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Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitor for Dogs

About this item REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING: See the location of your dog and track them anywhere with no distance limit WORKS WITH SUBSCRIPTION: The subscription covers all the costs of the integrated SIM card and data, starting from $5/month (varies depending on subscription plan); try it for free with our 30 day money back guarantee GET HEALTH ALERTS: Your tracker monitors and tracks the sleep quality and activity patterns of your pet; when it detects something unusual, you’ll get an alert via email ACTIVITY TRACKING: Keep your dog fit and healthy by monitoring your dog’s Wellness Score; compare your pet’s activity level with that of all other pets of the same breed ESCAPE ALERTS: A notification gets sent straight to your phone when your dog leaves your custom-made area.



I have the Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitor for both of my dogs.  I don’t use it for health monitoring much since I walk them and have my own health tracker.  

I do use the GPS tracker all the time.  I set up the safety area to match my backyard.  If they go out of the area, I am immediately alerted.  Granted, I am also with them when they are out of the area because they don’t leave the yard without me.  However, I took Annika camping last October in MD and I set up a new safety area for the campsite.  It’s nice to be able to set up a safety zone no matter where you are.  When we went hiking, Tractive immediately alerted me that she was out of the safety area.  

This is much better than an Apple AirTag.  For AirTags to work, you have to be within 30 meters of the tag.  If your dog is anything like mine, it takes them 2.2 seconds to get 30 meters away.  Also, AirTags only work on Apple devices that are connected to the Internet.  So if someone doesn’t have an Apple device or they’re offline, they can’t find your dog.  Most importantly, AirTags do not update their location in real time.  

What about a microchip?  I’m a huge fan of microchips!  Every pet should have one.  But, they aren’t tracking devices.  They’re more like bar codes.  Microchips require someone to scan your dog.  So someone would first have to catch your dog.  Then they’d have to be good enough people to take your dog to get them scanned and not just keep your dog.  Finally, you have to keep your pets’ microchip contact information updated.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been overjoyed to find a microchip in a found pet only to be crushed that the chip wasn’t registered or the contact information was out of date.  They might as well have never been chipped. That said, microchips can help prove pet ownership (they can’t prove ownership alone, but they can certainly help to settle legal disputes of ownership).  They never fall off or get lost.  They always work.  So I have all my pets microchipped and my dogs have the Tractive GPS & Health Monitor so hopefully, if they get lost, I can find them before someone else picks them up.  

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1.1 x 2.8 x 0.67 inches; 1.23 ounces

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26,634 ratings

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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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October 29, 2020

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Tractive GmbH

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#2 in Pet Trackers

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Tractive GPS Tracker DOG 4







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60 reviews for Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitor for Dogs

  1. SierraPrimeShopper

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best GPS/Activity tracker I have used for my Husky.

    I love this tracker! I have never had an issue with it and as an activity tracker, it does a great job. Like most Husky breeds, our pup is an escape artist and when she gets away she is off exploring without a thought. I have tried two other trackers and found them lacking in accuracy and response time, two of the most important things on a GPS tracker.The tracker is waterproof, a must with a lot of dog breeds! My Husky isn’t a big water fan but she loves the snow and rain and it has been wet a lot during last winter and has worked perfectly fine since she loves laying in snow drifts for hours.While the Tractive unit can be a bit delayed in reporting to the app it is still much faster than the previous two I had used and I am actually able to track her with the app and not going to a location she was at 5 minutes earlier. App use has improved since I have purchased the tracker and is easy to use and setup multiple trackers if you have more than one pet. One of the cool things is the real-time locator using Bluetooth. Helped me find our Husky who was hiding in some bushes about 5 feet away from me, playing hide and seek. You can also activate audio beeps on the tracker and a flashing light, although that feature has limited use as you can barely hear is and I cant even see the tracker through my Husky’s fur.As an activity tracker, it does a great job tracking activity and sleep patterns and provides great feedback. You can also see your fur baby’s activity compared to others on leader boards by Global, Breed. Local and Friends. Also allows you to setup alerts for a few different things.Battery life is excellent. I only need to charge it every couple of weeks unless we are out of our virtual fence area a lot with her, then sometime I might need to charge it more often. Charging to full usually takes less than an hour depending on how low the battery is.The plan you can purchase is inexpensive compared to most other trackers and you can get the premium plan that will replace the tracker if it falls off or stops working and you lose it.If you live in a remote area, this may not be the best tracker as it uses cell towers to broadcast it’s signal to the app and if cell signals are low in your area, it may not update quickly or be very accurate, but that really is with all GPS trackers.Overall, one of the best GPS trackers you can buy at a reasonable price with an affordable subscription plan and a great app!

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  2. Kent

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Accurate, reliable, good battery life, fast recharge. A best product.

    My old dog is losing her hearing and eyesight. When we are out in the field with the other dogs she will start to run if she can’t see me and she can still outrun me. This product is a great tracker, but it is also one of the best designed electronic products I have ever purchased. The easy to use app gives precise locations on a detailed map, live tracking to show routes when you are trying to find your dog or just pings to save battery life. It allows you to set up a safety zone so you can get alert if the dog leaves the safe area. It has to be a great product to get a guy like me to write a review.

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  3. Floricel New Account

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Useful but not optimal

    First off, recognize the intent of the product. This is not a GPS enabled wireless dog fence. This is a tracker. It is not intended to keep your dog within an area, but to tell you the location of the dog.That said, the tracker has a virtual fence capability but due to any number of reasons the virtual fence has a large minimum size limitation. I believe it was 350’x350′.I can not speak to battery life, yet. I would assume, given the small size of the device, the battery life isn’t great. However, the relatively minor cost and amazingly small physical dimensions are the real advantage here.My dog is well trained and we live in a rural area. This device is not our primary method of keeping our dog within a safe area. Between training, supervision, and sparse population, this tracker is an excellent “fail-safe” in the event she does wander too far. Just know, this device is not a replacement for proper training and supervision.

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  4. D. G. Florida

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought 2, one works, one does not (Updated after 1 month & 6 months)

    Latest UpdateI also have a Whistle dog tracker, so I will add comparing the Whistle and Tractive.The main advantage of the Tractive is you can set danger zones, you get a warning when the dog enters a danger zone, thats been very helpful. I set 4 danger zones (East, West, North, South) so when the dog gets too far away I get a message letting me know it entered the E/W/N or S danger zone. That way I can immediately head in the right direction. Whistle does not have the danger zone feature.The main disadvantage of Tractive is you can’t activate live tracking when the app thinks the dog is in the power saving zone. There are times I know the dog is out of the zone but the Tractive says its in the power saving zone. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for Tractive to connect and get Live tracking running. I should be able to activate Live tracking any time. With Whistle I can activate live tracking any time.The Whistle battery lasts a lot longer than the Tractive, maybe twice as long.The Whistle is more securely fastened on the collar. Tractive is held on by rubber bands. Once one of the dogs was rolling around outside and scraped the Tractive off its collar. I didn’t notice it was gone until that evening. Obviously it was easy to find.——————————————(original review)I bought 2 trackers. One activated and updated software and connected to the network and GPS easily, tracks the dog pretty well. The other was a problem, failed to update software, hard time connecting to the network, trouble detecting wifi, has a hard time getting GPS, not reliable tracking the dog.I took the 2 trackers off the dogs, went outside and put the 2 side by side, the good one got GPS and a good track, the other never got gps or connected to the network and never gave a track.Going to return the bad one.*******Update after 1 monthI filled out the paperwork to return the bad tracker and requested it be replaced. It was replaced quickly, customer service is very good. For the past couple of weeks I have had 3 trackers and been testing them.For clarity, I’m going to call the good original tracker #1, the bad original tracker #2, and the replacement #3.All are set to save power when they detect the house wifi. With the power saving feature (low power when its in the house wifi zone) the battery lasts well over 1 week.In LIVE mode, you can turn on a beeper and a light on the tracker to help find the dog. The beeper is barely audible in the quiet house, it can’t be heard outside. Beeper is useless. The light is a little white led, it can barely be seen at night, not very useful. At night, you won’t be able to stand in a field and find the dog just by the beeper and light.I’ve taken all 3 to various places, set them side by side, and checked performance. I’ve also let the dogs roam and checked performance.#1 works quite well, it reports correctly when it’s in the wifi zone, it reports a good gps position when its outside the wifi. I’m confident if the dog wandered away I can find him, I expect I could bring up the tractive app, go to LIVE mode and go right to the dog.#2 never worked well. Most of the time the phone app reports its location cannot be determined possibly due to low network signal. With all 3 trackers on a table right next to each other and the other 2 working fine, this one fails. I’d say #2 works maybe 20% of the time. I don’t trust it, I doubt I could find my dog if he wandered away.#3 works well but not quite as good as #1. It takes a little longer to get a position but it does work, although there are times when it reports it can’t get a position due to poor network signal. I think I could find my dog if he wandered away, but I might have to be patient and hunt him down.Conclusion: these are a gamble. Of 3 units, 2 work and I can find the dogs, one doesn’t work. The beeper is inaudible & worthless. The light could help find a dog but its not bright at all. Power saving mode is good, with it I find the battery lasts over 1 week. The app works well.

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  5. Richard D

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    You need this for peace of mind if you are walking in nature!

    Wonderfully reassuring during walks in woods and fields! I should have bought it years ago.The LTE model is light, easily fits over a 1” collar and tracks at 5-50’ accuracy in Live mode. Battery life is a bit over 2 days with 2-3 walks of 2-4miles each. The light is useful at night up to about 125 feet of view if unobstructed. There is some increase in cell phone battery use, especially since I have no WiFi, so the tracker is always using Bluetooth or GPS at home. I usually don’t need a full 5 minute live mode activation, and can take advantage of the standard updates every 5 minutes unless we are walking away from the house in dense woods. Even if the Pet is 2000 feet away I can take speed and direction, to guess if he’s still hunting or has stopped to tree or dig something like a squirrel, raccoon, or weasel et c.At short distances the dog could be moving at front or beside me even if the tracker says behind, so don’t rely on it for position while driving very close to your pet with an obstructed view of the front bumper.Tractive customer service response is great. I requested the older type magnetic charger cable to replace the charging clip/ cable to avoid taking the lighter weight H-clip and tracker off the collar every time I charge it. With the magnetic cable I don’t have to remove the silicon attachment from the tracker, because the tracker and sturdy clip can be slid off the collar for charging.. I bought a silicone combo cover/attachment on Amazon which is stronger for a dog that is always into brush and hollow trees. The two year cell contract seems reasonable at about $165 here and the Tractive itself is a bargain!

  6. De5packrats

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Product

    I’ve had this on my Bloodhound for 3 weeks now. I am very impressed with Tractive. It was easy to set up in the app. You can easily create the safe zone for your pet and it will alert you when they have left the safe zone. It allows you to track exercise / walks, etc. I wanted something dependable, especially with a Bloodhound because if they get out, their nose can take them miles away. Tractive is incredibly accurate! There is no guessing on the battery life because it’s easy to see the status on the app. It’s super easy to charge and it’s fast. I didn’t expect to be so pleased with Tractive but now I highly recommend it.

