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Puppy Right Start Wellness Plan

Give your puppy the gift of good health by purchasing our Puppy Right Start Wellness Plan.  It includes all the puppy series vaccinations, deworming, a microchip, and more!


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Private Right Start Puppy Training

Learn the fundamentals of compassionate, effective communication with your new furkid at our positive reinforcement-based Right Start Puppy Training Course.  You'll learn about canine learning theory, potty training, crate training, focus, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking and more during this 6-week in-home private course.


When you get a new puppy, there’s a lot to think about: buying the right food, puppy-proofing the house, potty training, keeping them safe and protected, are you doing everything right?!

RELAX!  You got this because you have the Puppy Right Start Wellness Plan.  We schedule all of your puppy’s vaccines knowing what is needed because we talk to you about their lifestyle and risks.  

Puppy Right Start Wellness Plan Benefits

  1. Comprehensive exams every 2-4 weeks during the initial puppy vaccine series to ensure your new furkid is growing and developing normally.
  2. Unlimited exams throughout the year- if there is a concern, the exam is covered!
  3. Unlimited house calls throughout the year.
  4. The complete distemper, parvo, and adenovirus inital vaccine series to prevent serious to fatal disease.
  5. The first rabies vaccine at 12-16 weeks of age, required by NC law.
  6. Intra-nasal kennel cough vaccine at the first visit, so you can safely socialize your puppy with other dogs.
  7. The leptospirosis vaccine series to protect your puppy against a bacteria found in rodent urine that can cause serious disease. 
  8. The canine influenza vaccine series if your puppy is going to travel, board, or get groomed frequently.
  9. 2 rounds of deworming.
  10. 2 fecal parasite tests.
  11. Microchip with free lifetime registration.
  12. Practical handouts about puppy socialization, potty training, and more!
  13. 10% off Right Start private in-home or group training courses.
  14. 10% off spay or neuter at the recommended time.

Puppy Right Start Wellness Plan Value

Your new furbaby needs a lot of vaccines, starting at 6 weeks of age, every 2-4 weeks, to protect them from serious to fatal diseases found in our area.  Read more about vaccinology here.  Parvo is endemic in this area.  There is no way to prevent parvo from entering your home- you can walk through parvo viral particles in the ground and bring it right through the front door.  

Parvo causes unrelenting bloody vomiting and diarrhea, and it also suppresses the immune system.  If the dehydration doesn’t kill an infected puppy, the secondary infection and sepsis will.  There is no cure for parvo.  The only thing you can do is hospitalize your puppy with IV fluids, anti-nausea medications, IV antibiotics, and hope for the best.  It’s very expensive and not all puppies survive even with the best treatment.  That’s why it is absolutely vital to protect your puppy with vaccinations every 2-4 weeks.  

Leptospirosis is a bacteria found in rodent urine that causes liver and/or kidney failure.  There are antibiotics to treat it, but once a puppy is sick, it’s touch and go on surviving the infection.  They will have to be hospitalized on IV fluids to help support kidney function but permanent kidney damage typically occurs despite all that. 

Proper vaccination can save you heartbreak, worry, and thousands of dollars in veterinary care.

Our Fear Free Certified team provides veterinary care so that your puppy actually likes it!  This is so important, because we often see young dogs who have been so traumatized by veterinary care that they have to sedated for everything for the rest of their lives.  Or they need behavior modification to resolve their fear, anxiety and stress.  It makes us so sad to see this, and it isn’t inexpensive to treat veterinary fear.  

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason you can’t keep your puppy, we calculate the regular price of the services you have already received and refund the difference of what you have paid.  Our Puppy Right Start Wellness Plan is highly discounted, and it is unlikely that any refunds will be due after 3 visits.  


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