screening. So, we decided to do a DNA test to learn more about this dog’s breed mix and heath. We decided on Embark after reading several reviews in Wirecutter and on other sites, which compared results between Embark and other brands. Another factor was that Embark works with Cornell, not just to have the latest, most relevant technology and scientific information, but to contribute results & info from tested dogs to Cornell to help with research on canine health and traits that can help improve and develop care and medical treatments to benefit all dogs.Collecting my dog’s DNA sample was extremely easy to do. We created our Embark account to activate the test code when we opened the box, took the sample, and put it in our mailbox. Embark actually sent us an email the next day, shortly after it picked up & brought to our local post office, to let us know that it was enroute and being tracked by them in the postal system. A few days later we received another email, letting us know that they’d received the package and would start processing on the next business day. Then another, telling us when processing began. About 2 weeks later, our first results – breed – were ready, and 2 days after that, we received her health results. Big surprises!First, Embark was very accurate re:her physical traits. I didn’t provide any photo or info, other than her estimated age & sex. They got her exact size, coloring – even the faint fawn spots – coat & fur length and texture, dew claws, eye, nail & nose colors, weight, tail, etc. The breed results were very helpful, and surprising to us, the rescue, and our vet. Based on her ears, face, deep “woof” and nocturnal barking, we speculated she might have a trace of Kuvasz, or even, way back, Great Pyrenees. Her muzzle, with with freckled skin & thin fur, and smaller, almond eyes, made us wonder about American Bulldog, Staffordshire, Bull, Jack Russell or Pitbull Terrier, or even Beagle. Embark identified two genetic health issues, one that she only carries, so we don’t have to address, since she is neutered. The other, though, affects her, and is important for our vet to know if she develops certain illnesses or injuries, or needs certain medications. Knowing will allow it to be monitored easily at her annual check-ups, and allow us to avoid treatments, diets or medications which could aggravate it and make her seriously ill or damage her liver.The breed results were the biggest surprise. She is only 12.9% Lab! As well as 12.9% each Australian Cattle Dog, Pit Bull, and Hungarian Komondor. But she she is 50% Great Pyrenees. It was really neat to see the breakdown that Embark did of parents/grandparents/great-grandparents. Everything about makes sense now. The area where she was found is rural farm country, where Great Pyrenees, and a few Komondors, are popular on farms as livestock guardians, bred to roam the perimeter of farms & pastures at night, discouraging predators, warning herds/flocks & alerting caretakers by barking, then resting in the daytime. It makes us think she likely resulted from a stray mix + pure bred GP mom, and spent her puppyhood in such an environment, learning to be a guardian/herder.Knowing this helped remendously inunderstanding and successfully addressing behaviors like herding & nighttime barking that are purposely bred into those breeds. It also helped us adjust how we interact with her, and her training. After years of Labs & other breed mixes, we were used to dogs that easily & quickly trained using food motivation, and who were more excitable, active, affectionate & playful. And now we know where her freckled ears & nose come from!She is a very sweet, wonderful dog, and Embark’s health & breed results provided info that let us know what potential health issues we need to work with our vet to watch for, and that we needed to adjust her diet to keep her weight healthy, as well as adapting our routines & training methods to better her suit her dominant Great Pyrenees breed. It’s really made a difference. Instead of trying to control & train her behaviour like our other dogs, we worked with her instincts, recognizing her need to do the job she was bred for, that her breed has done for thousands of years. Within 2 weeks, her “new rescue” adjustment period stress was *gone*, her nocturnal barking & whining was 99% ended, and we communicated better, understanding why she needs a “last call” late night walk in the yard & around the house, and that she responds to calm, gentle acknowledgement & ear rubs vs stern correction or training treats.