  7. Kira

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It works with minor glitches

    The device has already paid for itself even though it arrived only two weeks ago. Dog ran off in the woods. Impossible to see or find walking around looking or calling. The glitch mentioned in the title hit right away. No GPS signal. Kept pressing the “live” button for 15 minutes or so and then it finally connected. Spent 2 hours chasing the dog around the woods. The tracker kept a charge all that time. It did lose the GPS signal another couple of times which was extremely frustrating, but then it would reconnect. Finally found dogs a mile away in a cow pasture. No way would I have found them without this tracker.About the GPS glitch. Apparently if the tracker gets in between hills like down in a valley it can lose the GPS signal. And of course that is what the dog did. Went down the hill to the valley and then ran up and down the valley which is what was causing the loss of GPS. When the dog went back uphill or came out on a flat area like a field or pasture, then the GPS could reconnect.45 minutes of live tracking used around 35% of the battery. I was extremely impressed. The tracker only used about 10 MB of mobile data during that time which also impressed me. The live tracking did try to shut down a couple of times at the time interval it was set too, but pressing the continue button took me right back to the tracking screen with no loss of tracking information. I recommend setting the live tracking interval to at least 15 minutes. The default is only 5 minutes.Their tech support is non existent. They have a FAQ is all. I emailed them 2 weeks ago and have not heard back yet so don’t plan on getting any help from them. I don’t understand why they do not have a community bulletin board for users to help each other with. They still would not have to pay tech support workers which is what they want but they get the good will from people actually receiving help even if it is from other users.The default boundary for receiving alerts is much too big in my opinion. I think it is 150 feet if I remember correctly. In my case, if the dog gets 50 feet away from the house it is a runaway dog that needs chasing down. The collar attachment does not inspire confidence. Basically it is a rubber band. A rubber band that has to be undone every time the device needs charging. I can’t see it lasting more than a few months. Then I will have to purchase new rubber bands. I wish there was a plug in port for charging the device while it is on the collar, but I guess that would be too susceptible to water damage.Other than those couple of gripes and the lack of tech support, I would recommend this device to anyone wanting to keep track of their animals.

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  8. AceHighFarm

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Dog one is same size as cat one if cat is out of stock

    A friendly FYI that the dimensions on the dog tracker are the exact same as the cat tracker. I know this as the cat one was out of stock everywhere when I needed to purchase one. It was either wait and have no ability to track my new farm cat or get the dog one and use that same day. The reason why I purchased through Amazon versus the actual company’s site was it allowed for me to receive it the very same day versus waiting a week or more for it to arrive.Supposedly, they have released a new cat tracker based on cat specific needs but I have not seen any great detail into why it is better than using the dog one in a cat. The tracker goes around the collar with silicone type loops which secure on the other side via a hook type fastener. There are two of these. I did make sure to get a collar for the cat which was an elastic type not a breakaway type so that she would not be able to loose the collar or tracker easily. After several months of daily hard use, it has not come off one time.I have another high dollar tracker for my dog that requires a subscription such as this one does. It’s battery lasts unbelievably long compared to the Tractive one. The dog is way more active than the cat so in fact the battery of the other one if on a this same cat would last 10 times longer than Tractive does. The Tractive collar seems to charge more quickly than the other company’s tracker. I am not fond of the magnetic type charging cable for Tractive as I prefer either one to go into a slot or a base for the tracker to sit on to charge (like the other company has). The magnetic charging cable for Tractive is super easy to accidentally disconnect which is a problem if it is not charged fully when it occurred and you need it charged fully right then.In order to prevent the cat from being lost, I have to lock it up every evening in the barn and charge the collar so that when morning comes the collar is 100% and the cat is safe for the day with me knowing exactly where she is at all times. If I did not do this it would be what I would call too risky as the collar is placed at 100% battery on the cat at 5 am. The cat spends almost all day sleeping in one spot or walking a very small distance in the barn. She is not out roaming about. When nighttime comes, she is more active and goes hunting in the field. This is around 7 pm when she becomes active and when I go from getting one notification of her moving in an hour to multiple notifications a minute sometimes. By 11 pm, if she is not placed inside and the collar put on the charger, her collar is anywhere from 40 to 60% battery. To me, a drop of 5 to 10% or more an hour with her at that charged amount, would not allow me to actually locate her if she did not come back to the barn on her own or if she had gotten hurt somewhere. By 5 am, her collar would be dead or close to it unless she went completely inactive again. As I said, too risky for me.Even on wifi or attached to my phone’s Bluetooth, where it is not using 100% LTE/mobile network, the battery does not last as long as the other company’s collar. The products are roughly similar sized, and if anything the other company’s actual tracker is smaller.The thing that I love about this company versus the other I have for the dog is that the geofences are able to be set up as you want them. You can set up however many you want, have good zones that they’re fine being in, not so great zones/caution zones that you want to be notified that they are no longer in their spots, and no go zones/danger zones where they should not be and need to know so you can retrieve. They can be circle shaped, rectangle shaped or custom shaped zones. With the other company I only have an option of circles which means there’s like a zillion and they’re only good zones. They all have to overlap to make them fit and it is not feasible to deal with.Second thing that I love about Tractive versus the other company’s collar is the options I am given to use the tracker with different features. I can turn on a light (can select color) so they can be spotted at night easier, then on sound (even though I have a very hard time hearing it even after the tech department changed the sound type remotely for me), use a locator beacon on the app which tells me hot/cold version of me getting to the animal, and best of all use AR (augmented reality) where u see what the animal is seeing. When you have a pet you cannot find, seeing what they see is amazing! If they’re under a bush staring at you, but they are camouflaged where you cannot see them, switch to AR and you see your feet in that example and voila! You have your animal!As far as the app perks, they are very similar to the other company’s app. The subscription plans are about the same with both replacing damaged or lost trackers depending on the subscription you get. If you have an animal who is either an escape artist or allowed to roam, or one who you leave with sitters a lot, then the cost is minimal and you should not bat an eye at it. The amount of time and fried nerves this has prevented me from getting is priceless.The tech support is great. They have always responded quickly and thoroughly to any of my needs. I do like that the other company’s app allows social media type interactions with other pet parents worldwide and in my area who I friend. This would be great for those looking for similar peeps in their area or an area they are traveling to for walks and play dates. Their tech support is not as quick or thorough as Tractive.I would love if both companies would combine into one company as then everyone would get exactly what they need.I will say one more thing about Tractive. I did lose the cat one night after she had been allowed to roam out of the barn after her adjustment period. She had not come to the barn at her normal time, had not moved from her spot when I called her, and continued to stay in that spot. I thought she was either hurt or had lost the collar. I went in search of her as I knew exactly where the tracker was at. I got there and could not find her anywhere. I was right on top of the spot but no signs of the tracker or her collar at all. Finally, I heard a faint meow and thought she must be under brush and hurt. But she was not. I did not know that the altitude was not automatically turned on in the app at that time. Had I know. That was a feature as I was new to it all, I would have used it. Ten minutes later I located her over 25 feet up in a massive tree. It made sense as I had seen her tracking path from the back of my neighbors house to where she was at and how quickly she had moved. Since she was new to me as well, I did not know she was a cat who liked trees. None of my other 20+ cats in my lifetime have gone up a tree. She’s the first. She’s a hunter and now I know she goes up trees to get into bird’s nests as I watch her daily do. That night just after midnight I found her in the tree for the first time. Had I known of the altitude I would have known to turn it on and could’ve immediately known she was in a tree versus getting scratched up by briars and covered in ticks trying to find her. Had I not had the tracker I would not have known she had been scared to death by something and went up the tree and could’ve been lost forever or days at least. But with the tracker I eventually found her, thought I was going to have to wait forever for her to come down, but she backed her little self right on down out of the tree like a bear would. Good kitty! After that evening I did investigate and learn more about what all Tractive offers as features in the event I needed them again. Do make sure to familiarize yourself before you get in a not so great situation like I did.UPDATE 2023 AUGUST:Well after purchasing at least 5 of these in order to get a new charging cable as needed immediately due to the inadequate design and poor workmanship on the one that came with the collar, I am now screwed out of spending the extra couple bucks to get new cable by buying new tracker to have the same day or overnight. The original charging cables worked up to 6 months. Usually more like 3 months and the little metal prongs that move somewhat on the charger would break. Sometimes just one but usually both in quick succession if not at the same time. I had the last charging cable break and ordered a collar as my usual routine only to have it arrive and discover that the charging cable is completely different design.I think that it’s only appropriate and fair that Tractive give all of us who have a subscription with the old tracker design a new tracker since we are allowed 1 or 2 replacements under the Tractive service contract depending on the length of our contract is the number of replacements. After all it’s their faulty design and inability to follow suggestions from customers or give a solution to those of us who have had major issues. I don’t know if others had this problem as they may not have to charge theirs daily as I do with my 2 paid subscription trackers. Mine have to be charged daily as my cat travels within an acre radius of her home base aka my equestrian center. Yet within that acre she travels an average of 2 to 3 miles DAILY between her turnout time of 5 am to lock up time at 9 pm. She eats up the battery as in the move and wifi isn’t within that acre. So it’s Bluetooth on my phone (doesn’t use as much battery) or using the cellular service on the tracker which also eats battery. When she’s locked up at 9 pm in the barn the collar is removed and charged as anywhere from 40 to 60% remaining. Yes, I have tried making it another day, but it’s dead well before 9 pm even if turned off over night when locked in barn. Plus I have horrendous luck most of the time and should she go astray of her typical area, I don’t want 40% or less on the collar and trying to find her in live mode using the cellular service as it is a dead battery before she’s located. This has happened more than once now.I was pleasantly shocked and super excited to see that another company is making the old charger style and selling on Amazon. It is not same or next day shipping (at least not for me and not yet), but it’s a much higher quality charging cable and significantly longer than the original Tractive one. Here’s the link if it shows up:

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  9. Stephen L. Grimes

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Now I Know Where

    Solved a major problem for me. I reside along the MS Gulf Coast close to the water. There is a tidal inlet with dense brush and shrubs across from the front of my house and a heavily wooded area behind my house – both are no go/danger zones, especially in late Spring and Summer due to snakes and gators (that’s right). I had an incident before acquiring this product when a new dog that was a run-away did the same one stormy afternoon. Gracie was skittish and still learning who we were. One of our cats spooked her on a return from a walk as we were about to enter to front door. When she bolted, the handle of the retractable lead popped out of my hand. And the poor scared thing thought the handle was chasing her. Off into the swamp area across the street she ran as fast as she could. I was rightly concerned that the handle would get snared in the dense weeds and shrubs – and I was right. But every time I got within 15 feet of her location, she would quit barking out of fear of me. The search was made harder when darkness and a thunderstorm happened. After 2 hours (7-9PM) in the driving rain with a bright spotlight I finally had to give up. I know I got to within 5 feet of her, but just couldn’t see through the brush. About an hour later, I opened the front door for one last listen, and she darted into the house. Gracie had chewed through the lead to free herself. I bought this tracker that evening. She now wears it when I take her out, especially at night. She got free once, and while we did have a chase and hunt event, I now knew where she was, and she eventually responded to my voice when I got within 5 feet. I have used this same tracker with another dog, a Lab, to see where he goes when I let him out mid-morning and early afternoon. When he wanders too far north or into the swamp or back woods – I walk out the door and give a yell and he is redirected back into safe areas. Using the tracker, both dogs are learning the safe zones for them to be in. That said, Gracie is still never out without a lead. The tracker makes the hunt to find a 100% success, and clearly helps me zone control all my dogs. While we live in a low traffic area and only 2 families with kids, it is the natural hazards that are of the most concern. This tracker with the satellite terrain view is now an essential tool.One minor point. If you should happen to encounter issues charging the tracker, be sure that the device is not inverted in the charge holder. I had it inverted for several days and just couldn’t understand why the pins seemed properly aligned, but no charging happening. Soon as I got tech support on the line, it dawned on me that I had the tracker in the charger device backwards. Flipped it over and no issues in charging. Had a nice short conversation with the tech rep, and we both had a good laugh.It would be nice if there were no subscription fees, but then again being able to find and know where your dogs are in an instant is what is key.Highly recommended.

