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Sleepypod Air – Airline Approved Pet Carrier and Crash-Tested Car Seat for Cats and Dogs up to 18 lbs

If you travel by air with your small dog or cat, the Sleepypod Air – Airline Approved Pet Carrier and Crash-Tested Car Seat is essential safety equipment.  Use it to safely restrain your pet in the car to the airport, and to put it under the seat in front of you in the cabin of the plane.  For pets up to 18 pounds.



From the manufacturer

  • Airline Compliant & Space to Stretch: An innovative design provides the maximum amount of in-cabin space.
  • Crash-Tested Car Seat: Rigorously crash-tested at U.S., Canadian, and E.U. child safety standards, then independently tested & certified by the Center for Pet Safety.
  • Ample Air Flow & Easy Access: Mesh panels enable ample airflow on three sides. Quick access from top and side entry points. Bed Away From Home: Ultra Plush bedding ensures a cozy space at home or on the road.
  • Less Travel Stress: Use as a napping spot before travels to reduce fear. A removable privacy panel blocks visual stressors. A stable base prevents pet from sagging when carried.
  • Easy Clean: A water-repellent liner and removable, machine-washable bedding make cleaning easier.
  • Easier Travel: A trolley sleeve secures it onto rolling luggage; large zipper pockets; a safety tether eliminate quick pet escapes at the vet or while traveling. Includes a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding, a padded carry handle, and ergonomic zipper pulls. Folds flat after travels.
  • Crash Replacement Program Warranty: Any Sleepypod car restraint damaged in an accident is replaced for free.

First Class Legroom on Every Flight!

Redefining in-cabin pet travel

The Sleepypod Air offers an innovative solution to the many conflicting airline size restrictions put on pet carriers by providing size versatility through flexibility. Sleepypod Air’s design also keeps with our strict safety standards and high quality material and color selection.
  • Compresses from 22 inches in length to 19 or 16 inches in length
  • Seatbelt straps on both sides allow Sleepypod Air to be safely secured in a car seat
  • Folds flat for easy storage
Sleepypod airline approved and crash tested carrier is available in multiple colors for pets up to 18 pounds

Additional information

Brand Name


Item Weight

4.5 Pounds

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Customer Reviews:

692 ratings

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

November 29, 2009

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

23.9 x 12.01 x 4.06 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

22 x 10.5 x 10 inches

Best Sellers Rank:

#136 in Dog Soft-Sided Carriers


Dark Chocolate, Glacier Silver, Jet Black, Orange Dream

Warranty Description

1-year warranty to be free of manufacturing defects


22.8"L x 11.4"W x 3.9"H



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

22 x 10.5 x 10 inches; 4.5 Pounds

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house-cats, dogs

60 reviews for Sleepypod Air – Airline Approved Pet Carrier and Crash-Tested Car Seat for Cats and Dogs up to 18 lbs

  1. A TA T

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Roomy carrier with great features!

    This is an easy airplane carrier for a new kitten approx 5lbs. My new little guy had plenty of room in the carrier with his wee pad, towel, and travel food/water bowls. We flew JetBlue in the Even More Space seat, and the carrier stuck out from under the seat. (The flight attendants and check-in personnel did not have an issue with the carrier.)The carrier is well built and designed. I especially like the tether for securing the kitten in the carrier throughout his trip, as required.I want to note, the kitten did get a bit overheated on a long cross country flight after about 3 hours in the closed carrier. He fussed and became verbal on a red eye flight, so I decided to open up the carrier (see photo) for cool, fresh air. He was still tethered inside and calmed down immediately.I also brought him to the vet in the Sleepypod Air, and the doctor mentioned that the carrier was easy to open on the sides and top for access and examination.

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  2. Viva

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for long, international travel

    A few months ago, I moved from the American Midwest to Eastern Europe and took my nine-year-old indoor cat with me. The preparation was nerve-wracking and I tried different carriers. This one was perfect and is definitely worth the money. It’s flexible enough where I could take it in me in the middle of the flight or slide it back under the seat when landing; however, it’s also sturdy enough to carry a bigger pet. Its best feature, of course, is its adjustable size. This bag allowed my pet plenty of room while adhering to all international regulations. I couldn’t find another bag that did that.Also, if your pet is like mine and occasionally tries to get out by kicking and scratching, this is the bag you need. It’s very solid, and the black one attracts no attention. It’s dark, too, which allows your pet to feel protected. If you want peace of mind and a comfortable pet, I recommend it. Before getting this carrier, I red some reviews saying that it smelled like chemicals. It did, but after I aired it for a while and washed the removable plush cover, my pet had no issues.Finally, if you need more information on moving your pet internationally, I’ve posted all my resources here: People have commented with their questions/issues, too, so that might help you. I had such a hard time preparing for this move that I want to help anyone else going through the same.

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  3. Lynxwoman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Recommend for long flights w/ kitties

    I purchased this for a first ever international flight w/my large Maine Coon kitty. I am so pleased I did not use the airline approved carrier I had used twice before for shorter domestic flights. The Pros: Very secure and provided options to keep kitty from seeing surroundings( which she prefers)No problem with the airlines, although it is a bit longer than posted length( suggest to be SURE to check w/individual airlines). I was able to keep her beside me and carefully pet her by opening a very small part of the zipper. The outside pockets were excellent for securing her paperwork. The bottom allowed for small, thin, soft blanket.Cons: Unlike the graphics on the manufactures site, I could not carry this over my shoulder. Perhaps with a stronger individual and/or a smaller cat , this would work. Biggest “con” was the option to only place kitty in from top opening. This was a challenge both initially and at security after being required to remove her and carry her through the scanner. If there had been any option not to make this trip, I would have chosen to stay at home! But this carrier was helpful and allowed me to bring my special fur friend to a new home w/ my family..

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  4. chai_kittea

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    great carrier!

    i bought this for my cat for our looooong international flight. it is very well made and the pad inside is thick and soft. it says it holds cats/dogs up to 17 pounds, but i wouldnt recommend putting a 17 cat in it! hahaha….my cat is 13 pounds and he had JUST enough room. i personally think any animal heavier than my fat guy would NOT be comfortable, especially on a long flight. i took the pad out of it and it added about an inch and a half of extra head room. i also took it out because i didnt want it to be ruined by any potty accident my cat might have. even though the pad is washable, i wouldnt know what to do with it on the plane if there was an accident, so i removed it and put a dry fur pad in. this gave a little extra space but made the bottom of the carrier a little less stable when i was carrying it. not a big deal when on the plane though since it was lying flat. we flew United airlines and it fit fine under the seat and had no questions about it being “approved” by the airline. in fact, most people didnt even know i had a cat in there, except when he meowed every once in a while. and when he got upset a couple times late in the flight it was easy for me to unzip a little space to put my hand in and pet him. the pocket on the side held his travel supplies just fine.overall a great buy! worth the money for me and my fat cat 🙂

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  5. Stacy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Makes puppy travel a complete success

    I traveled from Boston to Nashville with a 10 week old puppy (and back) and it was an easy experience for all. I was wary of the “privacy mesh” to start, because I couldn’t see her well when the carrier was closed, but it clearly made a difference for her, as she was very calm and content while enclosed, as we traveled through the airports. I used the back slot pocket and buckle to securely fit the carrier on top of my suitcase. I think she really liked the movement on top of the suitcase, and it allowed me to move quicker through the airports (and more comfortably) than had I used the shoulder strap, which seems to jostle her more. There’s also a short safety clip inside the carrier which let me open the carrier without her being able to get far. I also used this feature to open the carrier while we traveled. I opened the front and stuck my foot in for warmth and comfort. She slept both flights – not a single bark or whimper. The guys in my row on the way home didn’t even realize I had a dog until I greeted her after we landed. The Sleepypod was worth the cost to get us through this single trip, and I’m grateful that we have it for future car trips and air travel. She loves her Sleepypod.

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  6. Kalila K

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great carrier but zippers are too stiff!!