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  33. Nancy Howitt

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very professional and friendly company

    We just adopted a small puppy from the humane society, she was only 15 pounds when we got her, but she had a enormous feet and a big frame. My mom is elderly and not steady on her feet and and was afraid that the dog might be a pitbull as she had a terrible experience adopting a dog years ago that turned out to be an absolutely Marmaduke size pitbull that bit our neighbors kid in the face and my 6’3 dad on the neck bad bleeding deep bite- the dog was 120 lbs of pure muscle,out of control and so aggressive. She was untrainable. We had a specialist come from the nearby university who specialized in animal behavior, come and assess the dog because we wanted what was best for the dog. We didn’t want to have a animal that was some thing that could get us in the legal trouble, and we wanted to have a nice dog in our home. The animal behaviorist said she’d never seen such a monster of a dog she said, it’s almost like this dog has been bred to be huge like to fight like a fighting dog which could be because I found the dog in a very bad neighborhood in Chicago, she was just am extremely young puppy sitting on the sidewalk. The behaviorist took the dog and kept her for a week and called us, and said this dog is absolutely untrainable, is very aggressive, cannot focus or listen – she’s a liability. Then the dog broke away and bit the neighbor kid in the face, and it was either put the dog down or be sued . It was a bad unfortunate situation My mom was very afraid of this new dog and she feared that this new dog might turn out to be a pittbull and she might have a repeated experience that she had with the other dog because they looked similar. So she wanted to have a test done right away because she was afraid that this dog would grow into a biting aggressive monster. Well it turns out the dog is a boxer and Staffordshire terrier, as well as an Australian sheepdog and cattle dog and she’s very smart and very sweet and we love her very much, even though she is very large. I got the kit that offered the background on Health to, and it turns out that she’s got a little something small where her liver enzymes might read differently from other dogs but other than that she’s very healthy and we know now that she’s large, but she but she won’t grow into a monster size aggressive pitbull don’t get me wrong. I love pittbulls, but they have to be trained properly and when you have someone who’s elderly and not great on their feet last thing they can do is train 85 pound strong young pitbull with now know that she is not a pitbull we are relieved. The whole experience is really easy they made it so you got the kit you just had to put the little sponge tipped wand in the dogs mouth and then send it in the us mail . When you set up the and register your account with them they send you an email letting you know that they got the DNA sample then they let you know when they’re working on it then they let you know that they’re still working on it and it’s a different part of their lab and then they send the results and a ton of information about the dog breed and their health for my particular breed mix as well as other dogs so you have one that’s more specific to you and then one that’s more specific specific to dogs that aren’t yours but it’s info in general about dogs but so you have a resource library to look up dog ailments .They also have other helpful links, and tidbits about your particular mix of dog and other resources and information, it’s very nice. I thought it was a really nice experience. I think I’m gonna get the one for the cats. It’s a different company but it’s interesting to know what your pets are.

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  34. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best out there. Period!

    I’ve used another dog DNA kit from a well known competitor, and there is no comparison. Embark is outstanding. I highly recommend investing in the DNA plus health kit. You get SO MUCH information about your dog. Knowing the dog has genes for certain health issues can help you and your vet best care for your dog. In addition to health issues, you get more great info. It provides physical traits. I have a mini Aussie rescue puppy that came without a long tail. I wondered if he was born without the tail as some Aussies have a genetically docked tail. His DNA profile said he has a long tail, so I know his breeder docked it. Every other physical trait it listed was spot on for my dog. And it even told me what his adult weight will be! So cool to have that information! Another fun fact I was given was his altitude tolerance is good. I’m an avid hiker and climb mountains frequently. It was awesome to know he can handle higher altitudes! I was shocked that this altitude tolerance info was provided! They also provide you with genetic relatives that have also been DNA tested through Embark, so you can try to touch base with those that live nearby! I could go on and on. As for the process, the kit comes fast. Collection instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Once you send it in the mail, Embark keeps you informed of the progress of your sample as it goes through all of the phases. Once the results are in, accessing them and understanding the results could not be easier. I should be a paid spokesperson for Embark as much as I have been spreading the word about them and encouraging everyone I know to get a DNA plus Health kit from Embark! Truly outstanding company. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

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  35. UncleRock

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Well Worth It!