  10. J. BellJ. Bell

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    AH, Joonie. My little French Brittany. We have a very long back yard that is excellent for dogs to run zoomies. We are on a golf course and have a wrought iron fence (required) so we put some almost invisible netting on the fence to keep small foster dogs from just walking away. It has worked SO WELL for MANY years. We have had our Joonie almost 3 years and this netting worked fine – until January when someone left the gate to the golf course open and she got a taste of absolute FREEDOM. It took me 30 panicked minutes to find her while driving around the neighborhood.So, got her back. Got that gate closed and LOCKED. She got out again a few days later. After that taste of freedom she found another way out by pulling back some of that netting. I have tacked it down so tight now she can’t get it torn away…at least I HOPE.SO, I can’t take the panic. I ordered the Tractive. I’ve used another brand in the past and I just wasn’t happy with it.There is a little learning curve on this but it is easy enough to quickly set up your safe zones. I was concerned that the little silicone things wouldn’t be strong enough to keep the device on the collar, but It has lasted a month so far. I have a leather collar that it is attached to. So far so good. As for battery life, Joonie is in the safe zone and close to the WiFi 99% of the time so the battery lasts a good 2 weeks. I’m sure it will need charging more often when it warms up and we start walking her – but again, she has a really big yard to run in.I am just learning about the updates on her activity and health and sleep patterns since we have had this just a month.I think the Tractive will not only protect my crazy little girl, but will save me from having a panic stroke. She is an adventuress for sure and she becomes deaf to her name when she is having fun.A side note, I ordered the Tractive AND saw that “others order” the little white plastic thing that you slide the Tractive device into to make it easier to charge, because the device was supposed to only come with a charging cable. They must have changed that because it came with the white plastic thing to make charging using a standard cable easier. So, don’t order that little part separately. You will already get one.I am VERY pleased and feel so much better about letting Joonie out to run and play with her Field Spaniel brother from another mother (and daddy). And I told her, “Jooniebug, if you get out again, I am going to track you down like the stinkin’ little dog you are”, and she smiled.

  11. Ed

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    You wish you spent the money!

    It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Please believe me, I hope you never feel the pain of losing a dog or cat. This thing is so accurate and works in real time. I do wish the battery life was longer so I could charge less, but again, it’s a small price to pay. Btw, the clip on charger is the smartest upgrade and some extra rubber clips are a good purchase too. (Hey, Tractive folks, how about a pouch as an accessory? Get to work on the that R&D monkeys!)I bought my own tracker. It was not a gift for a favorable review. I have been using this device for 3 years now.

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  12. Brandi Mcalister

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing tracker and wellness device

    I first started out with a Tracki device. Clips kept breaking and company replaced 2. Then on the 3rd one the battery wouldn’t last. Tried and tried to get help from them. The end result was my service/ guard dog going missing. Couldn’t track him because the battery was dead. Finally he comes home and I message Tracki ripping into them hard! That’s when they finally tried to call. I closed my account with them and bought this Tractive device. He’s had it on for about an hour and so far I’m beyond pleased with it and that’s just with the basic month to month plan! My advice, just get this one. I’m loving the details in the wellness section too!

  13. Rk

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Peace of mind

    I own tractive now for one year. It has worked great. I live in a wooded area and my dog runs free. He did not respond once and sent me into a panic, he finally showed up but that is what brought me to purchasing this unit. I can find him anytime day or night and just that is worth the price. I also like the information it keeps like sleep, activity and the history of were he has been. Highly recommend this product.

  14. B.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Tractive customer support

    I have used the Tractive dog tracker for many years and I love its capability. After all that time the tracker finally failed to connect to the network one day.Customer support was quick to advise me how to attempt a hard reset. When that didn’t fix the issue, I didn’t hesitate to look to purchase the XL as my dog has grown to 120# over those past years. Customer support advised me that I could upgrade under my Tractive care and only pay the difference of the upgrade. BONUS!I received the new unit within days and was up and running right away.Thank you Tractive for the positive experience.Michael

  15. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Knowing where my blind dog is

    I love this tracking device! I have a fourteen year old English Springer Spaniel that is blind. Sometimes she goes a little to far from home and can’t find her way back, that’s why I purchased the Tractive tracker. Now I can find her wherever she goes. I had gotten an AirTag for her before this and it’s fine as long as she stays close to me, but useless in the fields or woods away from the house. Have purchased another Tractive for my other Springers just to keep track of them also. Love this product!

  16. Anyssa HiningAnyssa Hining

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love having data on our dogs!

    So, I bought two trackers for our Bernedoodle puppies. We bought the smaller version, as they’re only 22-25 lbs (for now). The most important thing to know: You must subscribe to a paid service to use these devices. I knew this, so I was not surprised. I paid $108 for each, and that covers one year. The plan is more expensive, but I wasn’t ready to commit to 2 or 3 years.It’s worked great for us, but mind you we are in a larger city with towers abound. I’ve seen a glitch or two on their location, but it has corrected itself quickly.Highly recommend! I love the features, and it fits well on their collars.

  17. Utahgirl

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    good product

    Tracker works fairly well but updates on location are not fast enough giving a walking dog’s location sometimes 100 yds away from actual location.

  18. joe byrd

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Requires Subscription

    It was not clear to me in the product description that it would require a subscription to activate. Then, it was not clear to me in the subscription description that the $8.00 per month charge would have to be paid upfront as a yearly charge.That said, activation was acceptably easy and I have figured out how to use most of the features and it is doing a good job of telling me where my dog has been. We got tired of him disappearing for hours at the time, if not until the next day, and wanted to see what his route was. It was very interesting to see and amazing that he routinely covers a couple of miles per day on his “rounds”. We have long suspected that he had a friend down the road and was spending time with both the dog and his owner, sometimes overnight. I don’t keep my animals in a cage and, within reason, let them be free range…so long as they don’t cause trouble, which they don’t. It is OK with me that he sleeps over at his friends house every now and then, but it’s really nice to be able to turn on Tractive and get a pinpoint confirmation of where he is. The only real issue I have is that my dog’s collar is one inch wide and the unit is supposed to be threaded through the collar, but the rubber thing that attaches it to the collar won’t stretch enough to go over the one inch collar. It “might” have held securely without being threaded through, but just to make sure I used a small zip tie to further secure the device to the collar. Worked well. No other issues so far.

  19. Anastasia Caldwell

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Peace of mind for wandering pets.

    Works great in rural Missouri to keep track of our wandering boxsky! The tracker has worked and held up even after my dog went for a swim in the lake. I did immediately put a zip tie on it to secure the tracker to the collar after reading reviews saying the clasps were sketchy. It may be fine without it, but did not want to chance it due to my dog loving to run through heavy brush chasing animals. I am very happy with the service and the app is easy to use.

  20. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow!!! It works great… Still looking for info, read my post below.

    GPS locator is light weight and works great!!!I was worried about the clips to hold it to collar but they are a rubber compound and lock in place really well.How to set up – Charge it up with supplied adapter till light on top goes from red to green.install the “Tractive GPS” app on your phone. Create your account. Pay the activation fees to make it work. Yes, it’s worth it. I chose the professional option which gives you insurance for unit lost or broken, it includes your digital cell service for GPS beyond your home WiFi range. Also lets you extend app use to others, family, friends, etc. Cost was $142 for a year, just do it, it works.A must do or it won’t work right. Be sure to set up your home fence area, offers a round area or you can define a perimeter line for your property. Yeah, it’s a scratch your head a little but you have to do this or unit won’t work right. Hi quality stuff takes a little work setting up.Wow, Tanner got busted twice the 1st day and then the next day because when they get outside your home fence area, you can get an alert, and then can choose “Live” for active GPS on where your dog is. Shows streets and house’s and you can see where your dog is. Behind or beside a house. It shows dog location in real time with a line drawn as to where he has been and is going. I was able to drive right where he was and nab him. You could tell his dismay in “How did you find me so quick”… No more driving through the neighborhood looking for your dog being worried if your dog is safe, ok, harassing somebody, etc.Best $200 I spent in a long time. Got a teenager and wondering where they went, take it from the dog and throw in their car. LOL…For night, the collar also has an LED that you can remotely turn on to see em… Also has sound which i haven’t figured out yet where you might be able to say “Tanner come home”. I tried it and it freaked him out.We live on 2 acres backed to a lake and pond close in the city feeling like we live in the country. Tanner is also wearing a shock collar for underground fence on our perimeter but he just runs through it with a yelp. It’s turned all the way up. Boys will be boys… at 28″ tall at shoulders, 84 lbs and ripped he sometimes does what he wants.This product is a win win bargain…It’s been a total relief and after a week, the battery is still going strong. App tells you collar battery life. Unit goes in standby mode to save battery whenever you pet is in the “Home Fence Area” where it pings where your dog is about every 5 minutes. I think you can set it for less time.You can also go to your account online on their website to snoop around.When setting up the app, the professional purchase option also allows you to have others in family load the app, log into account and also track your dog so it broadens family or friend use. My hired help uses it now because his female Husky thinks Tanner is her shining “White Night” and in love and they both run off together yipping through the underground fence. Partners in crime. Teenager dogs caught in action.

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  21. AllessaAllessa

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not too bad for the price

    This isn’t too bad for the price. I’ve been saying for a while I wanted to get some kind of tracker on my dog in case she gets out. We live pretty much in the middle of the desert so I didn’t think an apple AirTag would really work if there were no iPhones to ping off of.Pros: you can see where you animal is in a general area on the map. It’s not EXACT accurate. There’s times it shows her on the side of the house while she’s in the backyard. But our service out here is pretty sketch so I’m thinking that’s why. The best way for me to describe it is if you’ve ever played Pokémon go. When you’re sitting in one spot but your character decides to cross the street and come back like nothing. That’s exactly how this app is. But it gives you a general idea of where you pet is and maybe it’s more accurate in the city.You can activate a tiny light or sound maker from your phone on the collar to make it easier to see or hear your pup at night. So that’s pretty neat.Cons: there’s a bitFirst the payment. It says “this much a month” but there’s no option to pay monthly. The least you can do is yearly (which I believe was like 100). Not the worst, but it’s a little hefty to just come up with that instead of paying 13 a month.The app can be a little glitchy. Closes down out of no where, won’t let you enter things sometimes. Tracks sleep patterns. It also shows other dogs in the neighborhood and their “fitness goals”. Apparently this thing counts steps. It even allows you to add friends on there. Imo this is all silly. Just wanted an app to track my dog yall.The perimeter fence that you can make (in case your dog gets out of it, it’ll alert you) is HUGE. And you can’t minimize it. Mine covers my neighbors houses as well as a lot of the street so she would have to be a couple houses away before it even would catch she’s out.It has a silicone strap that wraps around the collar and then connects to the tracker. I feel like my dog is going to scratch this off one day. I’ve only had it a few days so haven’t see it yet: but will keep posted if it doesAll in all I won’t return it. It’s still a neat concept and maybe they’ll make it more accurate in the future.

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  22. Adam E. Allgood

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Know the escape quickly!

    Our Alaskan husky is a Houdini at trying to escape. First he dug under the fence, then he jumped over the fence. He’s gotten out so many times that we finally invested and the GPS tracker. Tractive is absolutely the best on the market. it’s our second one that we tried, and it has better features by far. Not only are we instantly alerted When our dog has left the perimeter that we established, but we also get to see his sleeping, activity, and health scores related to other dogs nearby and around the world

  23. Billx

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So far so good

    Working well, battery life is good. Tracking us when we leave the yard for walks or rides. We have not had a real life track experience, which is great in itself. I am reasonably confident it will work for that too. Like insurance, I would rather not need it but just in case, we are ready. Our Sheba is young and not afraid to escape so I am afraid its just a matter of time. Thank you for making the best tracker we have used so far.

