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Treat & Train – Remote Treat Dispensing Dog Training System

Treat & Train remote treat dispensing dog training system makes teaching your dog calm, relaxed behaviors easy and fun for you and your dog.



Treat & Train was invented by Dr. Sophia Yin, a world-renowned veterinary behaviorist who revolutionized how we treat and train pets (ha ha see what I did there).  This product was until January 2024 available on Amazon.  Dr. Yin’s family gifted (Veterinary Information Network) with all of her work from Cattledog Publishing, including the Treat & Train.  So the logo on the video is from the same product, but Cattledog Publishing now sells it.  You will be directed to the Cattledog Publishing site to purchase the Treat & Train.  

Use the Treat & Train to teach your dog:

  • Down and stay- Prepare meals and eat without your dog under foot and begging.
  • Go to a place- Instead of rushing the door when visitors come in, your dog calmly stays on their mat until released
  • Target- Teach your dog to touch the target with their nose and then cooperative care for veterinary and grooming procedures
  • Recall- Establish reliable come to you on cue
  • And more!

Here are all the instructional videos for using Treat & Train.

  • PRAISE YOUR DOG: Trains your pet through positive reinforcement
  • COMMUNICATE: Links a food reward to desired good behavior
  • VERSATILE: Extendable training wand can be used with or without the base
  • TRAIN FROM A DISTANCE: Hand held remote operates up to 100 feet away
  • FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES: Remote reward dog trainer for pet owners and professionals; all breeds and ages of dogs
  • LEARN TO TRAIN YOUR PUP: Comes with detailed instructions to help make training easy
  • U.S.-BASED CUSTOMER CARE: Our pet product experts are here to help you and your pet and are available by phone, email or chat if you have any questions

Additional information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

16 x 10.5 x 10.25 inches; 6.14 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Batteries ‏ : ‎

4 D batteries required.

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

October 2, 2001

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Radio Systems Corporation

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#474 in Electronic Training Collars

Customer Reviews:

1,633 ratings

60 reviews for Treat & Train – Remote Treat Dispensing Dog Training System

  1. Simon

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great tool, but noisy

    This is really a great product, and I don’t regret in any way buying it – I would recommend it to anyone interested in pet training.However, that being said, there are some things that could have been better.First of all, the remote control is a bit disappointing. It works ok, but does not have the build quality that the manners minder itself seems to have.Second, it’s quite a noisy machine. The beep sound is adjustable, but even the lowest level is far too loud. It’s great outdoors (I use it for agility), but indoors you’ll prefer to turn the sound off completely. But even if you do that, the mechanism itself is not really quiet.Lastly, it jams a lot, which is probably the biggest problem. The mechanism is really sensitive to what treats you use, but even when you make sure you only use round, hard pellets of the same size – sometimes a pellet i broken in half and jams the tray so that you need to remove it manually and restart the manners minder. That’s really easy to do, but might be an issue if you leave it on automatic mode so your pets can have some fun while you are away.

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  2. DVM

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    FOLLOW DIRECTIONS for Amazing Success

    I love it. If you watch the dvd in its entirety before beginning and then do reference it and the manual for each step by step as you go along it really works! I am amazed at my dog figuring out the non-verbal cues just as illustrated by the dvd. The author was so very knowledgeable in animal behavior. Take your time, follow exactly, don’t skip parts, make sure your dog successfully completes each one and you will be amazed. I found that the Merrick regular size kibble chicken and sweet potatoes works well with the small disk. The mini bites (small plate dinner) are too small. You may get more than one piece here and there but each piece is only about 1/2 calorie. I mix in some of the Zuke treats for extra incentive; they are 2.2 calories each but, here again, to watch calories and cost I cut them in half so each is only 1.1 calories. Whichever way used they also work well with the small disk.

  3. Jeanne

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pricey fun

    My family and I have had such fun with this little machine. The instruction booklet is complete and well-written. Check the ‘net for more training suggestions. The machine is easy to use and so sturdy even my over-excited Great Dane didn’t cause damage. Regular dog kibble works well through the feed. A plus: The dogs have become willing to take direction from non-dog-loving family members. Be aware: The base unit eats batteries.

  4. Dry-N-Dusty

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    This is a wonderful training aid. I have trained several agility dogs over the years, but have never had the success as with using this device to train the weave poles. It’s a modified version of clicker training, only better. My novice dog learned very quickly that the loud beep would be followed by treats, then, doing what I wanted would produce the beep, which produced treats (or an entire meal dispensed in small increments or whatever amount I regulate).After spending several months building a foundation for weaves, I was able to place the Manners Minder at the exit of the weave poles. The dog learned right away if she did the weaves correctly – TREAT! I can send her to the weaves, which she will now complete flawlessly regardless of my whereabouts – NO babysitting the weave poles anymore! And for whatever it’s worth, I DO NOT have a breed which is thought of as an “agility breed” (i.e. Border Collie, Sheltie, Aussie). Previously, I had a target saucer at the end of the weaves with a treat. But if the dog did not do the weaves correctly, she could usually beat me to the saucer and snatch up the treat before I could get there. This is the best training aid I have used with nearly twenty-five years of training dogs.