    Glad I purchased this product. Results are very accurate. The product provides a lot of useful information.

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  36. C. Jaggers

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Reliable and accurate

    Embark is the most reliable dna test around. I was very pleased with how quickly I got my results back and how easy it was to do.

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  37. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fast accurate service. Some unnecessary information can scare owners.

    I really like the speed and service of Embark. My only complaint is that you get emails to warn you about genetic issues that are known for your dog’s breed AND/OR for diseases that do not even exist in your breed of dog (if you have a purebred dog). Example, you get an email that your dog carries genes for, say Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease, CDDY/IVDD, Type I IVDD and you own a French Bulldog, who all pretty much carry one or both copies of one of the versions of the gene, yet having two copies of this gene doesn’t mean your dog will have the disease. OR they run tests on Degenerative Myelopathy, when no French Bulldog has every been known to have a confirmed case of degenerative myelopathy, so again, you may be frightened because your dog has two copies of something that won’t ever cause a clinical presentation.Besides that slight little annoyance, I love Embark for it’s speed and information. It is super easy to get your sample from your dog. Don’t let your dog eat for half an hour. Swab the inside of their lower lip pouch and put it in the tube, shake, and mail. The online access is very easy to follow with lots of information (though like above,j much is unnecessary or irrelevant and may cause a novice pet owner to have a heart attack).I sent my most recent test on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2021) and received results today (January 9, 2022). You cannot beat that.The other good thing is they keep adding to the information they can offer. As they get more and more information they can narrow down what certain genes do. For instance, my puppy’s sire was tested by Embark originally and I believe they test for more health and color genes than before.Overall I would recommend them. Though it might be cheaper to just run the few genetic tests that your dog’s breed is known for.If you have a purebred dog, do not freak out, but do your research on what diseases your breed of dog is actually at risk for. If you don’t have a purebred dog, you won’t be able to do that, unless you know what breeds are actually in your dog’s heritage. In many cases, having a genetic risk doesn’t guarantee disease. If in doubt, talk to your veterinarian.

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  38. Shopper

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Simple from taking the swab to getting the results

    I was not sure how easy it would be to get the mouth swab but it was very simple my nervous rescue didn’t mind one bit . It has everything you need to activate the account , swab mail back and I loved that the online account has detailed tracking to show the status of the swab and when to expect the results. I wanted this for a new rescue that was only labeled mixed breed and although I was confident he had pit in himI also knew there were other breeds and it was important for me to know so I could understand his needs and any potential health concerns . This broke it down to 4 breeds and it helped me understand some of the behaviors I was seeing . You have the option of making a public profile and searching for possible relatives which is neat to see but I’m just so thankful to be able toHave a breed established . Worth the money in my opinion .

  39. Esther Greenwood

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    More info than I thought

    This was really so informative. Not only did they tell me my dog’s genetic breakdown, they told me about each breed. I learned of genetic risks, including one very important one. I saw her closest relatives and information about them, including how they looked. They emailed updates as soon as possible, and I only waited 2-3 weeks for the actual results. It was all made so simple.

  40. Jeffrey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great results

    This will be the third dog we’ve tested using your product. And very surprised one result got what we expected with the other result and can’t wait to see this one. Very simple to use fairly quickly get the results back and they’re very comprehensive.

  41. Vicki DVicki D

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    We got surprising results

    The test was very easy to use. Make sure you saturate the swab! We got surprising results when she came back as 37% Pit bull. None of us, and there were many, ever guessed there would be any pittie in her. Her markings are still a mystery.The test also can show medical issues that might pop up with future tests. That was good to know.We did the test for fun. It didn’t matter to us if she was 100% Super Mutt (yes, that is a category that’s used!)

  42. Product Connoisseur

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very accurate and fun to get the details

    I have used these on both of our rescue pups and it came back with results that you could see within the pups. It also was accurate enough to match with some littermates and allow for some play dates of long-lost relatives.