    Well made and sturdy carrier. Showed no signs of damage after my cat clawed at it intermittently through a six hour flight. It looks so much like a carry on, no one even knew I had a cat with me (until she started howling of course). I left it out a few weeks prior to travel so the cat could get acquainted with it but she had zero interest and acted terrified when I tried to put her in it. I had a small fleece bed (perfect shape for this carrier) that she liked to sleep on a lot so I tried putting it in there one night and… magic! She slept in it! So I pulled the original fluffy pad out (love that it is removable) and replaced it with that fleece bed. Also bought small kennel liners and put one underneath just in case. My ONE complaint is that the zippers were stiff and difficult to manuever. When you’re paying this much for a carrier, the zippers should work much more smoothly. Made it a little stressful trying to take her out quickly for body scan and then put her back in it after it came through the baggage scanner.

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  7. L. Loso

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Business class seating for your pet. Even though you aren’t.

    I flew from Charlotte, NC – Atlanta, GA – Seoul, Korea – Yangon, Myanmar; with the Sleepypod. Over 22 hours fly time. My 10.5 lb kitty was in there for just about 2 days of traveling this route, besides the times I took him to the bathroom to let him out and stretch around. This carrier held up great and fit snug under the seat as advertised. The large side pocket that runs the length of the carrier is much roomier than you would think. I was able to put in the pocket shot and health records, pouch bag of treats, travel size wet wipes and lysol wipes, as well as 3 paper towels. Just in case there were any accidents. (There wasn’t). I also layered the bottom with Dryfur pee pads, also just in case: fit perfectly. It already comes with one washable soft flooring, but it’s nice when you’re traveling to just throw the pee pad in the trash and be done with it. No hassles, no fuss.I will say, at first you think the sides don’t fold up or don’t understand how they fold up. But they are just stiff at first, and you have to really work them over at home before you travel to form it the way it’s suppose to be when it folds up as advertised. Don’t give up! This carrier really is worth the money, the versatility on the size makes for a happy kitty (or doggy).

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  8. KissyK

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Cat loves it, but…

    This is a great carrier. Good quality and the inside is very soft and seems to be comforting for my cat. I have not traveled with it yet, but I have left it out and the end open and my cat has frequented it to lounge and sleep. The reason that it did not receive 5 stars is related to the color and the concern for removal during travel. From the picture, I thought the color would be more white, but it is definitely silver. The concern regarding the travel is related to the zipper closure. The carrier has 2 zippers that go almost all the way around and connect the mesh top/doors to the carrier. When you receive the carrier it is flat and the mesh top/doors are not zipped and initially it takes a bit to zip the top/doors in place. Although the carrier is not a hard case, the material of the carrier is firm and doesn’t give. While this is great for durability I think it is a good idea to practice zipping and removing your pet several times because it is a bit awkward especially if you are flying and have to go through security.

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  9. M. L.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    LOVE Sleepypod!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Sleepypod carrier. I have the larger round one that is so great I decided to order this one as well. It’s very well made and sturdy. The inside is very roomy. My cat is 13lbs and can turn around in it. I don’t feel that it’s too big, just perfect for a long car ride or plane yet still cozy. And the inside has a very plush interior. Aside from the travel safety features, which is ultimately why I bought the first, I found found that my favorite feature is that on both models the tops completely open up. The round one the top is 100% removable, this one it all unzips aside from part of the side so it kind of butterflies open. But this is such a great feature when I go to the vet or at the airport, I don’t have to pull the cat out which is stressful, I just lift her out with no problems. And mine love to lay in it at home as a little hiding spot. Well worth the very high price tag compared to other models.

  10. Rob

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mostly Love This (But provides limited airflow for Snub-Nosed Pets)

    The construction of this unit is fantastic.They really thought about the majority of the details.The zippers are high-end and are very functional.The materials are high end as well.The ONLY thing that prevents me from giving this 5 stars in the mesh.There is a panel that can be removed to allow a pet to get more air and see out.For some pets it is imperative that they see out so that they are not scared. (The opposite for others.)However, the mesh is too thick to provide adequate airflow for snub-nosed (brachycephalic) dogs.Especially when the carrier has to be placed under the seat; with space becoming smaller every year.When the temperatures are cool it is manageable for the animal.But sometimes airplanes run very warm it becomes very difficult for the animals.Both of my frenchies were hyperventilating because they couldn’t breathe for the full descent of our flight.And there was no way to vent the carrier without them escaping.It would be nice if the manufacturer came up with a better airflow option.

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  11. Skylar Steel

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for small pets

    My miniature dachshunds both love their carriers. They are durable. Comfortable bottom. Easy to carry. Easy to get your pet in and out. Easy to buckle in the car seat

  12. B. Griffin

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    works well for a small dog

    Second one, now that I have a second dog, one 10lb, one 12lb.Be careful with zipper. Both of my dogs can open these if the zipper is left in front (instead of on top). Would be nice to have a way to open the bag very slightly for treats without having to lock the zipper heads together.

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  13. Nina

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fabulous Product!

    This purchase changed my life! Really! My yorkie, Nicholas, is five years old. Each year since his birth, him and I have flown to Missouri from California to visit family. And each year, I stressed about the flight. Nicholas is thee worst ever during take off and landings! He cries and cries. He also lays on his back and kicks the sides and top of his cage. I tried three different prescription drugs to calm him. Nothing worked! He ate a hole through his cage one year forcing me to buy a new one. The next year, he bit me so hard, he drew blood. I hated flying with him! Other passengers complained of his crying, while their baby cried just as much! Nicholas was a paid passenger, and the baby was not. This year, Nicholas traveled quiet and happy, and I had NO stress! I owe it all to his sleepy pod! Unlike every other travel cages, Nicholas could look up at any time and SEE me! And, the built-in 4″ (approx) leash let me completely open the entire side if his pod allowing him to have an unobstructed view; yet keeping him safe throughout the flights!I am so very happy with Nicholas’ Sleepy Pod! A little pricey, maybe, but so worth it for me.

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  14. CJ one

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Seems well made for use as travel carrier. Suppose to be protective in car travel too.

    I folded up the ends a few times, without the mesh being zipped into it and it made the ends more flexible and foldable. Some smell to it, so am airing it out. Should have snaps instead of Velcro to hold mesh ends open. Dark chocolate color is pleasant. Try all the zippers and remove covered pads to make sure all zippers work well. The cushion in this carrier has a depression in it. Don’t know if that is normal. Mesh ends are cloth like instead of plastic like on mobile pet bed. My 10 pound chihuahua fits in it nicely with room to move around. Hope smell goes away. UPDATE: If you use webbing material collars like lupine pet collars, the Velcro in here will make terrible pulls in the material if your dog rubs against it while inside. Use real or faux leather collars instead. The smell did go away.

  15. Stachelschwein

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Double mesh – ventilation issue

    While this carrier fits under the seat and is good overall, the double mesh design doesn’t allow as much ventilation as I would prefer. I’m not going to use the word “poor” or “appropriate” (ventilation), because my dog was fine on her first flight and she was fine when she was being dragged around in this carrier on all kinds of trains during my travels….However, during our last flight that was over 11 hours long, she did get extremely overheated. So I would not recommend using it on long flights/trips. 6-8 hours max. It is also very difficult to check on your pet, because double mesh does not allow you to see inside. I had to constantly unzip the bag and reach inside. Unexpected benefit of this bag was the fact that I could use the long handle as a leash (our leash went missing mid trip).

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  16. House md

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive- works well only for a smaller pet

    A good carrier for small to medium sized dogs( less than 15lbs is ideal). We flew Southwest and was able to put our dog under the seat. The bag did not fit sideway so we had to turn it lengthwise facing us. Luckily, it is still clear under our feet that the flight attendants did not give us any troubles. The hand strap broke on the first use, maybe due to the fact that our dog is about 15 1/2 lbs heavy. The shoulder strap is awkward and hard to use. We were able to use the luggage strap to carry it around the airport. That was very helpful. We don’t like the fact that the zipper is zipped straight all around, not allowing space to be open on top.It worked for us on a short flight. Expensive for an ok bag. Seems to be well made except for the hand strap.