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  5. OverlordDave

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fun for the animal lovers and trainers, teaching manners one treat at a time

    I actually love this product but due to difficulties and the remote breaking twice and only after using it twice I will rate it a 4. Customer service (Petsafe) was excellent and shipped out a new unit, however it took me awhile to figure out the manufacturer as it is not listed anywhere on the product :/ The dogs love it they respond to it. I train dogs and have used it for target training, dogs that bark at the door to teach manners, and overall obedience from anywhere in the area. It has various sounds and silent which you can alert with a remote to dispense. I like that it has the variety as with some fearful dogs they are sound sensitive and they will respond to the sound of the dispensing treat. Overall great product and have recommended and has been purchased by several friends!

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  6. Tonya Bruner

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    manners Minder a good idea

    I ordered two of these, one for my mom and one for me. I wanted my mom to have something to help her thunder phobia dog whom loves food be more calm during a storm and to be able to set the timer for when she leaves because he has separation anxiety as well. Only issue is finding a food that will not jam the disc. Be sure to get a round or M&M shaped food. Still jams some. I use it for my dogs to teach them to go to their place when the door bell rings to keep them from freaking out. It is working to help with their recall as well. If it didn’t jam it would be a perfect item. I still find it worth the money, just might not be able to use it when I leave the house using the timer. Lots of videos on uses on youtube. A great one is taking the bowl off and putting it on top of a wire crate to teach calm and quiet in the crate by treats falling into the crate.

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  7. Malvern Shopper

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good tool but maybe not for my dog

    This is a great concept especially if you have a normal dog with some basic training issues. I, however, have a very, very large rescue who has very serious training issues as he was abused. He was surrendered to an animal rescue by 2 families and we’re his third. Although he has come a very long way with the help of a behavioral vet and behavioral trainer he can still be a resource guarder, have a ‘hair trigger’ response to stimuli and is reactive to other dogs. I wanted to train him to eventually use this tool in the car to keep him engaged and down so that his threshold would be lower when we got to the park and he wouldn’t be barking like crazy at other dogs. He’s so large that we can’t find a crate that fits in our cars.Anyway, the first time training him, he got so excited that he was just being crazy (not at all like those videos). He tried to claw at it, bite it, and when I would go near it to put a treat in in he would growl. Don’t get me wrong, I think this could work but just not with my dog.

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  8. railbird

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wonderful training tool

    I brought home my puppy when he was 12 weeks old and we didn’t bond right away, not for lack of trying. While I knew he was the independent type of dog, I still spent hours googling “Why doesn’t my dog like me?” I bought so many books and tried various techniques to get my dog to pay attention to me, but nothing really worked. Even when I had delicious treats, my pup just seemed confused and frustrated during training. But then after just one day of using the Treat & Train, my pup started to enjoy his training sessions and began to pay attention to ME. And that was just after practicing the first exercise of many detailed in the training manual. After two weeks of using it, he now pays attention to me, especially at meal times (the system recommends that you have your dog earn his/her meals with the Treat & Train) and we have bonded so much more. He still gets distracted now and then and he doesn’t always come when called but I have hope, thanks to the Treat & Train.

    2 people found this helpful

  9. sofie

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A brilliant device to help anxious dogs

    But — it can have mechanical problems. The company that makes these is very good about replacing units, so save your receipt. My complaint is that my machine was inconsistent. When it did work, it was great at settling down my anxiety-filled rescue dog.I recommend ordering 2 remotes, so if you lose one, you don’t have to interrupt the training while waiting for a new one. My girl has very severe separation anxiety — she was brought from france and somehow ended up on a California freeway — and this device was recommended by her trainer. Plus, it’s fun! I put in broken-up Cheerios when I leave, light on the calories, cheap, and the more treats, the longer the activity lasts.I recommend this for anxiety, or just for fun. It’s a good way to train a dog that has high energy and trouble focusing. The price here is the cheapest I’ve seen, as much as sixty dollars less. But do watch the DVD. This tool will only work if you follow the instructions, and, like any training, are consistent.Also recommend the thundershirt for anxious pooches.

    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment, Large, Heather Grey4 people found this helpful

  10. Aricas

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good to redirect & train

    I took my puppy to a doggy psych Dr., I know now that you’re finished laughing, the Dr. had the Manner Minder in her office that she used as we talked for our 3 hour appointment. When my pup got into something she shouldn’t the Dr. pushed the remote and the beep sounded and puppy was immediately then focused on the food dispensed and not the trouble she had initially started. I bought one for my home and the instructional dvd is a big help. I can say it does work. I used it to have my dog lay and eat, instead of going crazy when the cat visits the other side of the gate separating them. I have also used it when I vaccuum to keep her from chasing the vaccuum. I could be more diligent at using it more often, but I must say, I was impressed with what I’ve used it for thus far. I need more visitors to really get her trained with it to not jump on the gate near the front door or to stop jumping on people as they visit. Overall, if your dog is food motivated, this is great!