  43. KK

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Knowedge is Power

    Took 3 weeks to get results, but they did mention it may take longer due to holiday rush. They emailing me updates every few days, I appreciated the contact.Product was very easy to use, and had well laid out steps to follow. Nothing confusing about the packaging. I do recommend waving a dog treat around before collecting the saliva. I tried at first with no dog treat and my dogs mouth was as dry as the desert. Just make sure you put the treat up high so they don’t grab it.The website is easy to use and navigate. The interface is very informative and interesting, they try to explain everything as easily as possible. Going so far as to explain why a dog may have a certain breeds color coat without actually being at all related to that dog breed. Genetics is fascinating and complicated. Most of the bad reviews seem to be related to people upset that their dog isn’t a certain breed, if you approach this test with an openness and understanding of genetics you will be very happy. For instance, if your pure bred Duck Retriever comes out as a mix of Collie, Retriever and Shepard, you shouldn’t be surprised, as that breed is created by crosses these other breeds. That is why it is important to mark on the test, when asked, if you dog is pure bred. Obviously, every breed of dog is created from another breed, and if your breed of dog is a recent invention, well, it most likely won’t show up. I know some people are “testing” the DNA testers by not marking that their dog is pure bred, because they want to see if the lab will get it right. But you are just running the risk of the lab identifying the older breeds used to create your dog breed, and nothing more, talk about setting yourself up to fail, just tick the box.I must admit I did not expect the health side of this test to be surprising, but it was. I got some very bad news about some chronic diseases which may pop up later, thanks to his pure bred Shepard side. But, now that I know what to look for I can act quicker and hopefully improve my dogs quality of life. I will always be grateful to this test for that.As for the breed part of it, I was totally wrong! The pound told me over and over Hank was a Chow Chow mix. I watched many videos on training Chow Chows, approached all situations like he WAS a Chow Chow. He looks very much like a Chow Chow mix, my whole family had money on what other breeds were mixed WITH Chow Chow to make my dog. He doesn’t have a single drop of Chow Chow in him! Thankfully I owe no one money as everyone in my family was wrong. I would have never guessed German Shepard, but I suppose I should have known, training him is a dream and he is the most loyal dog I have ever owned.I will be doing this for all my future dogs! Very recommend.

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  44. ChuckW

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very detailed explanation.

    Very detailed results. Our mutt is more mutty than we thought! A super mutt with 6 different breeds.

  45. Max S.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Highly recommend to learn more about your best friend.

    We got an adult dog from the humane society a few years ago. They said he was a mix, but we just had to know how he was mixed. We kept guessing based on his behavior and visible traits. Finally, we decided to get his DNA tested.We did research on all the dog tests and Embark was determined to be the best doggie DNA test out there. It took a little longer than we had hoped, but this was all our fault!! We did not get enough saliva on the swab the first try. Luckily, the Embark crew were understanding and sent us a new swab and we finally managed to get our pup to salivate enough to get actual results. After they got that swab, things happened quickly and they let you know as the swab goes through each stage. We were supposed to get our results in late November, but the first week of November they emailed to say the results were in! Happy day!It ended up that our dog had 5 breeds in his little gene pool. They were about 25%, 22%, 20%, 19% and 12%. Things about his behavior made more sense… for example, we’d always thought due to his majority breed he’d be more cuddly, but we think that it is the 19% part that makes him be more aloof at times; then he is always herding us and we find that at least 60% of his DNA is from herding dogs. They also give you a percentage of how wolfie your dog is … ours was under 2%. Some of our guesses we were correct about and some of the results were nothing we had even thought about as we had no experience with those breeds.They also give you results on the 160 genetic markers determining health (though they tell you that age and lifestyle can make some health things happen too). Well, our dog got clear on all 160. Just as we thought, he is the perfect dog! There was one thing that his liver might show different results than expected, so they suggest to give the health part to the vet (there is a link to print one out just for the vet) just in case we have to do a liver test one day and the results are off-seeming. It was all very exciting.The best part for us was they gave an approximate weight. This has been difficult for us to gauge other than trying to feel his ribs as his majority breed is a smaller dog than he appears to be, but three of his mixes are larger dogs which pops his ideal weight up a bit closer to what he actually weighs (he is still overweight based on that and felling the ribs.)I liked how they kept us informed as to the status and finally how the results were presented. Very clear as to what breeds he is and details on the behaviors of each breed. They also link you a few other dogs that have that percentage of that breed. They are quite varied in appearance. There is also an advanced page for vet or breeders that goes into details that I couldn’t even begin to understand.I suggest it to all dog people. Give it to you or your dog for their birthday or something. It is super cool to find out their heritage. It is also nice to see the things that they might have or not have as health issues later on.

