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Leash Walk Boot Camp Dog Training Course

Our private in-home leash walk boot camp dog training course is a 2-session positive reinforcement-only quick course.  It is designed for dogs who pull on the leash or are otherwise all over the place trying to chase squirrels, etc.



Dogs who pull and lunge on the leash are not only no fun to walk, but they can be dangerous as well.  This course is for dogs who simply don’t get it.  It is NOT for dogs who are fearful or aggressive towards other dogs or people- we have behavior modification programs for those dogs!  


This is Evie after her training.  During our first visit, Evie pulled Mom down to the ground!  Now she walks with a loose leash, focuses on Mom when asked, and doesn’t lunge to chase squirrels and bunnies.  In fact, Mom used what she learned with Evie to train a second dog, and now walks them both together!


We use positive reinforcement only during all of our training.  We are adamantly against torturing dogs with choke, shock, and prong collars.  If your dog is a heavy puller, we use training tools such as the 2 Hounds Design Freedom Harness to communicate compassionately and effectively the behavior you want from your dog.  This method works better than applying pain to stop a behavior you don’t want for several reasons.  



  1. Your dog can think of millions of behaviors, most of which you do not want them to perform while on a leash.  Instead of punishing and hurting your dog as they work through those millions of unwanted behaviors, you communicate with positive reinforcement the behavior you DO want.  Your dog learns more quickly and more effectively with positive reinforcement.
  2. Suppressing unwanted behaviors such as pulling or lunging only work as long as you are hurting your dog.  As soon as you stop hurting your dog, they think pulling and lunging is OK.  They never learn the desired behavior. 
  3. A relationship based on abuse is not the happy, healthy relationship we help people to obtain with their pets.  Unfortunately there are plenty of trainers who will be happy to show you how to abuse your dog.  We are not those people.  

About the Leash Camp Boot Camp Dog Training Course

This is a 2-session quick course in your home.  Jael meets with you to discuss the problems, then shows you how to compassionately and effectively communicate with your dog so they joyfully perform the desired behavior.  If the problem is fearfulness or aggression, Jael will recommend a comprehensive behavior modification program with Dr. Meghan to address the underlying cause of the problem.  

Jael give you homework to practice for a week, then meets again to see how you are doing and help you with any problems.  Of course she is also available via phone or zoom to discuss problems in between sessions, so feel free to reach out if things aren’t going well.  If more sessions are needed, they are $100 each.  Most people just need to work through kindly communicating with their dog a different way and complete the course in 2 sessions.  


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