  24. Wishes to remain anonymousWishes to remain anonymous

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best option out there, but has a couple of flaws

    I’ll start by saying that I did a ton of research before purchasing this product and I wish there was a review like mine out there so that I could pre-set my expectations. I would definitely buy this tracker again, but I would know going in that it has some limitations. I bought the tracker here on Amazon, and of course needed to purchase the subscription separately through Tractive, which I fully expected. Overall, the cost including subscription is much better than other comparable options.Pros: Light weight, small, AMAZING BATTERY LIFE (we are still at 48% and it’s been 2 weeks since last charge), awesome app and love the metrics its following so that I can keep track of my dog’s wellbeing on a daily basis. The dog wearing the tracker is a stray/rescue that we have had for a few weeks and I didn’t know if she was spayed or not… when we found out that she was on her lady time we immediately noticed an activity drop off via the tracker that has corresponded with the event so it was really nice to be able to see how it was effecting her overall wellbeing. (To all the spay/neuter warriors, not to worry she will be spayed at our earliest convenience.)Cons: I live on 3/4 of an acre that is fully fenced, when I try to set my safe boundary it says that my boundary is too small… Okay, so I set the boundary to larger than the size of my yard at the minimum size, with the “safe zone” tight against the fence that my dog is jumping to escape, but even with this I’m not getting notifications when she crosses the barrier. I can clearly see her outside of the boundary that was set, but it’s as if the system has a margin of error built in for the “drift” that occurs, so it doesn’t send a notification every time she leaves until she is WAY outside of the boundary.And now to the second con, and that is ‘drift’. My dog is almost never where the tracker says she is. It can say she’s in the front yard when she’s actually out back or on the side out in the garden. I understand that the power saving mode isn’t as accurate, but when you live in a neighborhood, don’t expect to be notified the moment your dog leaves the zone because the wi-fi power saving mode is just not always accurate. See Photo. Light green line & shaded area is the minimum boundary it would let me set without triggering the “too small” notification. Blue dotted line is the wi-fi power saving area. Solid blue line is my actual fence line, blue dot is dog’s supposed location, Red X is her actual location. From this discrepancy you can see how easily the dog can be marked in bounds but actually be out of bounds due to the ‘drift’ factor.Overall I would still buy this tracker again because it gives some peace of mind. I am always home so easily able to also call for her on a regular basis and make sure I have tabs on her so the tracker is kind of secondary if I happen to catch her out of bounds and need to find her, but it would be nice to get more accurate notifications & positioning because she has left 3 times and I only got notifications once and that was after I already noticed and went looking for her.

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  25. Donna

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Peace of Mind

    My dog is a 2 year old rescue who lived on the streets for quite awhile. He doesn’t quite understand what “home” is just yet. At first he loved to barge out the front door and just take off and he is fast.We looked into a few trackers. I couldn’t decide between this one and Fi so I purchased them both and tried them for a couple of weeks. I preferred the design of the FI collar and that it was not bulky. They were both very comparable but what made me stick with the Tractive was their app. It is just easier to use for me. The other one frustrated me.Durability – my dog has actually gotten his tracker off a few times as he likes to rub his entire body along my couch and a few times, the rubber part popped off. We have since wire tied it to his collar and it hasn’t come off again. Not a big deal at all.The battery life is way better than some others we looked at. I can’t charge one of these things every day. I am lucky if I remember to charge my fit bit! I have had for about 3.5 weeks so far and I just noticed the battery life is low and needs to be charged. And this is after me playing with lost dog mode a few times and turning the light on and off, etc. So battery life is perfect. If your dog is home, the battery does not get used that much.I love the activity feature and the local leaderboard. It shows all the local dogs in the area and their activity. Tank has moved up from 120 to being #16 as of today. He is a very active dog. Just a fun little thing to look at. He can also have friends on the app as well. It is just cute.Once we got the hang of it, we added the app to everyone’s phone so we can all track him quickly if he gets lost. My husband is not a tech guy at all but he loves playing with this app.Compared to others, the monthly fee is not that much money at all. I paid for a yearly plan for less than $100. I think that is perfectly fair.A few things to know, you can possibly get false notifications here and there. I have gotten one so far but I could tell it was not correct because of the weird path it showed. I also have a camera for the front of my house and there was no sign of my dog running around. He was in the yard safe and sound. One way to avoid this is to make the virtual fence setting larger but unfortunately, I don’t live in the country, just a small urban setting.Overall we have been very happy with this so far. I can see exactly where he has been when my son or husband takes him for a walk. I can see when someone brings him to the dog park, etc. I had to get one because there are lost dog signs all over the area for other dogs and I really don’t want to lose my dog. He is also chipped but you would have to wait for someone else to find him and bring him somewhere. I wanted more control over finding my dog.Great product. Hope this helps you decide!

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  26. Dan ShinstromDan Shinstrom

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    This tracker is worth the cost, with some trade offs.

    We bought this for our active cat. My goal was to monitor where he goes and how often he crosses a busy street, so we can decide whether to let him out in the future. I like this tracker enough that we might consider using permanently going forward, which was not the original plan.Things that work well:- You can set a very precise digital fence. I live on a normal sized lot, and it was important to me to know exactly when he crosses a street on our block (I care less where he goes on our property). I was surprised I could drag the fence lines so precisely up to the sidewalk vs the edge of our yard, etc. And the shape doesn’t have to be a square – you can set any shape along any road/property line you need.- You can view a heat map of everywhere he went during the last 24 hours, and see where he spent more/less time based on color coding. It’s hilarious. I use this to determine how often he’s getting into areas that are more/less safe. See picture.- You get notifications when he enters/exits the digital fence-Live tracking (you can see in real time where he’s moving around to) works well, unless he’s in a wooded area. This helps me if I’m trying to bring him inside and need to know where to look for him and which direction he’s heading at that moment.- The physical tracker has a secure connection piece to his collar, I don’t worry about it coming off. Charging it is easy, and I find the charge lasts a few days at least. Note, I let my cat in and out (he doesn’t come and go on his own). So it’s easy to check the battery life before I let him out. If your cat has a door to come and go, I could see the battery life being a little annoying to monitor. However the app sends a notification if the charge is low, so overall I think battery life and charging work well here- I like the design and usability of the app on my phone. It’s not clunky and gives me the info I want.Things that work less well:- Sometimes his position doesn’t update for 30-40 minutes or more. So if I check on where he is and his last position updated 40 mins ago, I have to turn on Live Tracking to get a more current read. I don’t know if the app would have known if he crossed our digital fence during that time, either. So I worry I might be missing times where he’s crossing the road and could call him back. However, when I look at his historical heat map, the app doesn’t seem to have gaps on his position.- The physical tracker is big for a cat. I eventually got comfortable connecting it to his collar only (not his harness), but at first I was worried it was too heavy for his neck. He doesn’t seem bothered by it now. My cat is a normal size, about 12 pounds. See picture.- The activity/exercise tracking features seem unnecessary for an animal. I only use the digital fence, live tracking, and historical heat map features. Personal preference though- I lost signal once for about 45 mins when he went into a treed area. The app didn’t tell me a signal had been lost, it just didn’t update as normal, so it took me until an hour went by with no position update to realize he was off the grid. Live tracking wouldn’t work, and I panicked something had happened to him/the tracker, since that hadn’t happened before. Typical cat fashion, after I walked the block calling for him he popped out again on the app close to home after selectively ignoring my calls. I have a lot of evergreen trees and more mature landscaping on the block, but wouldn’t call that area “heavily wooded.” So just be wary if you live among a lot of trees, you could lose signal often. This time, I did notice a gap in his historical heat map tracking for that period of time.- I really don’t like paying for the gps tracking as a subscription. However, the app works well enough and I get a precise enough GPS location on him to solve what I need, so I’m willing to pay it in this case. I also felt the up front cost of the tracker was low enough to offset the ongoing cost.

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  27. Mark P

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Helps locate you pets

    I have 2 gps’s. One works perfectly, but the other goes offline about once every 10 days. I have to power it off and back online, and then it’s good for another 10 days.

  28. Garrett SmithGarrett Smith

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth your money

    I’m leaving this review after using the tractive tracker to find my dog after he got loose. It actively will track his location and is very accurate. My only gripe is that the rubber bands that wrap around the collar make me uneasy. I’m afraid they could break or come loose. Other than that, it helped bring my dog home.

  29. ABrews

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    After chasing down my dogs in the ruralish area we live 3x for hours losing my voice and crying my eyes out I decided it was time to get gps. I researched for so long but never pulled the trigger. I got one collar for free through Paw Boost when I posted them lost the first time. But paid for the 2nd one for my other dog. Now they both have air tags and these and I can see them all the time and when they escape the virtual fence I get alerted right away. The location is accurate. Peace of mind is everything and now I won’t spend hours in snow and ice driving around but be able to find them faster.

  30. KayKay

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Could work for a large, cooperative cat

    I bought this for a cat knowing that it was meant for dogs, but it looked like the best option, and I still do believe it is the best one out there at this time. It was a lifesaver after a move that was difficult on my indoor/outdoor cat. My cat is a pain and will no longer tolerate having it put on her, but it was amazing when I needed it most.This cat is 11 and very set in her ways. I bought it after she disappeared for three days after a move. (Despite keeping her inside for two weeks before letting her out, which made her really mad.)It was simple to set up, and it attaches to a regular collar in a simple but effective and secure way using heavy-duty elastic bands. (Need a soft collar—can’t attach it to a plastic flea collar.) I had to prepay for a one-year GPS subscription, but the monthly cost was among the lowest I found.Cat was released again, and it was amazing to see where she goes — up to 8.4 miles one night! I relied on it for a couple weeks to find her and bring her home every day. Knowing when and where to find her was a big time saver and a huge relief and I thought it was very well worth the reasonable price. I learned a lot about her routines and travel routes.The app was fun. I loved the history and the different view options like basic map and satellite. The virtual fence worked well—you can set that boundary wherever you like on the app, and I got alerts right away whenever she crossed the line. The activity elements were unnecessary for us but fun. It charges quickly, and the magnetic attachment for that is cool. It would be good if it came with a wall adapter though.It seemed pretty accurate too. One night she got her collar off and I was able to find it. (After thinking she was dead all night because it had stopped moving near a road. This cat!)The cons: one of the biggest cons for us was battery life. It drains within 36 hours outside, two days max, and that’s stressful with an adventurous cat who might not always come back that often. I worried that if she didn’t get back soon enough, the battery would die and I wouldn’t be able to find her. Getting it off to charge and back on every day was a real problem with an intolerant cat too.I also had expected it to update more often. It would often go longer than the advertised 2-60 minutes between location updates. It works best in open areas, but that’s not where cats like to hang out. I only tried the live tracking feature a few times, but it didn’t seem to engage quickly and I would give up and turn it back off to save the battery.It’s also big and heavy for a cat. Probably best for a larger cat. It was also hard to find a breakaway collar that was strong enough to hold it securely and wide enough that the weight of the tracker wouldn’t make the collar cut into her neck too much.Unfortunately, it eventually became impossible to get it on and off her every day to charge it because she started threatening to attack me, so I had to stop using it. By then, we had learned enough that we could search for her when needed, though not as easily.I think this is the best tracker out there for a large cat with a better temperament than mine. If the company could make it a little smaller and improve the battery life, it would be pretty perfect in my opinion.One more thing—customer service is fantastic. They were in touch with me the whole time. I recommend contacting them quickly if you have trouble, because if it doesn’t work out and you have to cancel your prepaid GPS subscription, you have to do it within two weeks.

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  31. Sara Lee

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome all-around for activity monitoring and “everywhere” tracking.

    We got our dog the Tractive monitor because we moved from a dense-suburban area to one that is much less-so. Where we currently live, with acre-sized lots, there’s simply no-way for a Bluetooth-only tracker to adequately do the job.Since we purchased the Tractive just a year ago, we’ve seen consistent improvements in both its App as well as the unit’s firmware. It App is easy to use. Notifications are timely, and location tracking is both quick and accurate – all of which leads to peace-of-mind for when we are not with our pet. Depending on how much we take the Tracker out of WiFi coverage, we see anywhere from 3-weeks to 5-7 days of power before the unit needs to be recharged (which is easy, thanks to the well-designed recharging plug).The activity and sleep monitoring features offer tremendous added-value. We were clued-in early when our dog had hot-spots on his paws when the sleep monitoring noticed nightly disturbances that was not usual behavior.We would definitely purchase this item again!