    2 people found this helpful

  17. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    High Quality Pet Carrier

    One downside: the carrier had a strong chemical smell when first opened from its packaging. To remedy this, I removed the cushion and liberally sprinkled baking soda all around the interior. After a couple of days, I vacuumed the baking soda and the smell was nearly gone. Let it sit outside in the sun, too. Also washed the cushion cover, and that removed the odor. Before travelling, I placed a few treats inside the carrier to entice my 15-pound male cat to become familiar with it; a curious feline will always explore a new “cave”. Sure enough, I found him sound asleep inside…During travel, the carrier fit easily under the airline seat and provided a comfortable and safe place for my cat. He gives it two paws up! Would highly recommend the purchase, despite the smell issue. It is very well made, with comfort in mind for both you and your pet. Worth the price!

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  18. Squid

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sleepypod Air

    I recently took my cat on a long day of cross-country travel in his new Sleepypod Air, including 2 hours of driving and a 4.5 hour flight. Though my vet has always given something to calm the cat’s nerves for our trips, this was the first time he actually slept on a trip. He had plenty of room, was able to move around easily to see out each side, and I was able to easily open the carrier to pet him and give him water during the trip. One really nice aspect of the carrier is the small lead that can attach your pet to the carrier. It’s only about 10in long, which gives your pet enough room to move around and lay down comfortably, while ending any fear of your pet bolting out of the carrier. I did have a little bit of trouble folding up the sides of the carrier on the plane when I was putting it under the seat in front of me, but I think that had more to do with how cramped that area was than any defect in the Sleepypod. Overall I think it is a great product! While I’m positive my little cat still doesn’t like traveling (does anyone enjoy flying anymore?), I wouldn’t be comfortable putting him in anything smaller or of lesser quality.

    10 people found this helpful

  19. Poshpuppy411

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Superior quality but unfortunately missed the mark

    I was so excited to receive my sleepy pod after doing extensive research on airline approved pet carriers and ordered it way ahead of my 10 hour flight so that I would give my 2 1/2 pound Maltese time to adjust to her temporary housing during our flight overseas. When it arrived the quality was remarkable superior to all, however I immediately noticed a very strong chemical odor where days of airing it out made no difference at all. A dog’s sense of smell is that much greater than a human.. so imagine what my little Sasha was up against. I brought the sleepy pod into my bedroom and removed all pet beds and blankets from the floor hoping that Sasha would eventually go inside and sleep to get acclimated. No way. I woke to find that first of all the smell was now bothering me and it was way across the room and secondly Sasha preferred the bare floor rather than inside the comfy sleepy pod. I tried throwing toys to the back and I noticed her smelling the carrier and then walking away. Also the bag has a mesh that is so dark you have no idea what is going on.. complete mystery and especially prefer during a long flight to be able to check on her. I placed Sasha inside the carrier, zipped it up and she went into complete panic mode in complete darkness and no ability to see me. The mesh is silky so her scratching on it would have destroyed it in no time. Also the bag zips down end to end but there is no simple top entry, so easy for her to escape. In the end I sadly had to return the sleepy pod and am still awaiting another carrier to arrive just 6 days now prior to my flight! Please consider all of these things and hope that your pet is without a sense of smell if you decide to order one.

    14 people found this helpful

  20. NicoleM

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Sleepypod Carrier

    I purchased this to fly with my 9lb Shih Tzu for the first time. It was big enough for her, however, for the expense I guess I was expecting something “more.” The construction was sturdy, though I found it a little heavy and once I got the dog and her supplies, leash, collapsible water bowl and a few treats, it was full enough.I agree with someone else’s review that the folding ends are not very user friendly. It would be better if they snapped in place or something to secure that position.Also, I ordered the brown bag which has black mesh panels and black lining. To me this was a mistake, because I couldn’t see my little black dog in there! I also found the zipper options on the panels to be frustrating because I wanted to open the top so she could poke her head out while I was walking or waiting at the gate and you can only open one side of the top or have to unzip the entire end panel to give her more room and then she wanted to jump out.I wish the side pocket had been a little deeper. The zipper panel that hooked over the luggage handle worked pretty well.Considering the cost of flying with her–$150 for plane +$139 for carrier, this was a lot when my ticket was “free.” In retrospect I wish I had just bought a cheaper carrier from the pet store. It would have been just as well considering we dont do this very often.

    30 people found this helpful

  21. Gwyndolyn Morasko

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sleepy Pod Dream Carrier

    I just returned from a round trip from LA to Montana for Christmas, and this Sleepypod Carrier was worth every penny even though it might be the only time my puppy will be small enough to use it for air travel. He was 9 pounds on the way to Montana and 10 pounds on the way back (he turned 3 months old during the trip and is a medium Double Doodle). I let him get used to it for a few days before I traveled and he really liked the snug cozy fit. He can still roll over and even duck his head enough to turn around in it, but with the blanket in there, he gets cozy. (Since it was -10 F in Montana with -35 wind chill, I added a fleece woolie blanket and one of my pajama tops to make him even more comfy and he loved it.) His travel day started at 7 AM in the carrier, and he didn’t make even a single peep until 14 hours later when we pulled over for dinner during the 3.5 hour driving portion of the trip to rural Montana. The smells in the restaurant finally made him throw a little barking fit, but that’s not the carrier’s fault! As soon as he ate dinner, he went right back in and settled down for the last few hours of travel. From start to finish, it was a 17 hour day for him in the carrier with a few little leg stretching breaks at airports along the way. Not a peep! This was the third carrier I tried in 2 weeks (Sherpa and Bergen were the others) and this is the only one that kept him calm and quiet! The other two had too much mesh that he could see through and he would bite and scratch and want out because he could see us too easily. Escape seemed possible with the other two carriers. I’m guessing that he felt that “Resistance is futile” with this more sturdy design with the solid sides.I was so worried that it was going to be too big to fit under the seat of the small jets that fly into Eastern Montana (CRJ 200), but it actually fit better under the seat of the little plane that didn’t have a metal divider than it did under the A320 I was on for the Salt Lake City to LA leg at the end. You just need to know or like the person next to you on the tiny plane because they’ll make you put the whole thing under the seat during take off and landing, and it takes up most of the space for both people’s foot space. And since there are no snaps or straps to keep the two ends up, it’ll naturally stretch out to the full 22 inch length in that situation.I was in an aisle seat on the A320 and had to suqish up both sides to get it to fit completely under the divided seat in front of me that had the metal bracket. It actually does fit, but very snugly, and doesn’t require squishing down on the top. Only the two sides. Right after takeoff, I turned the carrier so that he could stretch out the full length of the carrier. No problem. It would fit fine under the middle seat, but the aisle is tight and you have to fold up the sides. If you know you are on a bigger plane, you might want to choose the center seat for your puppy’s comfort!People assumed that it was just a small duffel bag. Nobody knew I had a dog with me until they saw his head peek out after de-planing. This “duffel bag” design comes in handy when you need to sneak him in to restaurants or stores along the way. Nobody suspected I had a dog with me because he was so cozy and quiet and the solid colored sides (mine is red) help it to pass as a high end gym bag. One store asked me to please check my gym bag at the front counter until I proved that it was a puppy. They were so surprised at how quiet he was that they let me keep shopping with him in my cart.The suitcase handle pass-through was invaluable! In addition to the free hand or shoulder, keeping him on my suitcase throughout our many stops really calmed him to be at eye level while waiting in airports with long mechanical delays waiting for our next tiny plane.This carrier also served as his “time out” crate over the holidays when he got too rambunctious around 45 family members and multiple adult dogs. My family was impressed how he immediately relaxed and laid down and slept when I put him in the carrier during our human meals and when he was too feisty with the many adult dogs who tired of his puppy antics.I highly recommend this carrier. It makes me wish my puppy would never get any bigger so that I could take him on more trips in the future! What a great design! (And I loved the zipper pockets for treats and toys)

    35 people found this helpful

  22. Eli D. LaneEli D. Lane

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality, safe pet carrier.

    It is a very nice, sturdy carrier, while still being light weight. Much less bulky than other carriers I have tried, yet still offers nice pockets to stow leashes, some treats and collapsible travel bowls. The bottom is removable for cleaning. Interior is soft and comfortable. I love that there is a built in clip to secure using the seatbelt for car travel. Folds down fat for storage. The pet travel tip book was a nice surprise too.I do with that the mesh was a bit more see through so that you could interact with your pet without having to open it. Because of the zipper design, you pretty much have to open an end. So then my dog wanted to come out rather than just get a little attention while staying inside.