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  11. Tesshallogan

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best for settling

    I bought this system for my birthday, and to use in a household containing one 7-year-old dog who has some post-surgical disabilities and one four-month-old puppy. Probably the biggest negative right at start-up was frequent jams during delivery of the puppy’s kibble. The biggest positive has to be the training manual and accompanying DVD.I tried both the settling exercises and the targeting, exactly as described in the manual. Long story short, the older, mellow dog did better. She looks happy and jazzed when working, but the true beauty is that she plants on a down-stay, takes the kibble calmly, and nearly dozes off during the 5-minute interval. I isolate her crate with a baby gate because she will resource-guard MM from the puppy in an adjacent room, but allows me full access.Puppy bombed. The machine sent her high energy, and barking when uncertain, into overdrive. Past the 30-second interval, she morphed into a slot-machine addict. She tilted her head, rolled over, pawed, licked her lips, whined, and created a display worthy of video. When targeting, and this escalated, she slapped the stick until it toppled or bulldozed the base. After one frustrating session of non-stop fidgets, I reverted to hand-delivered kibble and got the results I want.In summary, I love the product, but I respect its power, and I did train each dog separately. Yes, I use it daily for the older dog, and when the puppy reaches one year of age (or some mental maturity!), I may buy a second Manners Minder.

    8 people found this helpful

  12. Popcorn Sally

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    More than just another gadget

    I’ve had the Manners Minder for maybe a couple of years now. I worked with my two dogs for a while then got busy with other things and it sat on a shelf for a long time. I got it out the other day because I want to teach the dogs how to fetch for exercise. They are not the types that do this naturally. I’ve attempted to teach them to fetch without the Manners Minder and gave up after a short time because they seemed to lose interest so quickly. There is something about having the beep and the timing of the treat that the dogs really enjoy. We take turns training each and they stay interested for at least 15-20 minutes at a time. My two dogs are pretty anxious, too, and they still love that machine. Honestly, I use Honey Nut Cheerios with the larger sized disc and it works pretty well– spits out 2 or 3 at a time. They are both making progress in training and this is a very helpful tool. I can see adapting it to many different scenarios.The only criticisms I have are 1) sometimes I accidentally hit the wrong button on the remote and it starts into the auto-dispense mode, 2) I’ve had a little trouble finding food that my dogs really like that will come out consistently (see above). There is nothing more sad than seeing their little faces when the machine beeps, the rotor turns, but nothing comes out :)!

    5 people found this helpful

  13. Jennifer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Purchase Ever for Dog Training

    This is THE BEST PURCHASE I have EVER made for training my dog. This is a product developed by a vet/animal behaviorist, Dr. Sophia Yin, who was a professor at UC Davis. She was the professor for all 3 of my dog trainers. The Treat & Train allows you to dispense treats with a remote control so you do not have to get your fingers dirty when giving your dog a treat. I have found that the little luxury of not having to touch the treats makes me much more consistent at rewarding my dog, and thus reinforcing desired behaviors. The down/stay feature is great when I need my dog to stay somewhere out of the way like when I open the front door. I highly recommend that anyone who gets a dog should get this training device. I found it worked well with my dog’s kibble. Do not be intimidated – it is very simple to use.

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  14. The Croatian Sensation

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    One of the Best Dog Training Tools in Existence

    This was recommended to me by my dog trainer. He was not kidding. It’s one of the best training tools available. My pup responded to it as I had hoped the very first time I used it. Make sure to follow the very detailed included directions to orient your dog to the machine, esp turning the sound off first and leaving a trail of treats/kibble to the machine before using it just to get your dog familiar with it and create a positive association right off the bat. This is critical to its usefulness. I train twice a day with my pup using this machine and he is ALL about it. Best investment in dog training so far.

  15. pboy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product, many uses!

    I am pretty satisfied with the Manners Minder. Only 2 complaints – design wise it has no carrying handle, and being an awkward shape it is a bit of a pain to pick up and and move around. Not a good way to grip it. Also, was VERY disappointed when It arrived to find the remote took a special 23A battery. I keep AAA-D batteries on hand at all times, and was bummed that I could not use it as soon as it arrived. Would have enjoyed playing with it the first night, but instead had to wait until I got to the store to buy that particular battery. Most people are not going to have this battery on hand, it should be noted in the description.That said, it works well, and I think I will get a lot of use out of it training my dog in agility. Youngest dog got it immediately, the older, slower dog is not quite getting the tone = treat, even though she is clicker trained. She listens more for the rolling of the treat down the machine, so I am going to put the tone level up higher for her. I like that there is a good variety of controls for volume and variable treats as well. Great idea. Makes training fun! And when I feel too lazy to get up, I can do some training from the comfort of my chair! Fabulous!