  32. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I like that the Tractive is very dependable

    I have a two year old Cholate Lab and he loves to explore however I live in a suburban area and on a main road the speed limit is 25 but he still hasn’t learned yet so stay out of the street so I depend on my Tractive to let me know when he gets loose he’s very quick I also love the batery saving feature that when he’s within range the Tractive powers down to save the batery the only thing is the rubber connector that holds the Tractive to his collar doesn’t last as long as I would like it to but they do sell them separately for a fair price

  33. Violet

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Has it’s ups and downs

    So I saw all the reviews, and it seemed like the best one. I didn’t feel like wasting time on other trackers and subscriptions to see if they were just as good and cheaper. So far, the subscription for this seems the cheapest. My only issues are the accuracy, durability, size, and the battery life.Accuracy- the first day we got it, it was working fine until the evening. In the evening it showed that my cat was 20 miles away all of a sudden. I wasn’t checking every 5 minutes. I was checking probably 1 or 2 times an hour. So we figured someone picked him up and took him home. We were about to get into the car frantically and track him down and bring him home. When we were about to pull out of the driveway, we saw him on the side of the house -NOT 20 miles away like the tracker was showing. So far, an incident like that hasn’t happened. But it’s just crazy how it was showing him 20 miles away. I would understand if it was showing him on one side of the house when he was on the other side, but 20 miles away? Come on.Also, the live tracking is not the best. It’ll show he’s in the same spot for over 5 minutes. When I stop the live tracking, close the app, re-open the app, and restart the live tracking -it’ll show him 5 houses away all of a sudden. It’s really irritating when I’m trying to find him to make sure he’s okay since it’ll show he’s stuck in one spot for awhile or when I’m trying to find him to make sure he gets water and food and other things.Durability – when we found that our cat was literally 10 feet in front of us and not 20 miles away. We frantically went to check on him to make sure he was okay. The tracker already had scratches and dings on it. Mind you, this was the first day. I would understand wear and tear after some time. NOT on the first day.Battery life – the battery life is garbage. they say they have a new feature where it goes into power saving mode or whatever when the cat near the house. My cat has to basically be inside for it to do that. He can be around the house i.e., front steps, back porch, etc. (not like 50 feet away kind of near the house, but like NEAR the house) and it won’t go into power saving mode. It’s not a huge house so the modem I know for a fact can reach past the mailbox that’s on the end of the drive way and even can still get wifi in the little wooded area at the back of the house that is more than 100 feet away. I have to charge the tracker every 3 to 4 days. I don’t check the tracker but maybe once an hour, and most times I don’t even get to do that cause I’m busy working. It really shouldn’t be eating up that much battery.Size – this thing is kinda huge for a cat. I checked the dimensions of both the cat and dog trackers and they’re the same. I got the dog tracker cause 1) it’s the same size and does the same thing and 2) they were out of stock on the cat tracker. My cat is an adult and is over 12lbs. I know it’s not the most comfortable thing on him and I kinda hate that I make him wear it, but it’s for his safety. He’s mainly an outdoor cat so he has to wear it all the time almost. I wish they would make it smaller in length and width. So many trackers I saw on amazon were much smaller. I’m not sure what’s the justifiable reason for it to be so fat and big in size.

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  34. Tish

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this!!

    I have 2 dogs, they both have tractives. I love how the device keeps tract of their activity. I live on 90+ acres. I have several virtual fences set up and the device notifies me when they leave them. If I don’t see them all I have to do is press radar or map and it shows me where they are. It makes my life a lot easier with the Tractive. Once one was list off my dog, I just got on my phone and hit map and it took me right to it. If your a dog lover and want to keep track of your dog this is a no brainer!

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  35. Ruprolife

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely saved my dogs life!

    My dog slipped out the door on day when the wind chill was -20. By the time I got my coat and keys to the car she was out of side. We live in the country and she was nowhere to be found. Thanks to Tractive I was able to see right where she was and get her back within 5 minutes. She had ventured into an area she has never gone before and therefore it was an area I would have never look at. She could have easily died out there because I was not looking in the are she was at. Because of Tractive I found her right away and she has no clue why I was so happy to see her and not made at her for slipping out the door. I now have 3 Tractives total and they are worth every penny! The trackers have held up for a few years now. The battery life lasts for 5 days or more. I can see where there might be confusion setting up the invisible fence in a crowded neighborhood but you would have to play with it to get it right. Like I said…..this saved my dog’s life! I have 2 more on 2 dogs who I don’t know if they would run but I am using these as a precaution. I don’t usually write reviews but with this I had to.

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  36. Steve

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Extremely Accurate and Great Battery Life

    This is the first GPS style dog tracker we’ve ever had. We have six dogs. Our Australian Shephard is a runner and gets out of our yard now and then. It’s a mini heart attack every time that happens, because we fear he could be gone forever. Literally a panicked, hair-on-fire scramble to hunt him down. Now with the Tractive Tracker, we feel so much more secure. If he gets out, we’re notified immediately. And we can see where he’s at instantly by turning on Live Mode. I set an alarm for Saturday mornings to remind me to charge the device once a week. But after any given week, it’s never at less than 60% when I go to charge it. Pro Tip: Only use the charge cord it came with. We tried using the one that we use with our Samsung Galaxy (Also a USB-C, of course), and for some reason the Tracker doesn’t charge with it. We tell all our dog owning friends that this is a must have. Good price point, fair subscription price for the amazing accuracy you get. Don’t rely on Air Tags. Get this product for greater coverage and reliability.

  37. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best thing I ever bought for my beagle

    My dog is a beagle/Norwegian elkhound so he’s very adventurous and can get on the trail of something and end up out of “moms yell” range lol. I have had to go hunt him down several times with the help of this tracker. I shows me exactly where he is in real time and tells me how fast he is traveling. I have bought a lot of things for my beloved pup but this is by far the best! Now he can be free and not get lost! It has worked everywhere we’ve been….from the middle of nowhere mountains of wv to the middle of town, this tracker doesn’t miss a beat!!! Buy this tracker!!! The subscription is a little pricey but it’s for a whole year so I thought it was reasonable!

  38. April

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very impressed!

    I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes for this product after reading some of the lower reviews but I decided to take a chance and try it out. I have to give this product 5 stars because I am so impressed with the function! As an extra precaution we did add a zip tie to hold the tracker onto the collar in addition to the rubber bracket that comes with it to make sure it did not fall off because our dog is very active a roams over 60 acres of property. And the charger is finicky sometimes when plugging it up but if you hold your tongue just right it will work! I’ve been able to track her location since putting it on her and the location is pretty accurate. We set a “safe zone” area around our house by a couple of hundred feet that preserves the battery life while she’s in this area. The tracker battery will last 5-7 days before needing to be recharged which is great. The app also notifies me when she leaves the safe zone area and when she returns and I can also look back over her history to see where she’s been that day (including a heat map that shows where she’s stopping and spending more time during her walks). I’m so glad I bought this product and the peace of mind it gives me is priceless.

  39. dlownyci

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It is great to know where my dog is.

    My dog tends to track animals and wanders off the property time to time. I have had the Tractive for several weeks and absolutely love it. It has so many great features. My dog tends to stay in the WIFI area and the battery life lasts over a week and charges very fast. The phone notification is great when the dog goes outside the customized virtual fence. It is great that the tracker goes into live mode and gives you tracking location every few seconds. You are also notified when the dog returns to the safe area. Another great feature is that you can share the tracking information with others. My wife gets the same notification and can react when I am not home. The tracking history is also a great feature to see where your dog has walked during a certain period of time that you can customize. The health aspect of Tractive is interesting also. I find the subscription price very reasonable for the peace of mind that I have. I would buy the Tractive again.

  40. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works really well!

    Battery life is very strong. I only really charge it 1-2 times per week and it’s just out of precaution. My dog has taken off a couple times since the purchase and I was able to find him much faster than before. My only complaint is that the live view can be a little glitchy, which is frustrating when chasing down a dog. It could also be related to my cell service and honestly isn’t that bad. I would def recommend this for someone who has a dog who likes to go exploring on their own!

  41. Harvey

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    I / We Love Tractive Trackers

    I was fairly skeptical at first. I tried the air tag type of tracking devices but living in a rural area they didn’t work to our satisfaction. Then I saw the Tractive tracker. After a little research we decided to give it a shot. And believe me we have not been disappointed in Tractive the least bit.We started with one tracker for our bloodhound Otis. I had no idea he was wandering that far away from the house when I put him on LIVE the first time I used it. Well our Bloodhound family has grown to 5 and I have 4 active trackers. I use 3 trackers on the big hounds. And I use 1 tracke between the 2 smaller hounds.Regularly they run / rome / wander/ exercise 2-3 miles daily. The fartherest I have seen one run was 9.8 miles in just over 4 hours. The total mileage is available in the history feature in the Tractive app.We live in an area that has quite a lot of timber and private land. And our dogs have permission to wander while wearing a high visibility vest on about 2000 acres at any given time. During hunting season we wait until nightfall or about 1 1/2 hours before sunrise to let them out. We monitor them closely with the app. The alerts that I have set on my phone will alert me when they get in an area that I have designated unsafe and I will usually call them and most of the time they will respond. But on the rare occasion when we have to get on the ATV or in my pickup truck to go get them. It gives us peace of mind just to know where they are.I can tell when they are running or wandering around by the MPH feature. The fastest I’ve seen was 11 mph. It shows the path that each dog takes by a bright blue line. When you have multiple dogs on the app screen the other paths are a dim blue line.We use the Wi-Fi feature to save on the battery by turning off the GPS when it detects a designated safe zone Wi-Fi signal. I use the Wi-Fi on our wireless printer as the home location. Because the signal is weaker than our home internet signal. That will trigger the tracker to turn on the GPS when it disconnects from the Wi-Fi. Then that starts triggering the alerts to our phones. When my wife takes a hound to the vet the tracker shows moving at 55-60 mph in the car.I’ve been 50 miles away and had to track our dogs that a delivery driver let out of the fence. When we got home about 3 hours later my wife called Otis and in about 15 minutes he come running to her. I knew exactly which direction he was coming from too.The pricing is very reasonable especially the two year plan. There’s a lot more testimonials I could give.If you will give Tractive a shot- believe me you won’t be disappointed.

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  42. TABTAB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Peace of Mind. You won’t be disappointed.

    I have two young dogs and got each a Tractive last year, when we first got them as puppies. I used Whistle trackers in the past with another dog, but was not satisfied with the reliability or speed of updates when tracking with it and wanted something better. I did a bit of research and decided Tractive sounded like a good option.I have been very happy with the units and with their solid reliability.The key to using them is to set your wifi home zone so you are not draining battery constantly. As long as you do that (and you are able to set multiple “home” zones), these can run one to two weeks at a time easily without recharging.My dogs got out this summer chasing deer through the woods at twilight runnning back into a swamp about a mile from our home. The terrain was very challenging, and they ran over 3 miles during their outing, before they separated with the smaller dog being unable to further navigate the deepening swamp. After going a bit further, the larger dog circled back and reconnected with the smaller one bringing them both back to us (where we had been calling for them unheeded for 15 mins). While this situation was not ideal, the good news was I could “see” where they were in real time on the Tractive app. I knew where to go looking if they did not come back and this gave me more confidence that they were not lost or out on the high speed county roads.We had another occassion when we left the pups in our outdoor fenced yard while we enjoyed dinner out with family about 90 mins from our house. One pup got out and my Tractive notified me promptly when she left the safe zone. I was able to get in touch with a neighbor who put her in our house safely to wait for us to get back home. That could have been a genuine disaster had I not known she had escaped and been able to manage it.The trackers are also very resistant to abuse. Our larger pup uses her mouth to enrourage her smaller accomplice in play, and the Tractive sticks off the collar making it an obvious place for her to grab. That Tractive has been chewed to bits on the outside, but still works great. I honestly am amazed at it’s resiliance. The only thing I have had to replace is an aftermarket silicone sleeve that I use to attach hers to her collar.I recommend Tractive to anyone looking for a solid, reliable and inexpensive method to monitor their pet

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  43. Amazon Customer

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    decent, but maybe hit and miss sometimes