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  46. Denise Rankin

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    My dog’s DNA

    I was very happy the the DNA results of my dog

  47. Sharlene EarnshawSharlene Earnshaw

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very comprehensive and fun! We were excited to discover our little mutt’s breed mix

    After reading lots of reviews and doing my research, I settled on Embark to try to figure out what breeds make up our little Mexican street dog. The kit was very easy to use. You create a quick profile on their website (I purposely didn’t load any pictures or possible breeds ahead of time because I heard some DNA kits give different results based on images), link the code in your Embark swab kit to the account, swab the inside of your dog’s cheek, and then put the sample in a postage paid envelope. They send you emails letting you know when the sample is in progress shipping, when it arrives at the facility, and giving you updates on the progress of the dna testing.After about 3 weeks, the email you have been waiting for shows up in your inbox. Finally you will discover what breeds your dog is! They do a cute video reveal of your dog’s breeds and then link to a more comprehensive breakdown of the breed percentages, lineage, and likely traits.Without a picture of my dog they knew Poppy was likely black or dark brown with white, had a medium to long snout, brown eyes, normal length tail, slender build, and intermediate body size. Pretty impressive. Looking at Poppy, our best guess was that she could have some Pointer or Whippet in her. Boy were we wrong! She has a mix of pit bull, small poodle, German Shephard, Chinese Shar Pei (explaing the curl in her tail), Doberman, and something called “Super Mutt” which a mix of Collie, Dalmation, and Cocker Spaniel among other things. Since our dog was born in a trash dump in San Felipe, Mexico, it wasn’t surprising that she is a super mutt!One unexpected and exciting thing was that Embark let us know that Poppy had a match for an immediate relative. I clicked on the link and the dog had “born in a junk yard in San Felipe, Mexico” in its profile! I had never told Embark that my dog had also been born there! Color me impressed. I have sent a message to the pup’s owner so we can hopefully connect.Conclusion: It was well worth the money to solve the mystery of our trash dump pup. It was also nice to learn she had no genetic markers for inherited diseases and to be able to continue to genetic research for dogs. If you have always wondered what breed your dog might be, give it a shot!

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  48. Lis GLis G

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this!

    I bought this on the Black Friday sale and already have the results! I had no idea what my puppy was but thought maybe a mix of shihtzu and bichon, but I was wrong. Shes mostly shihtzu, small poodle, and Maltese with just 8% bichon! I would never have guessed the small poodle! She even has an immediate family member on her tree (either father or brother). I’ve msged them to see how old he is. She has tons of cousins too. It’s a great gift for anyone wanting to know more about their dog!

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  49. KFitz

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So excited to learn more about my rescue!

    I’m always asked what kind of dog our rescue is. Since he was a stray, we had no idea about any of his history. I was excited to give Embark a try. I love how the company keeps you updated on every step of the process and how long before you can expect results. I was genuinely surprised at the level of detail it gave, and have even found some of his doggie relatives through their platform! Plus now our minds are at ease when it comes to genetic health. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about their dog.