    10 people found this helpful

  16. Victor

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great

    The product works great. Well made, durable, with lots of functions and a amazing manual! Because it requires 4xD batteries, my initial concern was the batteries life… Well all what I can say is; it has been already a couple weeks and the batteries still at full force! Overall the machine is great!So why only 3 stars?! Well, I initially thought I would use the machine much more often, even perhaps in all my dog’s training process. How wrong I was! The machine is a bit too bulky and awkward to be used outside of home. The advertisement shows the trainer using it everywhere; well the first time I took it to the park; not only people started to look at me as I was a freaking weirdo, but also it was definitely not a practical tool to be used outside. Besides that, I slowly started to realize that treat training alone was simply just not doing the trick for my dog. So I had to move to a more advanced classic training system. (Which with my dog is working a million times more efficiently!)One thing that this product is great for is for crate training and to slow down quick eaters! Even though my dog was already crate trained, she has some mild separation anxiety and this product was great to help me with that! Instead of kong with peanut butter, I just served her meal in a long time setting just before to leave… Works like a charm! The machine simply capture all her attention!As she eats extremely fast. This machine helps her to slow down as well!Overall a great machine for feeding your dog and as a distraction tool; however, I simply do not use it anymore for the purpose in which it was made for!

    9 people found this helpful

  17. Steve Paxman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works just fine with small kibble

    I haven’t had any trouble with kibble getting jammed in the machine. I have a chihuahua, so we use a small kibble anyway (Canidae). Seems to work just fine. The dog is tracking along well with the program outlined on the included DVD, too. I will say you have to be pretty dedicated to training – there are a lot of steps here. But ultimately, if I can use this to help me keep my little terror (that’s an affectionate pet name, I swear) from obsessing with staring and whining at my daughter’s guinea pigs anymore, it will be worth it!The only part that I think could use some more explanation, in my opinion, is how to wean your dog off the machine eventually. Even the DVD shows dogs that just lay in front of this machine staring at it waiting for the next piece of food to appear. I’m hoping to figure out how the dog’s new calmer habits can be maintained even when the machine is not out.So, the machine works well, dispenses treats reliably, and hasn’t given me any trouble at all. And it’s kinda fun watching the dog sit and puzzle out how to make it work!

    2 people found this helpful

  18. Cori

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    All of my dogs really like this new thing and it holds the highest value …

    A friend used one of these about a year ago in a training session and I had thought of getting one but kinda forgot about it. Another friend had one at class the other night and that same dog remembered it and he was obsessed with it. I have only had mine about a week and using it every few days. All of my dogs really like this new thing and it holds the highest value at the moment. I am using it for agility training mostly….distance and the treat not being on me. I love that I can do recalls also without having another person or putting my dogs in a stay. I have not used the target and probably wont. I did have some issues with it dispensing when I pressed the dispense button on the remote. I think it has to do with where I am holding the remote at times. It does not do it continuously just occasionally and since I have been trying to hold the remote out from me a bit it has gotten better. I may have had it wrapped in my hands also like a clicker. Regardless my dogs know the reward is coming. In training my timing is not perfect and I am the worlds best at dropping treats. I think its a great training tool!

    7 people found this helpful

  19. Kindle Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Toy / Trainer

    A PetSmart trainer recommended this toy/trainer to me at our last session.It appears very well made, and our dog (Giant Schnauzer) loves it. (So do I — it is a bordom release for both of us).Whenever someone comes to the door, he barks, I answer it, and with my remote, he gets a treat. Dispensed one at a time, he stays busy until I am done at the door.When he is raising havoc in the other end of the house, I use the remote, he hears the noise, and comes-a-running.Wherever he is in the house, I can always get him to the front room, by pressing the remote, and he comes-a-running.If I am in the kitchen and he is underfoot, I use the remote, and he GOES-a-running – to the other room. Then sits there after the first treat, waiting for more. And he is not underfoot anymore.If we are watching a DVD, and he gets bored, we dispense treats, across the room from us — and he knows the treats are coming because of the noise and lights.It took him a day, maybe two, to get used to the noise and lights. But his desire for rewards overcame his fear, and he now loves it when we pick up the white remote.Why didn’t someone think of this a long time ago?

    7 people found this helpful

  20. Mom profile

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product!

    I’m a professional dog trainer & found this to be a fun, useful training tool. People shouldn’t be fooled to think it does the work for them (no tool does that!) but it does take time and effort, like any good training. However, the ease and intelligence behind this tool is remarkable. I’ve been so impressed and just started it with my own dogs to see what we can do!UPDATE: May 7, 2012I liked this product, like the idea behind it but even after a while my dogs couldn’t stand the LOUD sound this thing makes and they would get up and walk off as soon as it beeped. Yes, the low volume is on. It’s not low. I tried to cover the speaker on the bottom where the sound comes out and you cant’ seem to muffle it at all. This is my biggest complaint, as it makes the tool useless if your dog is afraid of it.And forget my own dogs who aren’t very afraid of much, I now have a rescue foster dog whom I actually horrified using this thing. She won’t come in my kitchen if the machine is even out. I even turned the sound off and the mechanical sounds it makes when dispensing food is even too loud. It’s rather obnoxious with all the sounds this thing makes. Sadly I’m not in love like I hoped to be.If you can perfect this and make it much, much, much quieter in many ways then I would love this thing!

    18 people found this helpful

  21. DeeLips

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Batteries Needed!