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  23. Bree DrdaBree Drda

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked great to move two cats, Alaska Airlines

    I used these two sleepypods to move my two cats between states. The carriers fit perfectly lengthwise as pictured, even under the seats of a smaller plane (just two seats on both sides of the aisle) on an Alaska airlines flight. I did collapse both ends of the two carriers to make them fit, which was easy. The zippers are very sturdy and able to resist one of my cat’s attempts to claw her way out. Side pocket was great for holding their snacks and extra puppy pads in case they made a mess. I like that they fold down for storage as well. Glad I got them, will be using on future flights for sure.

  24. Jessie De.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    High quality carrier for frequent travelers

    I have a Jack Russell Terrier mix who weighs 14 lbs, is 20″ long and 15″ tall when standing straight up.I frequently travel with my pup by commuter train and airplane. Previously I had a Sherpa bag which literally fell to pieces. Now mind you, it was well used over a couple of years, so I have no complaints about the craftsmanship. However, it was uncomfortable to carry and airlines often questioned whether my dog would be able to comfortably fly in it. Using it became a nuisance.I purchased the Sleepypod hoping it would resolve some of these issues. Yes, it is an expensive purchase. However, it is really well made and very roomy for my pup. As Sleepypod’s website instructed, I bent the ends several times prior to use. They are definitely stiff initially, but with each bend, they become easier to fold in. (Based on other reviews of the product, I would suggest Sleepypod provide such instruction on the insert that comes with the product, not just on their website.)Our first flight was very successful. My pup felt very safe and secure inside her bag. She was able to stretch out comfortably and the airline did not question whether she would fly comfortably in it. I also found it really easy to get her in and out of it, however my dog is well trained to use such a bag so she goes in and out on her own accord.I loved having the ability to slide the carrier over my roller luggage handle. I use to fake such functionality with the Sherpa, but it was always clumsy and I was worried my pup would slide off.It’s very easy to carry over your shoulder, although the shoulder pad needs to be worn in so that it will sit more nicely. However, I love the handle on top which lets me carry her in front of me in tight situations, such as when boarding the plane.Once I got her on the plane, I only had to fold in one side as there was room for the other side to stay open. It folded easy enough, but I found it too difficult to move her around once we got in the air, so I left her be. It was a short flight.The zipper pouch is spacious enough for her leash and collapsible water bowl. There seemed to be space left over for more items, if needed.The padded bed is soft to the touch and easy to remove for cleaning.I love that it folds up compactly when not in use. It’s super easy to store and get out of the way.I purchased it in Orange Dream – the color is really fun and the canvas material seems easy to clean.The only question I have about the product is that it came with a flat piece of black plastic – I have no idea where this goes or what I’m suppose to do with it.If you frequently travel with your dog as I do, I highly recommend this product. If you travel only once in a while, I would save your money and get a Sherpa bag.

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  25. morganj

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Would be very nice for someone who flies with their very small dog or cat or who bikes a lot

    I like this little carrier. I imagine it would be really useful for someone whose main transportation is bike and/or who flies sometimes. It was really expensive, though, and it is a very tight fit for my 12-lb poodle. I would not get it for a dog any bigger than that, although the literature says it will fit a dog up to 15 lbs, if I am not mistaken. I like that it can be used on an airplane, in the car, and on a bike. I especially like that it has been tested and shown to protect a dog in a car crash while other products on the market such as harnesses, don’t protect a dog that is wearing them. It is really, really nice to be able to bike safely with him in it. It sets up easily. It is lightweight. It has a very nice fuzzy bottom. My dog does not object to being in it, which I facilitated by giving it a name and feeding him treats when I introduced it to him. Every day I would practice with him before he ever had to get in it. I unzipped the whole thing so that my dog could essentially get on top of it without getting into it. I would place a treat there and when he had all fours on the pad I would say, “Good carrier” and give him a treat. From there we slowly worked our way up to being in it and zipped up and from there to being in it on the bike and from there to being in it on the bike and moving. He gets all excited now when he sees he is going in the carrier! I don’t use it in the car, though because for short drives I prefer to leave him at home and on the rare occasions when I do drive more than 15 minutes, I use the wire crate which is much bigger, provides far more visibility and air circulation and I assume will keep him safe in a crash although I haven’t verified this. I buckle the crate in and wedge it between the back seat and the back of the front seat. I haven’t taken him on a plane with it, although I feel cautiously hopeful that it will actually work when the time comes. All in all, it was a rather pricey indulgence just to be able to go for leisure bike rides with my dog, but I don’t indulge in much else and it makes me really happy to have it and to know that I could possibly bring him with me on my next flight.

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  26. Adia

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very high quality and safe pet carrier

    This is an excellent, high quality carrier! I had a very flimsy one before this that was easy to fold, but made me worried about shock-absorption when moving about while travelling.I appreciate how the straps and lining are very well-constructed and sturdy! The material feels thick and durable; not flimsy like other soft carriers.As soon as I lay it out on the floor, I didn’t even have a moment to zip it up; my cat went straight in and went to sleep! Guess they don’t call it a SleepyPod for nothing. I don’t blame him — it’s very soft and dark on the inside. I’m glad on first impressions that my cat was not anxious or intimated by this carrier.The only thing I will mention is I saw in the manual a zipped pocket on the top to stick your hand in, but I couldn’t find any way to replicate it on the product! That’s the aspect I prefer to my previous carrier — being able to stick your hand in and comfort my cat when he has anxiety.Otherwise, this is a very high-quality product. Great for travel with cats and small dogs. Highly recommend!

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  27. Christmas

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Long duration Air travel. Please read before you buy

    Now that I’m done with my travel, let me give you an honest review of this product, I don’t know if Amazon would block this review because I may be very harsh.First, if you are worried about the build quality, I can tell you, DON’T WORRY! This thing is very well built! My international flight was 31 hours in total and had to transfer from three different airports, this thing holds up very well. Recommend!Second, size. I fly in United Airlines, I don’t have to fold this carrier, just placed it under the seat vertically, you will sacrifice some legroom of your own but for your pet, everything is worth it! The space inside the carrier is more than enough for my 10lb girl! Recommend!Third, comfort, this is where I DO NOT recommend this thing at all! due to its thick high-quality materials, this thing blocks air flow, all of my flight we’re in either business class or first class, while my cat seats underneath the seat, she screams! not because it’s uncomfortable, but just because it’s way too hot in there! I have to constantly run into the lavatory just so I can let her breath for a bit! I understand this double layer design is for durability and it shows like I said the durability is fantastic! BUT What if durability costs the life of an animal?! Cat doesn’t get overheat as much as a dog, just imagine if you have a lovely puppy inside? This design is very appealing to the human eye but the manufacture really needs to rethink about the airflow and then maybe add more window to it! The side pockets are good enough for some small items, both pockets have quick-release inside which takes up some space.Conclusion, I think it’s more important to let the animal feel comfortable than let the owner feel privileged by buying this ridiculously expensive carrier. This is a quality product no doubt! But what’s the purpose of this price if what it does is to let your loving pet suffer inside for 14 hours of flight? If SleepyPod ever come up with a redesign I would 100% percent buy it! So please! Give it a redesign! For animals comfort! Not for humans!

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  28. Melb1228

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect for an Anxious Pet!

    Both of my cats suffer with anxiety, especially when traveling in the car. We have tried a few different carriers, but this is the first one that has been a success!Sleepypod’s soft interior really lured the kitties into the carrier. The faux fur fabric inside is very similar to their favorite pet bed, so they felt right at home when curled up in the Sleepypod.After letting them get used to the carrier, I loaded up my most anxious kitty in the Sleepypod and did a trial run car ride to prepare him for our next vet appointment.He did excellent. Only meows and purrs! No hissing, no scratching, and NO accidents! 👍🏽The safety features are a major plus for this carrier. I love that I can secure my pet into the car and keep him safe when driving or even flying. The carrier fit nicely in the seats of my car.Another great feature is that this carrier can easily be folded flat for storage.I’m so please with this purchase! Thanks Sleepypod!

