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Initial Cat Behavior Consultation

When your kitty has a behavior issue, you need help, fast. Call us for an initial cat behavior consultation and restore your relationship with your cat.  We treat everything from house soiling to aggression in cats.



During your initial behavior consultation, our entire behavior team will evaluate your pet.  Dr. Meghan and RVT Chelsea perform a complete examination and often obtain samples for laboratory testing to rule out physical causes for behavior problems.  Jael, our animal behavior consultant, evaluates your pet’s body language to determine the emotional causes for the unwanted behavior.  The team works with your family to meet the physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional, and management needs for your pet.  Often simple changes have a major impact.  For example, adding more litter boxes in different areas of the home can eliminate the problem of cats urinating outside of the litter box.  

If you purchase both the initial behavior consultation and a behavior treatment package together, you will get $100 off the initial behavior consultation.  If you purchase the behavior treatment package later, we will credit $100 to that purchase.

Initial Behavior Consultation Steps

  1. Referring veterinarians: please complete our Referral Form.  We will not treat referred pets for anything other than behavior or training.  We keep you informed by sending all of our medical records and treatment notes. 
  2. If you are not currently a Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic client, we need your pet’s complete medical history.  Send them to  Please note that a complete medical history includes examination reports, laboratory results, etc.  Receipts and vaccine reminders are not acceptable.  
  3. We also need the complete behavior history forms.
    1. Feline Behavior History
    2. Dysfunctional Family History for problems between pets
  4. Once our team has reviewed all of the information, we schedule the 2-hour initial behavior consultation appointment with you.  We strongly encourage the entire family to participate in all appointments and treatment sessions. 
  5. Dr. Meghan and RVT Chelsea start with an examination of your pet.  We usually need laboratory testing to rule out medical problems that can cause or exacerbate behavior problems.  The testing is $275 additional.  If your pet is stressed for veterinary care, we may not be able to complete the exam without sedation.  If Dr. Meghan recommends sedation, she will go over the procedure, risks, and costs with you first.  
  6. Jael evaluates your pet’s body language and reactions during the initial behavior consultation.  She may ask for videos of the behavior problem if your pet’s issue is not readily apparent during the visit, as with thunderstorm or separation anxiety.  
  7. Together, we discuss your goals and expectations and develop a reasonable treatment plan for your your family.
  8. You will have a treatment plan emailed to you within 2 business days of the initial consultation.  If your pet needs medications, Dr. Meghan will prescribe them through our online pharmacy and they will be delivered to your home.  In pets with severe anxiety, we often start the medications before the behavior treatment package.  Medications do not solve behavior problems.  They simply reduce anxiety so that your pet can learn through behavior modification.  
  9. If you proceed with the behavior modification package, Jael will arrange the sessions with you.
  10. You always have our support throughout the treatment period and for the life of your pet.  Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Meghan or Jael at any time for help.  We are here for you, your pet, and your family.

About Your Behavior Team

Dr. Meghan

Dr. Meghan graduated NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008.  She started working at a high-volume low-cost veterinary practice and honed her medical and surgical skills very quickly.  The practice saw all kinds of animals for all kinds of problems.  Dr. Meghan learned that she wasn’t too keen on orthopedic surgery or reproductive medicine at that time.  

4 years later, she started her own practice in Sanford.  She worked with a pet trainer and found that she really loved behavior medicine.  Dr. Meghan made behavior medicine a major part of her practice.  In 2017, she decided to close the brick and mortar hospital and do only what she loves and is good at- preventive care, chronic disease management, and behavior medicine.

Dr. Meghan has treated hundreds of pets for all kinds of behavior problems from Stranger Danger, to fear of veterinary care, thunderstorm phobias, attack cats, inappropriate elimination issues, and especially aggression between pets in the home.  She is not a specialist, but she has taken hundreds of hours of animal behavior continuing education.  Dr. Meghan’s credentials include:

  • Fear Free Elite Veterinary Certification
  • Silver Level Low Stress Handling Certification
  • Member of the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior
  • Member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management
  • Member of the International Society for Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Member of Veterinary Information Network (VIN)

As a long time member of these societies, she has access to board certified veterinary animal behavior specialists who can help us with any kind of behavior problem.  

Chelsea, Registered Veterinary Technician

Chelsea has known since the age of 4 that she wanted to work with animals as her career.  She started working in veterinary hospitals as a teenager and found she loved nursing care.  Chelsea graduated from the Gaston College Veterinary Technician program and passed her national boards to be a registered veterinary technician in 2013.  She worked in multiple specialty veterinary practices in the Triangle Area, concentrating on internal medicine.  

Unfortunately the corporate takeover of the hospital where she worked made it impossible to continue providing the excellent care that Chelsea is morally obligated to provide.  Because all of the area specialty hospitals except the NC State Veterinary Teaching Hospital are corporate owned, she decided to try something different.  Chelsea joined Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic at the very beginning in 2017 and has been helping Dr. Meghan in all facets of pet care.  

Chelsea is Elite Fear Free Veterinary certified and makes it her mission to provide that level of care to all of our patients. As our Practice Manager, she designs and implements the systems that keep pets comfortable and happy with Fear Free care.  

Jael, Animal Behavior Consultant

Jael has always loved animals.  She had originally planned on becoming a veterinarian (and she would have been awesome) but sometimes life gets in the way.  She met her husband, got married, and started a family instead.  But that didn’t deter her from working with animals.  

Jael had the heartbreak of having to rehome a family dog due to aggression.  That motivated her to learn everything about canine behavior.  Her mission is to keep families together so nobody has to deal with the pain of losing a pet to a behavior problem.  

She graduated from the Animal Behavior College as a Certified Dog Trainer and then went on to teach dog training as a Mentor.  Jael had her own dog training business in Denver for 9 years before her husband was transferred to North Carolina.  She joined Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic in 2022 and has been instrumental in helping families implement behavior treatment plans.  

Jael is Fear Free Veterinary Certified and a Fear Free Certified Trainer.  She is also a Certified Professional Coach which helps her counsel families more effectively.  Jael uses modern scientific theories and practice positive reinforcement training and techniques to help families build happier, healthier relationships with their pets.  

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