    Wish I had seen in the description the batteries were not included for remote or feeder! The feeder requirers 4 D batteries . The remote requirers a single 23A 12V battery, such a random size! So out of the box I can’t try out the machine. I may update my review once I go spend $20 on batteries and can actually review the machines functionality.After reading reviews under subtext Battery, I did manage to find the 23A remote battery tucked into the back of the packing foam. It about went out with the trash. Still have to go purchase D batteries before I can use. wish it had a power adapter.

  22. Rapps

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Recommend & 2 years later update- Just received too soon for complete review but…

    This is a quality product with a lot of video on line tutorials by Dr. Sophia Yin, who is easy to listen too and clear. Everything about the product is as I expected and advertised. I am not a professional trainer, nor does my dog have any huge problematic behaviors. She’s a dog and acts like one which I find delightful, perhaps too much so considering I get great joy out of her high energy enthusiasm! This is a polite way of saying she could use some basic manners.I tried clicker training but most importantly my timing is poor. Too often I am late clicking which makes the whole experience a bit unproductive. On a side note this is the very issue IMO why non professionals (most all of us dog owners) should not use e-collars. Delivering the shock late is likely the norm and what we have done is teach the dog that we, their loving human, put a hurtful thing on their neck which they can’t get off. I have seen more dogs develop new issues from using shock collars than resolving the original issue. But I digress.I got this product and also the iFetch is to assist me more than the dog. I’m a tool/toy junky so these luxury items actually help keep my interest as my dog would play and learn all day long if I were willing.The funniest thing so far is she has figured out the remote. She watched my hand, heard the soft click and figured out the treat/machine will happen. Ah, another thing to overcome. She’s a smart happy shelter adopted mixed breed who would excel at agility if we can get that far.I started by putting a her kibble in the food cup machine off while playing a separate game to help her become comfortable with the unit. Everything takes time, I’ll update this review after she and I have had more experience with the product.Feb 2018 update- same batteries still work strong. We are not heavy users of this but it is still in excellent condition, never fails and my dog still enjoys it and most importantly remembers everything she learned using it. Well made and safe from our experience

    4 people found this helpful

  23. TheShadowKnows

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Overcame Dog’s Fear of Machine Sound

    I’ve seen some of the reviews mention that their dogs had a problem with the motor noise or beep. The first time I dispensed a treat from the Treat and Train my dog ran behind a chair, shaking and refused to come out for half an hour. Her reaction did not improve over the next few days. I decided to try counter conditioning. Basically, starting with the TnT 30 feet away and the dog on a leash, I’d push the dispense button and plop a high value treat right in her mouth. Over the course of 18 sessions less than a minute each (10 treats per session), and moving the machine a couple of feet closer each time, she completely lost any fear of the TnT’s sound and now loves the machine. Even if your dog is very reactive to the sound, you should be able to overcome that with a little work.The system comes with an excellent DVD and manual. I’d highly recommend watching the relevant DVD section before teach each new skill.The TnT works best with small round kibble. Oblong or stick shaped food tends to create jams, but that does not break the machine. There is a list of tested dog food at [search for drsophiayin tnt dog food pdf]. For a high value treat when introducing a new skill I have been successful using small cubes of chicken, steak, or hot dogs (cooked well done, cut into very small cubes with a sharp, non serrated knife).Realistic expectation about jamming: You will have jams. A jam will interrupt your training for 15 seconds while you walk to the machine, open the lid and push the disk backwards (counter clockwise) half an inch. I kept track of jams for 2 weeks (21 cups) using an ideal shaped food (Blue Buffalo small breed) mixed with cut up steak, chicken breast and even hard cheese. There were 7 jams – 2 from food dust build up under the disk, 5 from food stuck in the hole. This did not affect our training progress.The remote seems to work from about 30 feet, including through exterior walls. Beyond about 30 feet it is hit or miss. The TnT is easy to clean. We’ve used it twice a day for three months and so far it has been reliable.

    24 people found this helpful

  24. chopperdave

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great device. Forced to mod it to work with my kibble

    I’ve had this gizmo for about three weeks now. My trainer sold me on it and though I haven’t had a chance to fully utilize it, based on my initial experiences with it, I strongly believe it will work very well for the training I’m attempting. That being said, I am disappointed at what I discovered to be a very simple but important engineering flaw. I noticed that at random times, the machine would grind to a stop during maintained dispensing (sit-n-stay mode as they call it). I tried the different size dispensers provided – no luck. My kibble is hard and oval in shape, fits well within the hole size of the dispenser, so it was ideal for the machine but was still jamming it. After further inspection, the holes in their dispenser rings had a ridge around the opening which was sometimes trapping my kibble against the edge of the main unit as the dispenser ring spun around. The kibble, pinned against the main unit, caused the dispenser to jam and fail.To fix this, I took a dremel tool and carved out the side of the edge which was trapping the kibble and now it works like a dream. No issues. I still can’t figure out:1. why they built the ridge out in the area i had to remove2. why they never caught this issue during the product testingI recommend purchasing this unit, but if your kibble jams the unit, don’t switch your dog food to meet the machine’s poor engineering – find a friend w/ a dremel or other tool and cut away the outside part of the ridges on the dispenser rings. If for some reason you foul it up completely, you can always buy a spare dispenser ring.