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  29. BaneraBanera

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Saved My Baby

    This carry saved our Sphynx Cat Pluto in an accident we had recently. We were in a double roll-over accident and he was safe in this carrier. He walked away just shaken up, but it provided protection for him at highway speeds.

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  30. Hello Kitty LoverHello Kitty Lover

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is the best carrier on the market: Sleepypod Products Last a Lifetime

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    I recently bought a second Sleepypod carrier because I have a new cat, so I needed a carrier for both of them. These are wonderful products and absolutely the highest quality on the market. I also own two of their harnesses and their mobile pet bed. I travel with one of my cats three times a year and the Sleepypod fits underneath the seat nicely. I always fly Delta.I have tried the Your Cat Backpack with the bubble, and the part to cover the bubble came loose at the airport which caused a lot of distress as my cat got loose. I also have tried numerous other pet carriers where the zipper split if there’s too much usage. These are the $30 cheap carriers they sell on Amazon.If you can afford to splurge, this is the carrier.Sleepypod is a higher price point but you will never have to replace it, so it’s a great investment. It is a little heavier than the others, but it is worth the weight because you will have peace of mind that it won’t pop open.

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  31. CersarCersar

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Comfort + safety + utility

    I just moved from the USA to Germany and flew with my cat in cabin in this carrier. I couldn’t be happier with this thing- I tried several carriers and this one was the best by far.Good:• the dark inside and optional blackout cover kept my cat calm in the airport. This was a huge plus because she’s a very anxious traveler.• the size was big enough that my cat wasn’t too cramped, but small enough to fit under the seat.• the pocket for securing the carrier on top of luggage was super useful• the zip pocket on the side was a perfect place to store some treats and some Feliway• the carrier has a thick, sturdy handle that aids in distributing weight evenly. In other words, your cat gets a smoother ride when being carried.Not so good:• the front flap/entrance to the carrier can be held open via a Velcro attachment on the INSIDE of the carrier. This means that you have to push the flap inward and up vs flipping it over the top. Although my cat tolerates this carrier, she is by no means eager to go inside it, so some amount of wrangling has to be done to get her zipped up and contained. Having the flap open inwards makes this process ever so slightly more challenging.• the adjustable size feature isn’t as fancy as it sounds- you have to fold the ends up and then hold them in place, or brace them against something (like the metal bits under a plane seat as intended) to maintain the smaller size. Not a huge deal but it was a little worrisome when the airline check in people were verifying the dimensions of the carrier prior to allowing it on the plane and I’m like, smooshing the sides in going “it will fit, I promise!”All is well that ends well, though, hence the 5 stars.

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  32. N

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Too big for most airlines

    Airline approved? Which airline accepts a case this big in cabin? You might get away with it, until that day when a crabby employee notices it’s too big. You’d have a hard time getting this under the seat in most economy seats.Also, the description said it was compressible in all directions to fit any under seat space—it’s actually pretty rigid and doesn’t compress very well.It’s also the heaviest carry case I’ve seen.It does feel sturdier than a lot of the cheap ones on Amazon, but not $160 sturdier, especially not with all the downsides.

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  33. Debra G.Debra G.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best airline cat carrier on the market!!

    I can’t say enough good things about this carrier. I just returned from a 17 hour airline adventure with my 5 month old kitten, and all I can say is this was so worth the price splurge! The carrier may look sleek but the pockets held 2 ziploc pint bags of litter, one large adult incontinence pad liner, 1 pint bag of kitten food, 2 packets of Fortiflora, a mini bag of dehydrated chicken and a cat toy. The inside tether allowed me to open the carrier to comfort my kitten on our long flight as she wore a harness. It was long enough to let her turn around and come partially out when allowed. Most importantly, this carrier easily fit under the seat in front of me, thanks to the ease of the foldable sides. Yes, you must first flex them a few times at home to break the initial stiffness. Very easy! Cats prefer to stretch out versus sit up, so the lower height room was fine because the extra length option was more important for us. You need to know your pet. If your pet needs more height and less length, the Sturdi Bag works for us too. However, the features are not as outstanding. The Sleepypod gave me two different options to attach it to another bag. This feature proved to be so fabulous when I had to lug my luggage through international checkpoints with the carrier. The adjustable carry strap wass also comfortable to use on my 5’1 frame. A plush, removable pad is included. I removed this for our lengthy travel day and used two Stay-Dri pads to line the base instead.Note: I went with the discreet black color as most people had no idea it was a cat carrier until she mewed. This was useful at the airport and at the gate.

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  34. Pamela W.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice pet carrier

    I think pets like the roominess of these and they look nice for traveling. You can’t see your pet inside very well as fabric is so dark and holes so small.

  35. Tom DeCarloTom DeCarlo

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Received USED product

    This is what the carrier looked like straight out of the packaging. The interior was covered in pet fur! I didn’t mind paying top dollar for this product if it’s the most comfortable for my little dog, but I am shocked to have paid so much for a used product.

  36. vptulsa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The only carrier I use

    Worth every penny. My guys walk right in. Easy to use for air and car travel. These are the only carriers I use. I have three of them.

  37. A. Casey

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    A little snug for a 13 pound dog

    I really love this pet carrier-so well made- but my papillon is not crazy about it. We have one of those rectangle sherpa bags and she LOVES that but it’s not a safe option for the car. She is just under 13 pounds pounds and 12″ at the shoulder, 14″ from neck to tail… and this carrier is a bit snug for her. Product description says up to 17 pounds. She can’t turn around and I think that is the problem. I can get her to go in it for a treat, but then she backs out as fast as she can! I have had it about a month, and I’ve been conditioning with treats, feeding her in it, etc. I used it twice in the car, and my dog cried the whole time (she is crate trained and loves crates and her sherpa bag). So, I have decided to return this item and see if the other design, the round sleepy pod mobile, is more comfortable for my dog. For what it is worth, my cat, who is 11 pounds…and almost as big as my dog, goes in it fine and will sleep in it, etc. Again, the carrier itself is wonderful….sturdy, nice soft material inside, easy to clip into the car and I love that it was crash tested. Fingers crossed the other model will fit my pup!

  38. Suzanne

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Cat Carrier – Fits under the seat – JetBlue

    I was super nervous about traveling with my cat, as the first and last time I tried to take her on a flight, she freaked out in her carrier (not a SleepyPod carrier) and I had to pull myself off the flight. I never tried to travel with her again, due to that incident.Well, fast forward to this week, I was moving from NYC to California and I had no choice but to take her on a flight again. This time, I was better prepared. I figured out the best tranquilizer dosage for her (she has a lot of anxiety) and I got the best carrier, SleepyPod.The one thing that was a big question mark, was if it would fit under the seat on JetBlue, as their specifications for limits are 2 inches lower than the height of the SleepyPod carrier. I had to take a chance and prayed that it would fit. If it didn’t, I didn’t know what I would do…but luckily, it fit perfectly under the seat without having to push it down.I even paid for an extra seat next to me, so I could put the carrier on the seat during the flight and pet her the entire way. My cat did amazing in her carrier and on the flight. The SleepyPod Carrier is truly amazing, and I highly recommend it. It’s worth it, trust me!

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  39. AShopper

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Problems with return–Changed my mind

    Really can’t speak to the usefulness of the carrier as I had to send it back. My 10 pound mini poodle just won’t fit. She certainly couldn’t stand. When I tried to return it, I was told it had to be “free of pet dander”. Well, since my dog was never in it I don’t see how “dander” could be a problem. I am sending it back anyway to see if my money is returned. Bottom line: don’t buy unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it will fit your pet.Update: A My Wholesome Pet representative emailed me to explain that the first email was a generic one sent out in response to people using and then returning the carrier. I received my refund without issue.It is a lovely carrier. I just wish it came in a bigger size!