  50. Angelina H.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    DNA Identified gene for LOW ALT!

    ALT is a liver-enzyme. My pup is healthy BUT there’s a possibility that my pup could experience liver problems even when his ALT liver-enzyme test is normal. This is particularly important for my pup’s veterinarian to consider when evaluating any symptoms for diagnosis even if ALT is normal; also it’s important when administering certain medications, especially long-term, as certain medications can affect the liver and without a confirmation of a High ALT enzyme reading, damage to the liver could still occur. He’s otherwise very healthy and the gene for LOW ALT is NOT a diagnosis or illness, but rather a heads-up for his vet whenever liver enzyme testing is needed.

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  51. cairo

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I was skeptical at accuracy

    I was skeptical at the accuracy, but after submitting my dogs dna and the feedback I got was amazing! If you’re debating on wether or not to get this I’m here to say I am 100% satisfied with this dna test!

  52. veronicaveronica

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Explained so much

    I adopted this girl from someone who had no idea what they were doing with this size of dog. She is a quick learner but she was also getting into trouble. Google search was telling me she could be maybe this or that. I thought she was looking like a boerboel mastiff and I thought I could see the same characteristics. After testing her and looking at her results, her personality and physical traits make so much more sense. Knowing all her different breeds, the jobs they were ment to do, temperaments. All of this has made it so much easier to handle her better and training has moved along faster with a lot more positive handling.

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  53. LauraLaura

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A lot of info

    I have done these tests several times over the years on strays and this seems to be the most popular “super mutt” combination-even with other brands… so I’d take it with a grain of salt. It’s fun for the kids.They have a bunch of medical tests that check for genetic disorders, that they can be prone to. I have no idea how accurate these are, but I suppose I would share it with the vet if he came up positive for anything.

  54. Maria DMaria D

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fun Interesting Experience

    Results came quicker than expected, maybe about 3 weeks total. They were outlined very easily to understand. It had several ways to get more information about breed specific traits and even see what dogs with that breed in them who used embark looked like. Overall cool experience definitely worth getting if you want to learn more about your dog and how you can provide them better enrichment/nutrition tailored to them.

  55. DANIEL W

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product. But Be Careful What You Wish For.

    I’ve purchased two of these for my dogs. The results came pretty quick. The results seemed accurate and the health reports were very informative. I forwarded the reports to my vet.However, I want to share another piece you should consider before going forward with this. I adopted both of my dogs. The adoption agencies said these puppies were “Beagle/Jack Russel Mix” and “Black Lab Mix”. The DNA tests showed that these were actually “Pit Bull/Beagle Mix” and “Rottweiler/Put Bull Mix”. They are very sweet dogs. They have been well trained. My daughters jump on top of them all the time, and my dogs love them.However, I recently had a major life change and I have to move. And now, no one will rent to me at all. And, homeowners insurance companies either won’t sell me a policy or want to sell to me at a significant price increase. All because of the breed they were born.Make sure you really want to have your dogs tested. Personally, I regret doing it.

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  56. Tina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Breed exactly as I suspected. Long story of how I got my rescue doggie

    Accuracy and did not give any clues or information. The rescue agency never had a hint of 53 percent of the breed she is.

  57. Arlene Mears

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I would be nice to offer buy one get second 1/2 off. I love the results I received for one of my dogs. But can’t afford to do multiple.

  58. Another ShopperAnother Shopper

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Well, I suppose the devil really IS in the details