    237 people found this helpful

  25. Laura CoffeyLaura Coffey

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome, if made smart!

    This treat dispenser is great for when you are home. But, it would be great if I could operate it away from home, from my phone. Combined with a Switchbot button, it CAN do that!I tried the other pet treat dispensers but they fling the treats all over the floor. I like this one way better because it dispenses them nicely into the tray, without making a mess.It does get jammed sometimes so you have to find just the right size treats and ones that aren’t too soft. I use the Jumbo Temptations for my cat and it holds A LOT! It’s not hard to unclog and my cat can’t open it. The blinking status light is a great feature so that I can check, via our Wyze cam, that it is in fact ON, working and not jammed. There’s another light that will flash orange when it’s jammed so you can see when there is a problem if you can’t hear any noises coming from it.I wish it could plug in but, the batteries have lasted more than 2 weeks using rechargeable batteries. I only dispense 2-3 times per day.

    11 people found this helpful

  26. gracierose

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Hoping to work out jamming issues

    I am a professional dog trainer. Dr Sophia Yin is a fantastic behaviorist, and the DVD and enclosed training plan are excellent. I would suggest taking time to watch the DVD and follow the instructions without modification. The training plan is excellent and easy to follow. It should take between 5-25 days to complete the program from start to finish. I am testing out the Treat & Train before suggesting that my clients use it.I cannot recommend this to my clients yet, as I am having the same problem many people have noted with the treat jamming. I have tried both small and medium sized kibble. The instructions say test it out, without your dog present. If you can get 20 treats to dispense without jamming, then your kibble is the right size. I was experiencing jamming after. 30 treats. This happened the first five times I tested it. The food is not getting stuck in the holes. It is getting stuck under the disc. I was able to get 150 pieces to feed in a row after my first attempts, so I am hoping that the issue has resolved itself. You will notice in the instructions that a build up of crumbs can also cause jamming, but I haven’t used it enough for that to happen.As far as the missing remote battery that other reviewers have mentioned, mine was stuck in the back if the foam packing material. I only found it while looking for the remote which had fallen out when I opened the box. I am going to continue to try to work out the jamming issue because this has the potential to be a fantastic training device.

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  27. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best innovation in dog training since the clicker

    I’m a professional dog trainer and I spent about 18 months lusting after this thing and not buying it because who really needs a $110 training gadget, tools don’t make the trainer, blah blah blah. Finally ended up buying it because one of my clients gave me a $200 Amazon gift card as a tip….. OMG this thing is amazing, why didn’t I buy this earlier? I only started using it yesterday but it already helped me fix an issue. I’ve always had a problem with my littlest dog lying down when I tell her to sit, and she’s so small and fast I’ve been unable to get my timing clear enough to fix the issue….. I think i’m clicking for a sit but I actually end up clicking her for a down and it’s frustrating. But when I was using the T&T she was further away from me so I was able to really clearly see her subtle movements and I could tell if she was getting ready to sit or lie down in a way I couldn’t when she was closer to me. I only mis-clicked once with the T&T, as opposed to the times where I’ve tried to fix this with a clicker, where I mis-click half the time and then just give up. And I really liked being able to sit on the sofa across the room and train my dogs with one finger without having to get up or get my hands dirty or worry about losing any of my fingers to my one hard-mouthed dog. I could really focus on timing because I didn’t have anything else to do. I can’t wait to explore all it’s other uses and start using it with clients! Better living with robots, my friends!

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  28. A. Oliver

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it! Huge help with doorbells, noises, separation anxiety, and nail trimmings. Clear out the crumbs to help reduce jamming.

    I love this thing! I debated for months on whether I could justify the expense. Last month I heard a rumor (that I haven’t verified) that PetSafe, the only company that makes and sells it, will be stopping production of the Treat & Train. I’m not sure if that’s true but I finally got one and it has been the absolute best decision. It especially helps with my disability, so I don’t have to walk back and forth to my dog multiple times to treat her for staying on her bed while I’m in the kitchen. So that has really helped increase the value to her bed when I’m not right next to her. And it is helping with desensitizing to the doorbell and outside noises, helping promote calmness, decreasing over-exuberant door greetings, and decreasing separation anxiety in the kennel. And amazingly enough it is helping with nail trimmings! For me, it has definitely been worth the expense.I am using her kibble (Go! Duck Sensitivity & Shine Limited Ingredient Grain Free) with the large holes wheel and it very very rarely gets jammed. It dispense 1-3 kibbles. It did get jammed when I tried to change to the small holes wheel. A single kibble could fit through the small holes but if 2 kibbles tried then it jammed. Then when I changed back to the large holes it kept getting jammed for 2 days until I finally cleared out all the kibble crumbs. That was 3 weeks ago and it has only jammed once since then, even though I use it every day, multiple times a day, and for extended periods each day.FYI, batteries: it comes with the remote battery but it does *not* come with the 4 D cell batteries

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  29. BuyTheThingsBuyTheThings

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Dated but still good

    It’s nice having a physical remote for quickly dispensing food and not having to wait to open an app to do it. However it’s ridiculous that the machine only works with batteries and can’t be plugged in. (I did get expensive rechargeable D batteries.)Also the company claims that you can’t use a WiFi RF transmitter to control it over the internet, but I bought “Broadlink RM4 pro Smart IR/RF Remote Control Hub” and successfully got it to learn the frequency. Now I can have the treat triggered by a routine.It would be nice if they made some tray attachment that drops the food into a crate more cleanly, but I removed the top part of the tray and it does a decent job.