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  40. slegasey

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best Carrier on the Market

    This is the best pet carrier available, and reflects the kind of quality that I’ve come to expect of all Sleepypod products.My dog is very small (about 8 lbs), and always nervous. I travel a lot, so I wanted to get him a comfortable carrier in order for him to be as relaxed as possible. Because of the price, I was hesitant to buy this at first, but I’m so glad I did; my little guy is happy and comfortable, and is now a seasoned traveler in his Sleepypod Air.The base is really sturdy and doesn’t bend or flop around under his weight, and the plush is nice and soft so he stays cozy. The mesh makes for good air flow, and so he can still see a little, but also makes it a little difficult for to see inside, so people aren’t always coming up and trying to pet him. I also really like the multifunctional features of this carrier; it easily attaches to a rolling suitcase, buckles into the car, and opens up to serve as a travel bed. The materials are high quality, and it’s very well made– I’ve had mine for about a year and it still feels brand new.I only take off one star because it’s a little awkward and bulky to carry. That being said, it’s still the best pet carrier on the market.

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  41. Practigal

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Well Made, But Still Short Of The Mark

    First of all, this is very well made, which does set it apart from the other carriers I tried. But, there are a few flaws that if fixed would make this a much more usable carrier. The zipper is not terribly easy to zip and it is a single-ended, meaning, there can only be one place around the bag that is the opening. What that means is that even though it says you can open it at either end, and technically that is true, you will have to slide both ends of the zipper all the way along to get to the other end because it is one end or the other, there isn’t simultaneous access to each end. It also means that you have to open the front to have your dog poke his head out, there is no way for the dog to poke his head up. That allows my dog to escape, or at least try, when all I really wanted to do was to allow him to poke his head up and keep the opening tight enough that this body couldn’t follow. Which brings up the lack of ventilation. There isn’t any double layer which it rather looks like there is, so opening the aforementioned single zipper, is the only way to ventilate. I tried it on the top of my wheeled suitcase, and it seems that works well except, be forewarned, that it is wider than one of the carry-on sized bags, so it has to be monitored to keep from slipping to one side. So, back it goes. It seems there is a wide-open market for a well-made, thoughtfully-designed airline travel carrier.

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  42. Alex Emmendorfer

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Sturdy carrier, folding mechanism does not work as advertised.

    Cons:- The folding mechanism is not very intuitive and hard to do once the animal is inside the carrier. I also was not able to achieve the 2 inch change in height that is advertised here, so it was a VERY tight fit (Lufthansa). The sides are stiff, which is great for keeping the pet contained and safe, but not good if you are trying to fit it in a tight space. If anyone had actually requested to measure the carrier before I boarded the plane, it’s likely they would not have let me take it on.- The carrier opens by folding the flap towards the inside. This is not really suitable for trying to get a nervous or aggressive pet inside. If you’re not able to coax your pet in with treats, you will really need 2 people for the job, one person to hold the flap up while the second person puts the pet inside.Pro:- Very sturdy and secure. I was never worried that my cat would be able to chew through the mesh or bust the zipper and escape during our 8h flight.- The mesh is thick and dark, which gives your pet some privacy and helps keep it calm.- Although she is always reluctant to go in (I have tried everything to make her like it), once my cat is inside I think she is quite comfortable.Overall: I would recommend this carrier for people with calm pets who are easy to handle. I would strongly suggest verifying the maximum height allowed for your carrier if you are taking your pet on a plane with you, and take into consideration that the carrier does NOT compress to an 8 inch height easily.

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  43. Kitkat

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Durable, stylish, eye-catching

    My cat and I fly at least 3,000 miles a year. Her first Sleepypod wore out after a decade of constant traveling. The black version is easy to clean, and the color way hides almost any stain; it’s lightweight; the mesh withstands sharp claws. Convenient pocket that fits immunization records and extra packets of wet food. The open pocket slips over a suitcase trolley handle and can accommodate a car seatbelt as well. Warm in winter, cool and breathable in summer, and much more comfortable than a plastic kennel. Accommodates my cat’s size (she weighs 10-12 pounds), and the narrow width gives her a sense of security.The carrier is eye-catching too. Total strangers in airports and vets’ offices have asked me where I got it.

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  44. Renny

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    high quality product!

    Super fast delivery and a high quality product!

  45. Kristen

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Dog Escaped on First Flight and Still Waiting on a Refund

    Our tiny 9 lb. pup is not very strong or nervous, but this bag was a total bust for him.Mesh:He could not see out at all (and we could not see him–which was a problem when he broke out and was overheating) and on his very first flight in it, the zipper unlatched and opened up from the middle. I just happened to check on him right as he was escaping to go for a joy run around the plane. The mesh adds to the stress in my opinion, he can’t see us, we can’t see him, plus as others mentioned, he kept overheating in it throughout out trip. It was as though in summer temperatures, the AC could never make it through fully enough.Zipper:The zipper seemed like good enough quality, but it our tiny guy who is not even strong enough to leave a scratch on anything got the zipper to unengaged. He didn’t catch the top of the zipper and move it or anything, it was midway down where he got the two sides to unlatch. He was half way out the bag when I realized what he’d accomplished in just 20 minutes.Smell:People are right, the smell is a lot to take, and I say that as a human, not a super sensitive dog. I tried airing it out for days, I even tried setting newspaper in it to absorb the odor. It did fade, and had we loved the bag, we could have lived with it.Customer Service:I sent the bag back using the address and label provided by Amazon (but paying the necessary UPS fees) and have tracking information to prove its arrival. But even two weeks later, the company is still asking where I sent it, and saying they cannot locate it so have NOT issued a refund. As you know most Amazon refunds get processed really quickly and make it a rather painless process. Even after paying to ship it back and providing tracking info. I’m still fighting to get my money back.I really don’t like to leave negative reviews. I tried my best to work with their customer service to resolve this. But since nothing has been accomplished to date, I thought others should know the honest truth of our experience with the bag and company.

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  46. Ashley

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great pet bag for in cabin flight, car travel, or bed at home. High quality must buy!

    This bag is amazing. We originally bought it for our puppy french bulldog (now 14 weeks old) who is only going to be 12-13 lbs full grown, but our 13 lb cat decided the bag is now hers. The padding in the bag is furry and luxurious. We leave the bag out and open and the cat spends most of her day going in and out of the bag sleeping in it.We bought a second one for the puppy. I just flew from dca to sfo on virgin America, sat in an aisle seat, and the bag fit under the seat with no problems. To put it horizontal, just fold up the sides of the bag and it fits perfectly. I wanted to see our puppy during the whole flight though so I had the bag longways under the seat so I could peer down at her through the open mesh (I didn’t put the privacy panel in at all so she could are everything going on). This allowed me to peer down at her during the flight. I even had enough room to comfortably stretch my legs on either side of the bag.I highly recommend this bag over other conventional cheaper pet carry on bags. It is incredibly high quality, and versatile (it buckles into the car and the pets love to use it as a bed at home), making it more than worth the expensive price tag.

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  47. K.H.

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very well made

    This is a very-well made product (as is typical for this company). We already own the round sleepypod carrier for our cats, so when we needed a second carrier we decided to try this one in case we ever needed to fly with them. It is easy to carry and when we were at the vet both of our 14lb cats decided to climb inside for safety. (They don’t normally like being that close, but in they went). That said, we prefer the rounded carrier from Sleepypod over this one because it fits/buckles into the car a bit easier, you can see the cat once he is inside (this one is real dark), and it is much easier to get the cat in the round one (drop the lid on them and zip. This one has some very sturdy zippers that aren’t the quickest. However, this one does fold flat for easy storage. We like it enough to keep it and continue to be impressed by this company. Very glad we can donate our plastic carriers.

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  48. Ceecee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Chloe approved!!!!

    This is a well made and very attractive carrier. I purchased the chocolate brown carrier for frequent international flights from the USA to Costa Rica. My 14 pound shih tzu Chloe is very comfortable in this carrier. I like the shape of it as it feels very easy for one person to carry this plus the other luggage. There is a zippered compartment that turns into a strap to slide on to your luggage handle which is awesome and well used. The mesh top zippers open easily but I do wish there was another zipper on top of the mesh that allows you to open a small window just to pet my dog while under my seat. This product is very easy to keep clean. The comfortable pad inside has a fleece or fake fur cover that unzips and is washable. There are a couple of storage compartments for small items. Comes with a strap and a handle which is also very useful. Very pleased with this product . Another nice feature is that people don’t easily recognize it as a dog carrier so if you are trying to walk around undetected with your dog – you might like this particularly in the darker colors.