    I have three of these for my three dogs. These units do what they claim, with some caveats. I live in a metropolitan area with PLENTY of cell coverage. A percentage of the time though the units just stop responding to GPS pings, rendering protection useless. Sometimes a hard reset will fix the issue. But if your dog is lost you are SOL.As for run-times, battery life for practical use is a single day, even without any “live” tracking. I lose about a third of charge per day when in standard tracking (non-live) mode. Up to you if you want your battery under half when your dog gets loose. If your battery is low when your dog gets loose and you go into ‘find’ mode you may have a very short time to finish locating your animal. Live mode seems to exponentially increase battery drain (as you would expect, it’s pinging every few seconds instead of every 5 minutes).For my piece of mind I end up recharging all units once a day. This is not a dig on the manufacturer, battery life for these types of devices that must continually ping towers is an issue on most makes.The included charging cables are very very short (a few inches) and use non standard connectors. They don’t really look like they will hold up long term and the way they attach could be prone to unintended disconnects. Don’t know if you can purchase spares or what the cost would be.The way the units attach to the collar could be better. Can be difficult to latch at first, then over time it loosens up a bit, making it easier to get on and off although also easier to become unattached. Probably not much of a chance of it completely dropping depending on how loose you dog’s collar is.This should be obvious, but if you are walking your dogs and your dog slips its collar your gps is left dangling on your collar, not your dog. Best to use these with a harness and/or a collar so that the gps can remain on your loose dog. (Ok, I admit I didn’t think things through at first :).The apps could be a bit more intuitive. When working with multiple animals you basically have info on one at a time requiring quite a few clicks to navigate at times. But they work either on a computer or mobile device. In the end the apps get the job done.As for pricing, the ads are a little misleading. Monthly prices quoted are for annual pay. If you want to pay by the month it’s double. For multiple animals this can add up. Perhaps a discount for multiples would be nice. Also, i might consider buying spares and rotating them so I always had charged units, but not if I have to pay double again for the subscription.The fencing feature is helpful but inaccurate. The minimum size of the ‘fence’ required will likely include several houses on all sides of you. So you won’t know right away if your dog gets out of your yard. This likely has to do with gps limitations so maybe not a design issue. However, other gps locators on my phone seem to be accurate within a few feet. I can usually ping my phone and see what part of the house my phone is in. Don’t know why this wouldn’t be the same?But back to my biggest concern. If the unit won’t ping when its surrounded by towers and you don’t know that this has happened, it is useless. You should at least get a msg on your phone that tells you when the gps is no longer responding to pings so you can troubleshoot or reset. But what good does it do if you are just walking your dogs around the neighborhood and then later you realize the unit stopped tracking miles ago?If this review sounds negative it’s not meant to be. It certainly beats the common ‘bluetooth’ options out there which should be outlawed as deceptive trade practice. A bluetooth locator will work within a very short distance or not all. If your dog gets out of your yard your bluetooth will likely be useless.All in all, these units are better than other options I have experimented with and worth a look. I am concerned about it’s ability to stay connected to gps tho. And what about bad weather? Tree cover? etc.Update: 5/6/2021The newer version of software now has a “battery saving” mode which makes things a “tad” bit better on the battery side. However, as expected, the GPS upadates even less frequently making it even less useful in the event of an emergency. May be a while before your unit goes “live” if your pet gets loose.Bottom line: this unit is way better than most bluetooth only alternatives but make no bones, to keep this on your dog at all times requires recharging every day or day and half if you don’t want your unit getting low on charge before a pet loose event. Once you go “live” to find your pet the battery drains very quickly. It would be nice if there were a reasonable spare battery option of some kind. Buying two units is not only double the price but double the monthly charge of course.Also, these units do not do well in bad weather and generally perform better in open areas with clear blue skies. Cloud cover (stormy weather) and/or thick tree cover or other obstructions can affect location tracking adversely. That is understandable. But again, just understand that these things are not as powerful as your typical cell phone and require optimum weather and line of sight to satellite conditions to work their best.Considering the alternatives these units are probably as good as you are going to get in this price range.

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  44. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Tractive gets the job done!!

    Our dog Hamish gets in a mood from time to time to just take off. Normally he takes voice commands and stays in eye contact. But when be goes there is no stopping him, can be put of site in minutes. Then the search begins, but with tractive we find him quickly and get him leashed up and out of danger. If I have a problem with the device, typically in 24 hours I have good instructions how to fix it. Courteous service, on point, well worth the investment.

  45. jo justis

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Finally know where our wanderlust doggie goes and how much!

    This is absolutely must have to keep up with active dogs. Must get GPS service. I also got protection plan, as my dog is rough with equipment. Worth 200 bucks for peace of mind. Tracks general health, can get more technical if you pay more.We had to also put on a zip tie to the device and collar, as the rubber band broke after a few days. Be sure to put the zip tie on so the bump is away from where the charger clicks onto the device. It works great with it. My only complaint is occasionally GPS signal gets weak due to a building or if he’s in a burrow. However, it at least gives a pseudo direction, so you at least know the general vicinity they are. The light and sound features, neither one, really are helpful to me. I can barely see the light, and the sound is way too low for me to hear. The GPS Is accurate enough that I can find where he is, so I’m satisfied.

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  46. Zach Sadler

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth the money

    I bought this hoping and praying it would work because I bought something similar and it did not work, but I was not disappointed when I got this, the instructions to set it up are very easy. It gave me piece of mind knowing I know where my dog is at all times. You have the option to det up virtual fences, no go area so if your dog/car gets out you will get an alert. I have an escape artist husky who gets out no matter what we do with tract active it will alert me when she leaves and give you exactly where she is. It is worth the money. I would buy this again if needed

  47. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Saved our Dog

    our dogs main collar came off with his tags and and he disappeared without us even knowing it. Luckily, we got an alert from tractive that he was outside the safe zone Thankfully, somebody picked him up and he still had his tractive collar on. We were able to log on to Tractive and zoom in on the map G and find the exact location and address and even name of the person who picked him up 15 miles away. We drove to the house and sure enough there was Blue our dog playing with the two yellow labs at this gentleman owned. Without tractive are not sure we ever would’ve been able to find him.

  48. Billbob

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good overall

    Works pretty good. Took one star off for the fact that there were no instructions at all included inthe package. Upon trying to find a phone number discovered that there is no telephone support.They did respond to an email the same day however so this may or may not be a problem for most people.App needs to be fine tuned in my opinion. I’m happy to get an alert when the battery is going dead but do not like to be woken up at night by a notification that the battery is charged. The option to have one without the other is not available.

  49. Greg

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    It cannot be trusted

    Update: after some more testing, i have found this unit works very well as long as I have a VERY good cell signal. In some areas of my property, I only get 1 or two bars of 4G. I am certain this is the source of my problems. We recently went on a week-long vacation and had no issues whatsoever. Also, battery life was better than expected as long I was not in Live mode. Unit seems to charge rather quickly. One thing I found is that I cannot use my Samsung super fast charger to charge this. It won’t charge at all. Updated to three stars. Get rid of the wellness/leaderboards or add as a option to the subscription. Would like to see a cheaper tracking only plan without the frills.Original review – I chose the Tractive over other pet GPS trackers based on others stating it was the best on the market. Garmin’s offerings are outstanding, but not practical for pet use and daily life. I wanted something for my dog to wear during normal day-to-day life. The Tractive is very easy to set up and use. The charger situation seems to be fixed now with one that the device snaps into, instead of relying on a magnet. It’s still a propriety charger, which I don’t know if they could have avoided that without problems with USB-C ports and dirt/debris.The app has a lot of unnecessary features, in my opinion. For my purposes, I just need to track the dog – not his activity and rest levels. Leaderboards? Give me a break. I would like to see a subscription level with tracking and device coverage only at a reduced rate. The extra fluff to justify the subscription fee is silly.I have a 12 lb Jack Russell Terrier. The Tractive is large on a terrier. I’ve found it stays in place best on a 3/4″ biothane collar. I’ve tested it on smaller collars, flat nylon and leather (rolled and flat) and the 3/4″ biothane or larger is the way to go. I have let my dog wear it while hunting in the woods and he hasn’t been able to knock it off the collar yet. There have been a few close calls when he sticks his head through my woven wire fence. The Tractive will get caught and stretch the rubber collar clamp. I would prefer to see a rigid plastic clamp instead of the stretchy rubber. This is the first trust problem with this device.Tracking performance – I live on 5 acres and have done a bit of testing. I’ve posted a screenshot of my latest test. In the screenshot, the dog bubble icon indicates that Boone is safe, at home in the wifi zone. That was entirely incorrect. He was standing by my side on the opposite corner of the property, far away from WiFi. My position is indicated by the blue dot. We remained in this corner of the property for 10 minutes and the Tractive failed to ever update and show that he left home. I had to manually switch to Live mode. I received a push notification about 5 minutes after that, telling me that Boone had left home. Who knows if the Tractive would have ever switched itself and sent a notification? I can’t trust it.Once we returned to the house, the Tractive did switch itself back to power saving mode and showed him in the wifi zone….but it was 5 minutes or more later before I received a push notification of that event. I also notice the delays on other notifications. Such as battery or the device being powered off. It takes as long as 10 minutes to receive a notification. Once in Live mode, the device did update and track properly. However, it really drains the battery. More testing to do on battery life…I will continue testing and update my review after 30 days. At this point, I expect it will probably be returned and the subscription cancelled. I just can’t trust it with my best friend. At best, I would consider this a VERY iffy level of insurance. Even if it worked perfectly, these devices are no substitute for supervision, training and developing a solid recall.

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  50. Katherine Green

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have been very happy with this gps! It has given me the piece of mind of knowing where my dog is at all times. I’m not a helicopter pet parent but I do work far from where I live and many dogs go missing in the area. That and lots of dog fighting rings are just present in the south. I wanted to at least know that if my dog has his collar on, I will know the second he leaves the yard.Pros:-Stretchy collar attachment (our dog’s collar is 1.5in)-Battery saving if he remains in range of our wifi.-There is a button in the app that will let me play a sound from anywhere so that I can hear him even if I can’t see him. I will say it is not very loud, mainly good in a 10-15ft range.-Its lightweight, he doesn’t seem to notice it’s on his collar at all. And it stays ON! Not once has he ran, jumped or shaken it off.-Gps tracking is pretty freaking accurate which is great and basically the whole point of this thing!Cons-Battety lasted about a day and a half while we were away from home. Not sure if it was me automatically using live view or the GPS always pinging our location.-It was roughly $200 for two years of unlimited tracking. For some this may be nothing and others it might be this or another bill. I say worth it for where I am and my needs but that may deter some people. I can’t remember what exactly the subscription plans were but that is what we chose.-The little charger that it comes with is pretty wonky and doesn’t ever really stay on that great unless I flip the collar around to charge it. A little annoying but nothing seriously bad.All in all I would definitely recommend this product. It has made me so much more comfortable being able to leave him in the yard or take him out hiking and knowing that I’ll be able to find him should something ever happen.