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  30. avidreader

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Dead after 1 year for no apparent reason

    UPDATE: They replaced the unit at no cost to us. Fabulous customer service! And we are again very happy with our Treat & Train. We got a second dog a few weeks ago and the training patterns we set in place with the T&T have been great for helping our resident dog get used to the new dog. We can tell him to go to his bed (and stop bothering new dog) and he gets treats for leaving her alone. So there’s just another great use for this gadget. :)The product is just one month past the warranty period and a few days ago it abruptly stopped working. It won’t even turn on, even after replacing the batteries. We had not moved the unit, it did not jam or act funny before quitting, we had not changed the type of food it dispensed, or do anything else different on our part – just one day woke up to a dead machine.I will try contacting the company and Amazon this week, but for a $100 hunk of plastic I expected the motor at least to be robust enough to last a lot longer than a year.We’ve actually had excellent training results with the product, despite how cheaply made it seems to be, so I may decide to shell out even more for one of the better built competing products that have come out recently.

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  31. Just A Dude

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It is also great for long distance training (like outside in the backyard)

    Okay, look…I am a real person, not some paid reviewer. We adopted a 3 month old lab, and someone suggested Dr. Sophia Yin’s training methods. She is the person who invented (?) this device (not sure, but she sells it on her website).It can be used as either a training device by connecting the sound with the reward in order to accurately convey to the dog exactly what behavior is being rewarded. It can also be used to keep a dog in a down-stay position when, for example, a plumber comes over to fix the sink and doesn’t want a curious puppy all up in his grill for the whole 35 minutes. It is also great for long distance training (like outside in the backyard).This device is amazing. Yes, it does jam on occasion, but fixes and resets in seconds. So, yes, if you crate your dog (unattended) with this thing it could jam 10 seconds after you leave, but you would never do that, would you? Also, the battery lasts for quite some time, and we are using rechargeable batteries (which I would recommend).Not to mention one more important fact: the treating train comes with A spiral notebook and a DVD that is almost worth the money you pay for the device itself. Dr. Yin is very good at explaining step-by-step exactly how to use this device and how to train your dog in general. I am not kidding, it’s absolutely stupid that this thing comes with that DVD… She should be selling it separately as a full training course.On a semi-unrelated note, if you have a medium to large size dog you should also buy a Walkie Dog.

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  32. Natalie Watson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    While it’s excellent for teaching self-control in those scenarios

    The Treat and Train is the most helpful dog training device I’ve ever come across, bar none. It’s worth its weight in gold in my house.One of the biggest misconceptions about the T&T is that it’s mostly used for door manners or crate manners, which were the original purposes. While it’s excellent for teaching self-control in those scenarios, it’s also incredibly helpful in all sorts of other situations. Here are a few of the things I’ve used mine for in the past few weeks, to give you an idea of how versatile it is.1. A stand-in for a second handler in behaviors that require a send-out, such as practicing consecutive recalls. Instead of having two people calling the dog back and forth between them, you can ping-pong the dog between yourself and the Treat and Train.2. Separation training. I can set the machine to dispense treats on either a fixed schedule (e.g. every five seconds) or variable schedule (e.g. between two and ten seconds, averaging five seconds). In the beginning, the dog gets a very high rate of reinforcement for separation from me. As the dog starts to develop a positive conditioned emotional response to the crate, the average time between treats can be slowly increased. I set the machine to dispense as I walk out of the room. Mom being gone = treats happen.3. Counter-conditioning trials. This allows you to split the criteria of handler position (or even handler presence!) from the trials.4. Shaping mechanics. My timing and criteria-setting are pretty good, and I have a solid understanding of training theory. What I lack is the physical coordination to deliver treats at a high enough rate of reinforcement due to some sloppy training habits from when I was first starting out. With the Treat and Train, I can compensate for my poor mechanics while unlearning those bad habits.5. Any sort of distance behavior is vastly easier with a Treat and Train. It allows you to work on “distance from owner” separately from “distance from where the reinforcer will appear”, which speeds up pretty much any sort of distance work.6. Visual target for behaviors where the dog needs to be facing away from the handler, regardless of distance.7. Enrichment.

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  33. Nick Ryan

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works perfectly.