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  49. M. Wesen

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Haven’t flown with it yet, but it seems like it will work well

    Haven’t flown with it yet, but it seems that it was sturdily built. My cat likes it (always a plus) and keeps returning to it to search for hidden treats after I put a few in one day to get him used to it. He doesn’t like it quite as much as his other carrier (which he will run into as soon as the door is open) but he doesn’t seem to dislike this one at all, he’s just not used to it yet. I am pleased with how it folds up (it was a little stiff at first, but now I’m having no problems folding it up as shown). The bed of the carrier is soft and seems comfortable to my cat, and I like that I can remove it to give him extra space if desired. I also bought the blue DryFur pads for it to use during the flight, and they fit *perfectly*. This was one of the only carriers I found that actually adheres to the standards of international airlines. I am very pleased so far.

  50. General Population

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    but I think they’ll be great for flying

    I have two of these now…one for each cat. I have not used them for travel yet, but I think they’ll be great for flying. They belt easily into the car, but not the most comfortable to carry because its difficult to be casually carrying this while keeping it level. I’ve had to use my hand to keep it level while using the shoulder strap. The one BIG design flaw here is there should be two more zippers, so you can open both ends at once. The way it is made, you can only open one end, and it would be nice to open both ends. But, cats don’t mind them…sometimes use them as beds, and we’ll be using these for travel. Its difficult to see into these, but the cats can see out…this is also a good feature for travel imo, but it can be a bummer not seeing them…not knowing which way they’re facing.

  51. plkenplken

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best Carrier Paws Down

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    This is our second Sleepypod Air. We loved the brown one so much we decided to get a silver one too and it did not disappoint!We’ve traveled on Breeze with it and had zero issues, even on a smaller plane.Like other reviewers said, it’s very sturdy on the bottom, no sagging when you carry. The straps and clips are equally strong.I would never buy a different carrier after using this one! The only caution I would provide us to hook the zipper together if you have an active pet that might try to get out. When we were first training Zuzu to use it, we would practice leaving her in it inside in the car (when safe to do so and for 1-2 min only). And she managed to unzip herself.After that, we did more practice sessions at home until she really got to love her “pod.” Now it’s her safe place and she’s fine with it even when zipped.If you’re on the fence, just do it! Pics and videos can’t even explain the quality of this carrier!

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  52. moomonkey82moomonkey82

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Spacious multi-use cat carrier

    I currently have 3 cats who aren’t fond of traveling. I came across the sleepypod, and thought I’d give it a try. The price point is a little high, but it is a really nice carrier & I am pleased with it. I like how it folds down for easy storage when not in use, & also how it doubles as a cat bed when opened; this way the cats are using it even when not traveling. I haven’t taken them on a plane or train, but even just taking them to the vet is comfortable for them with the spacious interior & plush flooring, but also for me carrying it. The strap & handle gives me a secure grip, and belting it in the car also makes it safer & easier to travel with them. And Rollo really likes that I can unzip just enough to poke his head out & peak around!

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  53. Chloé

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost 5 stars

    Like many of you, I researched the heck out of these dog carriers for flying with my small dog. The funniest part of this process is that the airline didn’t ask for anything they requested on their website (JetBlue: measurements, weight, dog stand up and turn around, health certificate from vet, etc). I checked in, they looked at it for half a second, and I was on my way.However, my dog hated it. Next time I will seriously consider not traveling with him OR getting a vet approved anti-anxiety medication. My dog tried to chew through the thick mesh (black part). Good thing it was thick. He figured out his weight was greater than the carrier, so he would romp around in there trying to shake the carrier. I also didn’t like that the only way I could really see him was by opening the bag. My escape from alcatraz pup decided (every single time) this meant he could come out, which also meant putting him back in was not fun. I tried training him to use it before we left but he wasn’t interested. He’s very stubborn (beagle mix 17 pounds).I think better adjusted dogs will like this one. My anxious pup did not. I didn’t want to do meds, but I think that is the only way for us to travel for future flights.4 stars because I think any dog owner would like the option to quickly view their dog while in transit to make sure they are OK.

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  54. SharonSharon

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Happy so far –

    Just received my new Sleepypod. It came nearly a week earlier than promised and that was cool.I purchased this Sleepypod so I could bring my two Pomeranians (3lb and 7lb) with me while I travel. They both hopped right in, investigated the carrier thoroughly and then settled in for their first “trip” around the house.Zipping up the carrier, discovered that it’s ONE zipper that circles from top around both ends and back to top. not sure how well that will work on the airplane, but we’ll see in a few months. The top and ends are made of a dark mesh that is pretty dense. Air can pass through, but it’s not easy to see into.It carries well, but it is not a lightweight unit, especially with both dogs inside – so be aware of that. My Poms weigh a combined 10lbs, well under the “up to 15lb” recommendation. You don’t have to lug it around the airport as it slides onto the handle of a suitcase or roller bag very well and holds in place sturdily with the “pass through pocket to secure to telescoping handle on pullmans”.My only complaint right now is the minimal instructions that came in the packaging. This card – photo front and back is the only instructions provided and its woefully below par. I did visit their website looking for instructions on the ‘patent pending folding system’. and they had links to this same card. I did find a paragraph, which says: “Before using Sleepypod Air with a pet inside, it is important to compress the ends a few times as they will be “fresh from the factory” stiff. Zip the Sleepypod Air so it is entirely closed and at full length. Hold the carrier lengthwise with your thumbs on the ends and the rest of your fingers under the Sleepypod Air. Apply pressure and compress the Sleepypod Air from this position. Three inches from each end you will feel a ridge on the bottom. This is the point where the Sleepypod Air will flex. The first compression of the ends will require a little extra force; thereafter, the ends of the Sleepypod Air will be pliant.I have ‘flexed’ the ends multiple time, and it does get easier after a few ‘compressions’ – but it does not click in place and hold with the ends compressed. This is a little disappointing also. But as long as it will fit under the airline seats in front of me. Fingers crossed!I’m taking them about town on a trial run with the carrier – I’ll update later!

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  55. MC

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good for taller small dogs for travel but not perfect

    I have a small but lanky dog – about 14lbs but with long skinny legs. When he was a puppy we flew in the Sherpa carrier and it was perfect, but now that he’s fully grown I was looking for something a bit longer and taller and this does the trick, although there are definitely some things I would change.Pros:- It seems to be one of the tallest and longest carriers you can buy that still fits under the seat. It’s nice to be able to show that the ends fold up just in case although I haven’t actually needed to do that. My dog can comfortably stretch out or curl up in this.- It feels really sturdy, much more so than the Sherpa. It’s a bit heavier as a result but I think it’s worth it. The Sherpa used to flex a bit so I always felt like I needed to support the bottom while carrying my dog – not at all with this one. The bottom is really firm and sturdy and the handle is comfortable and easy to carry with.Cons:- The mesh is too dark and thick. That might be nice if I were traveling with a cat who wanted to hide, but my dog likes to see me and I like to be able to check on him, plus I was worried about ventilation. I actually ended up taking a small pair of scissors and cutting out the inner layer of mesh and I think it’s much better now. I can see my dog, I’m not worried about ventilation, and it feels just as sturdy.- The fact that it’s one big opening is really inconvenient – this is the biggest thing I would change. I think it’s easiest to put pets into any carrier via a top entry, but in this case you have to unzip the entire top and ends to do that, and once you do the sides sort of fall inward and there’s nothing to really contain your pet while you zip them up. It’s annoying. I also like to be able to open the top and let my pup stick his head out while we’re waiting at the gate and it’s almost impossible to do that with this – again, you either have to unzip a side to open the top (in which case he would just walk out) or you can unzip a tiny slit at the top which isn’t comfortable. The Sherpa’s openings are MUCH better.In short: if you have a really small dog, go for the Sherpa. If your dog is slightly taller/heavier, get this but probably remove some of the mesh.