  51. Nicole

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fi vs Tractive

    Let me start with the winner. Tractive.Also, I think it is a very important fact to know is this: Neither tracker was super accurate to the “zones”…. As in, my Dog was around a brisk 3 minute walk out of the red line before I was notified from Tractive. My dog was a minimum of 5 minutes out of the red line before I was notified from Fi. Two minutes is huge to me. If you are purchasing either device as a peace of mind for dogs that escape, you need to know this fact.1. Connectivity: Tractive because when I had one dog in Fi and the other in Tractive, Tractive always updated me first. I take multiple walks with my dogs each day. During those walks, I would leave my phone at home. Then I would look at the times of the notifications when I returned. Tractive won every day in different places.2. Lost Dog Mode: Tractive was quicker to track in my opinion. Lost Dog Mode went into effect quicker than Fi. The Fi delays a minute at a time when putting it in lost dog mode. This is huge when trying to locate your dog. My dog can cover some ground in a minute. The Tractive stays tracking the whole time. You can literally see your dog take a turn, run backwards..etc. You can also click on AR and it points you in the direction to head with an estimation of feet. Here is how I tested this: I let my husband take both dogs without a phone on him. He tooks some hiking trails while I waited behind. Then, I placed both devices in lost mode. I did these three different days, at different times, in different places.3. Actually tracking the dog when lost: Tractive. Once Tractive pulls up, it’s real time. Fi updates each minute.4. Alerts: Tractive. I mean, it is cool to know that “Husband just took dog on ride”. “Dog is out of zone without an owner” (Fi), but I hate getting tons of communication. I care if my dog has left home- and where he is. Just telling me “Dog has left home” is enough for me (Tractive) I usually know when they are supposed to be going somewhere and if I didn’t, I’d want to. I don’t need to know where my husband drives around with my dogs.App- Tractive. The Fi app sucks. I think there is a time and place for social stuff and I LOVE seeing dogs on Insta- but I do not want to join a social dog network. I do not want to be notified of other dogs. It is cool I could disable it, but just seeing the tab bugs me. I like that the Tractive app reminds me of my health app. It tracks sleeping and all kinds of things. Honestly – that functionality isnt important to me- but my Boxer sometimes has days where he seems “down”. I could look at the app and see that he got less sleep the night before and it made me worry less. He was just tired.Extra Zones: Tractive. Fi doesnt have any. I LOVE this. I put extra bad zones around some houses that I would never want my dog near. We went on walks near them and sure enough, I would be notifed that “Dog was near Smiths house”. Again, as I started with… it does take a few minutes- but just knowing I would get notified was a huge relief.Setting up: Tractive. The Fi was annoying. I had to set mine up- then when I sent invites to my family, it acted like they needed to connect to the base and do all of the initial stuff I already did. I had to figure out that I could go back in and press on them in the invite screen. Then they could just log back in and it would work. The tractive required zero questions from each of my teenage kids and husbands. I sent an invite, they added themselves.Battery: same- The tractive does lose battery pretty quickly when you are in lost mode, yet this makes sense. It is updating more frequently than the Fi. It uses more service than the Fi. The Fi uses your cell phone which most people have on them. The only thing Tractive uses is your home Wifi IF you set that up.The airtag wasnt and shouldn’t be an option for people to use to locate their dog. It has zero cellular service so why Fi uses them as their “biggest competition” on their website makes sense now after owning one.I think a lot of people really need to understand how Fi works. If my device was with me, Fi was beyond amazing. On paper, it beat Tractive big time—-but Fi USES my cellular GPS when I have my phone with me. So of course it’s better. I won’t be by my dog if I lost him! It doesn’t use its internal cell service until you are not near your wifi/ cell phone. Also, if you don’t have the Tractive placed the right way- it does affect the service. Make sure it’s placed to the outside of the collar with the silver button up. I think maybe people put it upside down? I honestly have been SEARCHING for ways that the Fi could be better. It is the better-looking device and seems much tougher. I have a great dane and a boxer and they love to play rough. They haven’t managed to affect either device. We also take hikes in snow up to my boxers shoulders- the Tractive was unaffected by that moisture.I’m going to keep both for now and see if they stay this way for a few monthsUPDATE 4/27/23:Fi just pushed an update that states it tracks faster in the live mode. I tested every scenario above again- and everything is the exact same as I shared above EXCEPT— on the point of Fi taking 1 min to update in lost dog mode, it has changed to every 15-30 seconds. This is the only thing that was affected by their update.Hope this helps!

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  52. NinjediNinjedi

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Stay Away Battery Life Is Under 24 hrs Dies

    7days per battery recharge try 7hours now sadly not even a day goes by when I forget to take it off the charger because honestly it is constantly an issue about expiry of battery if you forget to unplug it doesnt know its full so it harms itself no auto stop on continuong to overdo what it wouldnt need to if any actual true regulation fact checking had been in place to askfor a better battery life than deceiving customers who should be all writing one stars for reviews as using this requires babysitting the thing in anxious anticipation a replacement yeilded the same one day span thats a 7th of the box estimates for battery expiration ..I contacted the vendor recommended I set the tracker to not be activated needlessly by setting the trackers software conditional alerts to transit alerts only wheny dog escapes they call that a digital fence no exageration no noted lifespan was improved by doing that and i prepaid for a year for a second device to double fact checkbefore spitting venom like a dishonest yelp troll might falsely declare im not seeing any other reviews only one or two experiencing this low excuse for a week of juice it claimed i would be protected this is nearly a loss of my own teeth to express my disgust for the fragile runner that is still snapped and three weeks later no replacement has been recieved no delivery tracking nor any estimates match the request for another strap ignored so now Im forced to open a paypal dispute they likely have a single employee who deals with all online website orders who is 80 and recovering fromher own misery as a proud owner of the same frustration i amfinally giving up to replace ahead of my subsscription for both double payment thinking im better to charge and reverse only makes it more of a chore than a chance at tracking my dog and i forget tomswap themevery other day the alerts of the fence dont activate if its dead now would it making my investment worthless wouldnt it be more believable if others stated the samelow lifespan and im only seeing one or two bad reviews of all is sickening. An actual metal clip rather than some melted down rubber chinese and weakly snapped in under 6 months still angers me most as if I ordered it a month back and no provided lack of shipping confirmation nor replay for a replacement lost in transit but no one any one accepting im wondering why have added at least a star more than this poor complaint is affording if not for the crickets on the phone no one answering me and my voicemails wheres my order are ignored still today no replacement order im forced to replace the entire unit since if it falls off while shes wearing it i wouldnt get her back nor the device my money made worthless whatever ill cancel and request a refund this is crap take my word for it and look first for a GPS with a better battery as the most essential component over nice looking or extra app features likely theres some tracker better I admit this was the first one I tried And im wishing it worked as advertized i am shocked hardly anyone gets bothered by reattaching and unattaching daily a piece of runner that as a life protection attachment should withstand the life of the unit as the daily banysitting makes this thing break within under a year and replacing the gummy strap will leave you three weeks confused wheres the order i made no replay on their end yet ive called and email but noone is answering ill later complain and lodge a dispute but i have to protect my dog first by studying an alternative more long lasting solution im tired of looking at my dog and being reminded I forgot to reattach the thing after leavingit again two nights on the charger (this is not good for the thing doesnt know its already full and kills the battery by constantly requiring nursing the digitalfence doesnt stop it from being daily annoyingly alerting me of low battery its been six months since replacing the thing already to try again to much timewasted trying to recharge and replace it brakes the strap and no delivery confirmation makes this investment worthless true facts i hate to write trash talk for warning future customers but simply redesign this strap with metal and replace the weak dishonest battery with one that outlasts an old iphone 6plus from a decade ago! Lets check closely the declarationof recharge timeas my dog is worth the effort in priceless love Id have my marriage canceled if she escaped and this thing was off for my mind is not perfect so i forget to check it daily as if that were acceptable as its only fault the review is rather long winded but imso frustrated with it today and i give up. Works for a day and dies again making me try another for i prepaid another subscription to fact check this is not a one off trust me its no 7 day battery no phone even my iphone 13 promax doesnt do that and its $1,500 so explain the false week reported makes no sense to claim it is a defective double dud order when neither unit lasts over a day before alert declares the thing empty again no way not my dog im not risking the thing falling apart just to continue to trust a product i can find an alternative solution with better effort in quality control hopefully not another decietfulreported low lifespan or a battery that kills itself by remaining on charge after full like this one does.

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  53. AlyssaAlyssa

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Just got this today. Updated over a month of use.

    Will update this review as we use this.OUT OF THE BOX REVIEW:Easy to set up and attach to collar. The bright blue collar attachment is silicone and stretches to fit over various collar widths. If you have a thinner collar (cat or small dog sized) you can slip it through the silicone piece for a more secure fit. I’m not worried about this falling off, even when our pup’s swimming or playing rough. He’s a hardcore wrestler!BATTERYBattery seems fine thus far. I charged to 100% upon receiving and have had it sitting next to me for the last couple hours. I tested Live mode for about a minute. It’s currently at 96% with no actual activity.ACCURACYCan’t speak to the GPS accuracy yet. Just sitting on the floor it is accurate. It does tend to “jump” a bit even when the tracker isn’t moving, but that may be more related to my location/signal than the tracker itself. The jump is only about 20ft, so not a huge deal.FIND YOUR PETThere is a “Find” mode and a “Live” mode. The Find mode uses Bluetooth range and a “4-ring” interface – “As you get closer to your pet, more rings will fill up.” I’m sitting 3ft away from the tracker and only 2.5 rings are filled. Hover over the tracker and all 4 rings are full. So, this seems pretty useless (like Bluetooth, lol.)Live mode takes up to 60 seconds to activate (at home on wifi). This also has a tendency to jump a bit when the tracker isn’t moving, but less than on the standard map, more like 3-5ft jump. Live turns off automatically when GPS signal is lost, ugh. Maybe it’s just the GPS in my house that’s garbage, will need more testing.In either mode, you can turn on a light (pretty useless in the daytime) and turn on a sound and it plays a little tune until you turn it off manually. Not very loud at all, probably need to be within 15ft to hear it.VIRTUAL FENCESThis is an interesting concept with some drawbacks. It has to be relatively large (150ft diameter), much larger than a “standard” backyard, which is a huge limitation. You can either set up a safe-zone OR a non-safe zone, you cannot do both on one fence. But, you can set up to 5 virtual fences. I thought maybe I’ll just make the area outside of my backyard a non-safe zone, but what about when we take him for a walk? This wouldn’t make sense. Really the only use case is to get a notification when our pet leaves the safe zone, but then I’m getting a notification every time we take him for a walk. You can toggle the fence on and off, but this just seems like a hassle that isn’t worth the effort. It would be more intuitive if the fence deactivated automatically when it was in Bluetooth range of a trusted device.Outside of push notifications the app also doesn’t really tell you what happens when your pet is outside of the safe-zone, so I guess I’ll have to try it to find out. Does it make sound? Does it vibrate? No clue out of the box.SUBSCRIPTIONWe were prepared for $13/month for the subscription as that’s what I read from other reviews. There are cheaper options, but that is the cost of the month-by-month Basic plan ($13 + $1 tax). It is a little confusing to be able to find the month-by-month option, as the majority of their subscriptions are 1+ years, but I found how to do it just by reviewing Tractive’s FAQ. We just want to try this for one month while we go on vacation and leave our buddy with a family member before deciding if we wanted to keep this tracker. Honestly, I’d rather pay monthly and deactivate the subscription when we don’t need this, as we really only intend to use it when we can’t be with our best buddy.TL;DRYOU CAN PAY MONTH-TO-MONTH. Easy setup. Good first impression of the important features.—UPDATE 3 DAYS AFTER USE:Still reliable and mostly accurate GPS tracking with no major issues or concerns.Battery life leaves much to be desired. The tracker is in power-saving mode when you’re in a “safe zone” (not related to virtual fences, I think this is determined by wifi connection), but if the tracker leaves the house it uses more battery. This is fine, but poses a problem for vacations. We were away from home for an overnight trip (gone maybe 36hrs) and I wish I had checked the battery % before we left, but the tracker was dead by the first night. I was surprised by this so soon after we got the device.So, if you go for vacation make sure you add the wifi info / virtual fence to the tracker for it to use power-saving mode, and make sure to charge before vacation. If you’re going for more than two days, bring the charger. We primarily bought this to use on vacation / when we leave our bud with a family member, so the battery is a bit of a letdown. Not a deal breaker.—UPDATE 3.5 WEEKS AFTER USE:We had this device fully charged and ready to go when we left our best buddy with a family member for a week’s vacation. There is an option on the app for the tracker itself to connect to wifi near the device, but this is misleading because it was never able to connect – I have to assume my phone has to be nearby to do this. Since we weren’t able to connect the tracker to wifi it used a ton of power and needed charged every ~1.5 days. They live in a rural area, so the tracker didn’t correctly track the GPS location *at all*. Basically, the tracker was useless in our intended use case. Will be contacting the company for a refund.—FINAL UPDATEReached out to Tractive and quickly received a refund for the $13 monthly subscription. Amazon accepts returns of this item too, so that’s the next step. Really wish this had worked better for our use case, but it’s still a good device I would trust if we were using it in locations with GPS signal. Leaving 3 stars for a neutral rating.TL;DRIf you’re in a suburban area with good connection and GPS signal, I would recommend this tracker.