    While the test itself is a mix of expensive fun and possibly some medical insight, I think I should say up front that the terms of use was recently changed after 4+ years of being a customer. The company has changed leadership and now no longer affords you the ability to opt out of being part of their marketing. See the attached photo for the recent update. I reviewed the full terms of use and they do in fact say they will use your dog’s name and any content that you provide (text, photos, etc.) in their marketing materials. This, of course, is without any sort of offer of compensation to you as a customer, after you already forked out over $100 per dog for veterinary info. And to be clear, we’re not talking about genetic research. I’m good with that. It’s the forced consent to marketing, long after I became a customer, that I don’t appreciate.The breed tests seem legitimate. They identified known cousins of my dog. They use the term “close relatives” much too loosely, because if you own a purebred or designer breed dog, well, your dog is fairly closely related to ALL of that breed or mix. For example, my dog is not-so-distant cousins of basically all Pembroke corgis, including those that belonged to the Queen. Still, it was nice to confirm the mix, that he’s part Cardigan as the breeder explained. Some of the health alerts were unnerving at first and they even called me about one of them, but it’s really important to talk to their vet as well as your own to do some confirmation checks and plan accordingly.I’ve stricken two stars from what would otherwise be a top notch product. One reason is the price, especially since you have no way to opt out of being used for marketing. Another, of course, is the alarming nature of some of their explanations, like saying that my dog is very likely to have a life-threatening clotting disorder VWD, when we tested him and confirmed that he’s not affected. Finally, the “new relatives” spam is fairly intense, given that if you have a purebred or designer breed dog, your dog is going to have a lot of “relatives” because that’s how selective breeding works.

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  59. Zachariah FakenamingtonZachariah Fakenamington

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So glad I did this!

    After four months of checking shelters and online listings for a dog that would be a good fit, I finally found one at a local rescue. She’s absolutely beautiful and I was so surprised when the rescue contacted me the next day approving my adoption application — I would have thought a million other people would have applied before me. The rescue listed her as an unknown shepherd / Australian shepherd mix, but given her brindle coat and overall appearance, I knew there was no way there was any Aussie in her. I decided to grab an Embark DNA test to see for myself.One thing I was disappointed with is this: I dropped my envelope off at my local post office here in San Diego, and then watched the tracking as it went all the way to a lab in Boston that no longer exists, only to have it rerouted back to Embark’s new lab in San Diego. It ended up taking twice the time just for the sample to get to them, when I literally live just miles from their lab and could have dropped it off myself within minutes.Nonetheless, Embark actually processed the sample much faster than they estimated. Despite dropping it off in December (around the time I’m sure they get really busy), I had my results back in around two weeks. According to the reports, she’s about 37% German Shepherd (which makes total sense), 25% or so American Pitbull Terrier (completely unexpected, but makes sense too!), 10% husky (explains her partially blue right eye!), 9% Belgian Malinois (explains her coat!), some staffy, and 10%ish Supermutt.Besides knowing her breed, I thought it was really cool looking at the in-depth report and seeing the DNA paintings, breakdown of traits by gene, and health variants. I was relieved to see that she doesn’t have any major genetic health concerns — though there was one variant of concern that Embark recommended informing my vet about in order to make sure we know how to interpret future bloodwork.Based on her predicted weight and breed results, my vet recommended getting her spayed after one year of age as per the latest health guidelines for German Shepherds. The rescue had me sign an adoption agreement stating that I had to spay her before six months of age unless a vet wrote a letter recommending otherwise for health reasons. (She’s only 16 weeks old right now.) I was glad to be able to use the findings from this test in consultation with my vet to get that letter written, as spaying German Shepherds too early significantly increases their risk of tendon, joint, and urinary tract issues later on — while waiting only marginally increases their risk of certain cancers.Overall, I would absolutely recommend this test. I feel that it equips me to be a much better pet parent and give my little girl the best life she can possibly have. I’ve read the negative reviews and I can understand why some people might be disappointed when the breed results come back and are obviously wrong for their dog — but it’s common knowledge that this is still an emerging science and there are going to be dogs for whom the results aren’t accurate. (Anyway, the more data Embark has, the more accurate their results will be over time.) If you’re buying a kit like this and have done your research, you should already know that’s a risk that you’re taking.Out of all of the dog DNA testing services out there, Embark is widely known to be the best *by far,* so if anyone is going to give you good results, they’re your best bet. But that said, again, it worked out great for me, and more likely than not it’ll work out great for you too.

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  60. losthoughtslosthoughts

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great results!

    I was very happy to have my rescue puppy’s dna results! We were told his approximate adult weight and what health concerns he may have when he gets older. So great to watch the whole process and be kept updated the whole time. It took about a month!

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