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  56. caj

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Quality meets usability

    I absolutely love this carrier!Sure, it doesn’t fold out into a giant cat tent, but it’s very comfortable for my kitten, incredibly easy to clean, extremely sturdy, and most importantly, it’s safe.This is 1 of only 2 soft-sided cat carriers to be approved for car crash safety, as well as being able to go on airplanes.It has a whole suite of other perks, like looking like a simple duffle bag from the outside, multiple pockets, and a luggage handle strap, among other things.And most importantly for me, the quality of materials is absolutely top notch! My kitten much prefers to lay on top of the carrier rather than in it, but the top is only held up by the zippers, and they easily support his abuse.When he does lay in it at night, he seems quite comfortable on the enclosed padded, plush bottom.And the first few times that he was in the carrier, before he had gotten used to being in one, my kitten desperately tried to dig his way through the bottom of it, repeatedly, and didn’t even make a scratch in the material.He would have torn any other carrier apart, but this one continues to hold strong.I have seen reviews that say that it’s too warm inside of the carrier, but I have seen no evidence of this so far. Even when enclosed in the carrier for 4+ hours in my room, which is naturally quite warm, my kitten didn’t seem to have any problems. I would imagine that if you have this problem, it’s probably caused by having the privacy shield in, which would block off about half of the ventilation.All in all, I have nothing but good things to say about this carier, and I’m glad that I spent the extra money to get it. 🙂

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  57. DesignGirl28DesignGirl28

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nearly perfect! — Ends hard to fold up

    I recently adopted two adult purebred American Shorthair cats and needed to pick them up in Seattle and travel with them by plane to my home, a nearly 2-hour flight away (thank heavens it was a direct flight!). We purchased two carriers, one in silver and one in the bright yellow/orange color. The cats seemed to like the carriers right away and we had no problem getting the cats into the carriers.The only problem we ran into was when we attempted to fit the carriers under the seats in front of us on the airplane. As per the instructions from Sleepypod and the diagrams on the website and on the fliers included with the carriers, we tried to fold up the ends of the carriers so they would fit under the seats. They were nearly impossible to fold up! The bottom of the carrier was so stiff that we couldn’t fold them up. Instead, we had to wedge the carriers in at a slight angle. Thankfully the flight attendants didn’t mention anything. (It helped that the cats were pretty much silent for the whole flight).My advice is to thoroughly break in the ends of the carrier before getting to the airport if you plan to fit the carrier under an airplane seat. I’ve tried to fold up the ends since the flight and they’re still pretty impossible. However, that doesn’t mean the carriers aren’t awesome otherwise.When traveling, I highly recommend putting some absorbent “puppy pads” in the bottom of the carriers (over the top of the existing bottom insert). I also suggest traveling with extra pads in case you need to replace them because of accidents. One of the cats pooped during our traveling. After throwing out the one puppy pad we had (and lamenting the fact that we didn’t foresee to pack extra puppy pads), we hoped the cat would do okay with just the regular insert. However she threw up in the carrier at the end of our flight. After deplaning, we cleaned it up as best we could in an airport bathroom. We were fortunate enough to find a family washroom where we could lock the door and let the cat out of the carrier for a few minutes while we wiped everything down and cleaned up as much as we could. After a quick drive home, we removed the bottom insert and unzipped the “furry” cover to wash it. It was easy to remove and run through the washing machine on a gentle wash cycle. After replacing the furry cover and putting the insert back into the carrier, the carrier was like new again.Since arriving at home with the cats, we’ve traveled with the cats in the carriers one other time since and that was to take them to the vet. No problems with that trip. 🙂 I love that the carriers could be safely buckled into the back seat of my car.If it wasn’t for the folding up problems, I would give these carriers 5 stars.

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  58. Rescuemom

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    well worth the money

    i have received my sleepypod in the mail for my 11 lbs dachshund that is 7months old and blind and deaf. he has had a very traumatic experience with being shoved into a carrier way to small and now hates to be crated . i plan to fly with him and needed the biggest carrier possible with him being a long standard size dachshund thats almost 2ft long and is claustrophobic. as soon as i saw this and read the reviews i couldnt wait to receive my sleepypod. as soon as it arrived i zipped it all together and tried folding up the sides. this took a little effort but i did figure it out. when i introduced my dog i left the mesh open and set it on the ground to my surprise he walked right in and laid down starting to pull and lick at the bedding. i leave it on the floor and give him treats in it to get him used to it. he did not like being zipped up but thats not the carriers fault.As far as the mesh even though it does not look strong it is my little guy was zipped up and through a fit when i left him in it to get used to it on a car ride and tried to chew and claw his way out with very sharp nails with the mesh winning against his struggle. as long as hes not closed in he loves it and if i leave the carrier on the ground i will here him in the middle of the night going into his carrier and actually turning around in it comfortably ( which is very difficult in any other carrier for such a long dog) and then sitting it trying to close the mesh flap down from the inside( a feature i did not know it had) we are still working on getting him in this carrier but with him being blind and deaf and having such a bad experience this carrier has helped him amazingly. i cant wait to use it on the plane with him later this year. i would definitely recommend getting this even if your pet HATES other cages/ carriers there is just something about it that seems to make them feel comfortable and safe keeping them calm.

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  59. ABAB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful & Durable like TUMI luggage 😺

    Fit under the seat in a 737-700/800/MAX8 plane (see photos). Our female Italian Greyhound puppy is 4 months old and 70% of her full size (6.5lbs now) and she had no problem in this carrier, happily stretched out to snooze on her side. I bought this bag for its top quality construction … (think TUMI brand luggage!) and didn’t think about this extra benefit until I travelled with it: I booked our hotel forgetting to check their pet policy. Thankfully our girl was always quiet and the black mesh kept anyone from knowing we had a dog. Worked nice in the truck too because the supportive floor bottom was nicer for her to rest on than our laps and shaded her from harsh sunlight coming through the windows. Even the airline gate agent didn’t know we had a puppy inside (man we could have saved the $95 each way on Southwest! – LOL – don’t try it because Honesty is the best (God’s Policy) and Murphy’s law will wreck your trip). Side zip pocket is just right to store a leash and puppy pad. The other side dual zip section let’s you put the bag on top of luggage having a pull handle. My pup wanted to destroy the plush floor liner thinking it another plushy toy so I threw in a blanket instead – simple. The bag feels like it is made of water resistant, woven ballistic nylon. Truly a worthy investment and will last a long time.Update Jan2919 my girl is just shy of 10 pounds and still fit into & traveled in it just fine. She cried a bit and I thought it was a kindness to gently slip my fingers inside to reassure her. Well after about 4 times decided to change that around and not reward the behavior. A small, gentle kick to the side of her carrier quickly nipped that behavior in the bud after about 4 times. And yes I love her so very much. Cheers

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  60. Anastasia

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent quality, well designed bag for jet-set-pets

    At first I was very skeptical of the idea of spending nearly 200 USD (that’s how much it cost us all in including express shipping to Asia as all suppliers in Singapore/Malaysia just happened to be out of stock), especially when we already had a spacious travel bag that our cat is used to and is comfortable with. Well, traveling for over 30 hours in cars, plans, and airport layovers across huge time zone changes was definitely a step change for our cat and the sleepy pod did an excellent job to help him cope. It’s very well designed, my favorite feature is the back zippers that allow the bag to be fixed to your suitcase handle – we had 3 suitcases each so this came very handy. My cat’s favorite thing is probably the black mesh – it allows him to see everything while being very well hidden like in a cave -that helps him feel safe and secure in a very stressful environment like a loud airplane or a crowded airport. The bag fits fine under the KLM economy seat either way, no issues there. I don’t think my cat ever stretched out the full length like on the picture, which was a bit disappointing – not that it couldn’t fit, but just wasn’t relaxed enough, so he spent nearly full time curled up at the back. I also like the movable top insert that can slide along the mesh to give the cat maximum protection – at the back or on the top depending on what areas you want him to feel secure about (kind of like the blinders for a horse). The bag is very well made and is a very good quality, robust seams, and it holds the shape very well, while remaining flexible, unlike other travel bags. Overall very happy with the purchase. The only suggestion would be to fix the velcro strip inside the bag – it doesn’t seem to hold the folded mesh very well.

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