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  54. brad cantwellbrad cantwell

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Worth it for lost dog

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    I decided to give Tractive a shot 6 weeks ago when I took down my only fence. This meant my 5 year old German Shorthaired Pointer would be off leash all the time. I live on a peninsula on a river with 2 other homes close by and the busy road is about 0.4 miles away.I run about 7-10 miles a day with my dog, the majority of which is spent outside the WiFi zone (obviously). Battery has lasted about 3 weeks – I just had to charge it for the second time.The device fell off one time and this was in the WiFi zone. My dog had been chasing a chipmunk and got wrapped up in some brush and it came off. It was an isolated incident and not an issue with product durability. I used the app to locate it by slowly walking around the WiFi circle until the Bluetooth option became available. It lit up within a 10-12 foot radius where I then found it by turning the sound on.If you live by a highway or have neighboring properties you don’t want your dog accessing and want an immediate alert, this product won’t be helpful – but neither will any others, really (I have past experience with Whistle). Since it updates periodically, it won’t catch on that the dog has entered the unsafe area until they’re already there for a few minutes (that’s if the unsafe area is within 5 minutes if your home). If you’re worried about traffic or your dog killing your neighbors livestock, you’re SOL.As far as the health aspect of the product goes, it’s not too useful. Activity is only monitored based on how many minutes your dog is moving around, so there’s no distinction whether he runs 10 miles over 90 minutes or rides in a car for 90 minutes. The sleep score is also pointless because if you charge the device overnight, their sleep score will be negatively effected for that week.You are only able to check wellness/activity/sleep when YOU are within the WiFi zone (i.e. at home). For me, this means I can’t open the app while I’m at work to see what my dog has been up to. This is a downside, especially if you are someone who may be out of town and want to check on your dog when they’re at a kennel or staying with a dogsitter/family member/friend.We have a dock on the property and my dog swims in the river almost every day. The device has been submerged countless times and has proven to be quite waterproof. It also tracked him well when he once swam about 40 yards out into the river. I did buy extra rubber collar attachments early on because I wanted the blue instead of brown. I haven’t had to change it at all though, and it hasn’t weakened or stretched.If your dog were to be lost and you use live tracking, it does drain the battery much faster. However, if your dog is lost, I would recommend going to the History to see where he is, then only use the live tracker when you know you are close. Viewing the history does not deplete the battery fast, but if you use the live tracker constantly while following a lost dog, the battery will only last a couple hours.Here are some overall grades I would give it.Battery – 9/10 (3 weeks)Durability – 9/10 (great even when exposed to water/dirt, stays on collar well)Safe zones/unsafe zones – 4/10 (does recognize when dog has entered/left, notifications are accurate, but not timely unless you are live tracking)Live tracking – 6/10 (works okay but sometimes slow to load. I have noticed that live tracking is one thing that will deplete battery though)Overall tracking accuracy – 7/10 (good once it recognizes dog has left home, but is clueless about the initial 4-5 minute span when they left home)Health/wellness/sleep – 4/10 (doesn’t know whether the dog is actually exercising, and charging renders sleep data useless)App efficiency/convenience – 5/10 (slow at times, can’t access data when you’re not home)Ability to find your dog if they are lost – 8/10 (worth it for this all by itself)Value for money – 7/10 (can’t beat the initial cost and subscription is relatively the same as other products. However, they do make you pay for a year up front which is BS – if not for this I’d rate value 9/10)I would rate it 6.5/10 overall but if you’re looking for something to use as a safety measure in the event your dog is lost, it’s definitely worth it.

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  55. Breanna

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Honest in depth review!

    Okay honest review! After nearly two weeks.Pros: It charges pretty fast, a full charge on the battery last me about 3 days! It doesn’t bother my dog (15 pound Shih Tzu) even though he is small he doesn’t try to remove it, he doesn’t notice it. It gives me a bit of peace of mind while I’m working.Cons: I live on a 1 acre lot, in a rural area. I put my boundaries around my property. The tracker isn’t very accurate, sometimes it’ll say he left the boundary and he’s sitting next to me. So it can cause stress if I’m not home and he’s alone.However, I just learned to base my worries off the MPH. For example if he’s going 10 MPH then yes he probably left the property. But if he’s 1-3 MPH than he’s probably safely inside.It has caused me to unnecessarily worry about my dog at times. Because it’ll say he’s gone and he’s perfectly safe.I got him this tracker because he’s adjusting to our new home and has been TOO curious lately. And there many animals nearby which isn’t safe for him, such as other dogs, cats, cows, and chickens.It helps to an extent. At least it’s better than the apple AirTag. It can relief you’re anxiety but it may also cause some. But I rather have the tracker on then not be able to find him at all in a moment of crisis.

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  56. Brinkley B. PoundBrinkley B. Pound

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is invaluable for dogs that like to wander

    I have been hunting for a reliable tracker for my dog for a while. We live out in the country where only Verizon provides service, and that signal is not super strong. I initially tried the FI collar, but that uses AT&T only, and I never got it to work on the cell service. I was hesitant about trying the Tractive collar – mainly because it just looked cheap. Boy, was I wrong! First off, the design is actually very clever – lightweight, easy to recharge, inexpensive, and doesn’t bother my small dog (21 pounds) at all. I found that its live tracking works extremely well (see the map of the tracking for one of her outings), even with the marginal cell service here. I do have problems in the morning when it is overcast or drizzly, but in the afternoons when it is overcast it works fine.A few items of note:1 – The WiFi home zone is very large around my house – probably at least 200 yard range in all directions. I wish that the sensitivity of the tracker could be adjusted so that the zone is reduced to around 50 yards. This would make it a lot easier to see whether my dog is heading toward the road or down by the lake..2 – The live tracking cannot be activated when the tracker is in the WiFi home zone unless you are within about 10 or 15 feet (bluetooth range) of the tracker. The bluetooth range does seem very small.3 – To address item 1 and 2, I changed the live tracking to 30 minutes. Whenever I let my dog out, I activate the tracker so that I know exactly where she is – whether she is in the WiFi home zone or not. That has worked great for me and I get immediate notification when she goes into the different zones.4 – The battery seems to last about 4 or 5 days for me even using the live tracker more than normal. Charging is very easy and the tracker doesn’t even have to be taken off of the collar.5 – The notifications didn’t work at first, but after disabling and re-enabling the zones, it finally started working. Those will be super helpful to be able to know that my dog is safe while I am inside working.All in all, I am extremely pleased with the tracker and look forward to using it at other locations when I travel with my dog.

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  57. Angela Berwick

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So Far, so Good!

    I have used the WhistlerGO Tracker for the past 4 years on my runaway Husky. I never loved it, but it did the job (most of the time). However, our subscription was up for renewal, and I just wasn’t excited to spend another year with them. So I searched for other options. Tractive was on a few of “the best” lists, AND it just so happened to be on sale that day (prime day). So I purchased it. And bought the subscription.I have only been using it for a little over two weeks, but here is what I think so far:Cons:- Not sure i love the size of it / connection straps. I read other reviews that I need to buy a better strap for it. That irritates me, just make it so it doesn’t fall off. (Now, i haven’t had it fall off, but we haven’t been to a dog park or anything where she is wrestling. We lost the whistle a couple times due to play, and another dog actually punctured a hole in it, so I understand what these other reviews mean)- The walk feature in the app is goofy to me. You have to start and stop a walk (if you want it recorded). I already record my walks on my watch for myself, I am not going into the app to do that for my dog. Thats pretty minor though.Pros — easy to share app with others (spouse or anyone watching the dog for me)- activity tracker is easy to find within the app- in over two weeks, I have only had to charge it once. And i am on at 50% battery life now. So, so far its pretty good.- Supposedly there is a beep and light that can be used to locate the dog … haven’t had to use this feature yet however, likely the light wont be useful to me (husky hair), and if my dog is missing, likely she is far enough away a beep wont locate her either; BUT I like these as options, as it cant hurt.- OK, so for the biggest feature of all.. the GPS! So far, I am overly impressed with the location tracking. Its quick and so accurate (i can tell which side of the house the dog is in). The whistle was so slow to load and lagged. This seems spot on, even in a rural area.So over all, I am happy with this and look forward to using it. As a gal who has chased her husky through marshes, woods and my neighborhood too many times to be proud of, a fast and accurate tracker is a necessary lifesaver and worth every penny!

  58. Minnesota Murph

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    City Slicker Dog’s-Got Rabbit in Its Blood

    Our newly adopted Alaskan Husky shelter dog scares easy and runs away, because she has not bonded with us yet.This unit appears to track as advertised, “wherever cell phone service is available”. She definately would be completely lost within a matter of minutes if she ran off, and after using this unit for a couple weeks, we are confident that it is both reliable and dependable. The Android app shows to within about 50 to 100 fet her whereabouts at all times.A full year subscription was required at the time we activated the unit. Ive seen several customers with less expensive trackers, from other companies, complain that their cheaper units only work if they are near peer devices on their communication network. But the makers of our ” Tractive” product claim to use cellular services to track once the unit leaves our home router zone. I have not yet had a chance to test this unit out in rural areas where cell phone service would be more sparse.With the power saving mode, we get great surveilance capabilities while only needing to recharge the unit once a week for a few hours at a time.At this point, I have to give it 5 stars.Hope we never need to use it, but it seems like a great product. After looking around, it appears to be one of the best products available.

  59. Shelby Wiggins

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Peace of Mind: Achievement Unlocked!

    We have a toy and standard poodle that are both aging and put on a little weight. We played around changing up their diet to homemade ground turkey, brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes, peas and carrots and wanted to see analysis of how their energy and exercise improved. The constat tracking of their exercise activity, sleep schedules and overall health is such a relief to know we’re doing what’s best for them. Our back yard is large and fenced in, and really they’re so attached that if they were to get out they would just come back, but the GPS feature is very accurate so we know in the event of something crazy, we could find them.Highly recommend. The battery life could be a little longer (we need to charge them about every 3 days) but given we all charge our phones daily this isn’t really a complaint. If my fur babies need their device to be charged less than what I use to stay in touch with family and friends, answer emails, and check the weather, I’m happy with that.

  60. 2milehill

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked for us…

    We adopted a dog that had spent a lot of time on his own. He is 8 years old and was in a small town area for 2 years that we know of. We assume he was getting fed by the community, possibly by the small restaurant there. Don’t know where he was before then. He likes to roam. Takes a long walk everyday and takes my other (teen in dog years) dog with him, which I don’t like. We live in a heavily wooded area. No farms, just hundreds, maybe thousands of acres of woods. There’s a tiny town of about 400 people nearby.At first we weren’t sure if he was just staying in our 10 acres or if he was going farther. Turns out he roams around 1/2 to 2/3 of a mile in any direction. Always stays away from houses and people. We’ve gone to get him a few times, but the good news is we know where to find him. Both dogs come if we get close enough to call so they can hear us. I guess we’ll have to put up a fence (to keep them in during hunting season), but until then we can find our two dogs with just one Tractive, because they stay together (so far).I’m quite happy with Tractive. It has worked well. It takes a few moments to get GPS coordinates, but always comes through. We live in a dead zone for phones, have satellite TV and WIFI. I wasn’t sure this would work, but it does, so I imagine it works for most people.As for battery power, I only turn on the app on my phone when I really need to. That’s when the battery on the Tractive kicks in. So far we have recharged about once a week on average.I recommend it. My dog doesn’t seem to mind having it on his collar. Get the right size for your dog.

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