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Kitten Right Start Wellness Plan

Give your kitten the gift of good health by purchasing our Kitten Right Start Wellness Plan.  It includes all the kitten series vaccinations, deworming, a microchip, and more!



When you get a new kitten, there’s a lot to think about: buying the right food, kitten-proofing the house, litter training, keeping them safe and protected, are you doing everything right?!

RELAX!  You got this because you have the Kitten Right Start Wellness Plan.  We schedule all of your kitten’s vaccines knowing what is needed because we talk to you about their lifestyle and risks.  

Kitten Right Start Wellness Plan Benefits

  1. Comprehensive exams every 2-4 weeks during the initial kitten vaccine series to ensure your new furkid is growing and developing normally.
  2. Unlimited exams throughout the year- if there is a concern, the exam is covered!
  3. Unlimited house calls throughout the year.
  4. The complete FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panelukopenia) initial vaccine series to prevent serious to fatal disease.
  5. The first rabies vaccine at 12-16 weeks of age, required by NC law.
  6. Feline Leukemia vaccine series to prevent this disease that causes most cats to die before age 3 years.
  7. FeLV/FIV test so you know your kitten is not infected with these immunosuppressive viruses from their mom.   
  8. 2 rounds of deworming.
  9. 2 fecal parasite tests.
  10. Microchip with free lifetime registration.
  11. Practical handouts about kitten socialization, litter box training, and more!
  12. 10% off spay or neuter at the recommended time.

Kitten Right Start Wellness Plan Value

Your new furbaby needs a lot of vaccines, starting at 6 weeks of age, every 2-4 weeks, to protect them from serious to fatal diseases found in our area.  Read more about vaccinology here.  

Since most of our clients get kittens as strays, we always do an FeLV and FIV test first, especially if you have other cats at home. FeLV and FIV are highly contagious immunosuppressive viruses that cats can get from their mom in the womb.  FIV+ cats generally have a long, normal-ish life.  Most FeLV+ cats die within 3 years of diagnosis.  We can prevent FeLV with vaccinations; there is no vaccine for FIV in the USA (it doesn’t work anyway).  

We have a sporadic problem with panleukopenia in our area.  Panleukopenia is a parvovirus of cats that is often rapidly fatal in kittens due to bone marrow suppression and subsequent sepsis. Just like canine parvovirus, it is impossible to keep panleukopenia out of your home.  Vaccination is only way to prevent it.  

Rhinotracheitis and calicivirus are both upper respiratory infections that cause eye discharge, severe nasal discharge, and sometimes tongue ulcerations.  Unfortunately once infected, the virus can cause symptoms at any time throughout their life.  They can shed the virus at any time, without symptoms, and infect other cats.  Vaccination provides incomplete protection- the symptoms will be mild in vaccinated cats.  Kittens are more seriously infected.  

Proper vaccination can save you heartbreak, worry, and thousands of dollars in veterinary care.

Our Fear Free Certified team provides veterinary care so that your kitten actually likes it!  This is so important, because we often see young cats who have been so traumatized by veterinary care that they have to sedated for everything for the rest of their lives.  Or they need behavior modification to resolve their fear, anxiety and stress.  It makes us so sad to see this, and it isn’t inexpensive to treat veterinary fear.  

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you can’t keep your kitten, we calculate the regular price of the services you have already received and refund the difference of what you have paid.  Our Kitten Right Start Wellness Plan is highly discounted, and it is unlikely that any refunds will be due after 3 visits.  


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