    The machine works perfectly.The section on operation modes in the manual was somewhat difficult/confusing to understand, and required several re-readings. I seem to recall terminology and dialog as being the problem.The machine comes with two discs, one with smaller holes in it, and one with larger holes. You install the disc with holes larger than the size of the treats you’re using.There was a short list of suggested treats to give you an idea of the type and size.We had a rather odd problem.We used “Zuke’s Mini’s” treats. They worked perfectly in the machine from the latter part of the first day. The following day they jammed in the disc, straining the machine, and not dispensing.Somehow overnight they had swelled up. I think it was probably moisture in the air but the weather hadn’t been humid. I changed to the disc with larger holes and it solved the issue.Since treats apparently have the ability to change size, I suggest not use the smaller disc if the treats are close to the size of the holes in that disc disc, use the larger disc. As well, if the treats are close to size of the holes in the larger disc, than don’t use that treat, find another treat.I’m in no way saying that the machine is fussy about treats that work in it. It’s not. You just have to buy treats that are clearly smaller than the holes in either of the two discs, and I would add don’t buy treats that are mushy.Take the discs with you when shopping for treats, as having those with you is confirmation of the holes.Two things you need before the machine arrives. Treats and Batteries.-Zuke’s Mini’s work perfectly with the larger disc.-Four (4) D-size batteries.The machine comes with a battery for the remote.The batteries that run the machine are going to be in it for a long time, so I would avoid Duracell batteries as they’re known to leak. I can’t stand that Energizer Bunny. Ray-O-Vac makes good batteries.The volume of the beep that the machine makes upon dispensing is adjustable, and can also be turned-off.The sound of that frightened my dog so I turned it off, because he was frightened by the sound of the machine too. I let him get used to the machine first, then turned it to the lowest volume so he could hear it from other rooms. It all worked out fine, but bear in mind that the machine is going to be useless if your dog is afraid of it. Go easy and don’t force your dog to like it. Allow your dog the time and space needed.

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  34. HelicopterLover

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Helpful, especially using Crazy Dog Train-Me dog treats

    I bought this last year in hopes I could train our rescue Basset Hound out of his separation anxiety. At first, he was scared of the noise but he’s a greedy little beast and soon stomach won out over fear. After that, this machine became his most favorite toy. I attempted to go through the training videos but I didn’t follow them perfectly. Our dog still has separation anxiety. However, I do use this machine for general training and he loves it. He howls in delight when I get this machine out. He’s pretty smart and picks up on a lot of tricks and this machine makes training fun.And I recently discovered I can use this machine to distract him while I grind down his nails. I will set it to “down and stay” and he will eat the treats and not fight me too much on his nails. Before this, I was taking him to a groomer to be muzzled where he would fight and scream and be in full attack dog mode just to get his nails done. Now I can grind them at home while he is distracted by the machine. And I even brought it to the vet a few weeks ago to try to distract him and make the vet visit less stressful for him.If I had diligently followed the training videos, perhaps I could have trained our dog out of his separation anxiety. Call it owner laziness I guess. So I work at home and barely leave the dog by himself. He thoroughly enjoys this machine as his favorite toy. And if the ONLY good I had gotten out of this machine was being able to grind down his nails peacefully, it was worth every penny.Crazy Dog Train-Me dog treats work perfectly for this machine! My dog loves them and you can get them off Amazon. I also find them at Marshalls and TJ Maxx at times.

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  35. Michael Curran

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    happy dog, happy owner

    I just received my Manners Minder yesterday. I’ve wanted one since I first stumbled upon Dr. Yins web site and youtube feed following a behavior seminar at CSU where a few of Dr. Yins videos were used to demonstrate desensitization/ operant conditioning vs dominance based training. Even though a few of the components seem a bit dated in the spectrum of consumer electronics, I was not disappointed with my purchase. I have trained competition obedience for about 20 years and am a recent cross over to strict positive operant conditioning/ shaping based methods and performance/ entertainment training of my dogs along with attending a professional dog trainer academy/ apprenticeship while attending a vet tech program, eventually hoping to eventually have a CVT behavioral specialty.My dog who I planed on using this product with initially has never had the issues demonstrated in this videos, she loves strangers at the door and quietly runs to the crate when the door bell rings and eagerly waits for her invitation to be let out when she sees a friendly face. My disclaimer, I have only used this product for less than 24hrs, my intention when I ordered this product was to allow me to mark and treat at a distance, my girl likes to perform ques right at my feet, and this item acts like a nonhuman assistant allowing me to mark and treat having her get up and walk only 3 steps instead of 10. From the start, I did not plan on following the guides and DVD but instead plan on pulling the applicable ideas from them and building on my girls trainers, my mentors and personal plan for my dog. I personally prefer her not fixate on the machine waiting for the next treat (as demonstrated in a few of the product clips), so I started marking when she walks 3-5 feet away from the machine then started adding ques only when she gave some distance and focuses on me. I felt if I used this machine to luring mode for her downs and stays, we would be taking major back steps in her work. As expected I found this system was a very easy transition from her previous clicker foundation work and the clicker still has not lost it’s value, this is just an additional mark to add to the toolbox.My impression of the product it’s self, I was impressed with the packaging but the remote/ battery placement seemed easy to miss in the excitement of opening everything and I was happy it didn’t fall on the floor or down the sink drain. The build seems to be strong and I like the manual controls and number of variables and flexibility of settings allowed. I was surprised how large the fob is, it almost looks like a life-alert pendant or something, I would suggest making the “Down Stay” button smaller, at it’s current size- it is a bit too easy to hit by accident. With current technologies, I think that they would be able to fit the current controls plus some into the size and ergonomics of a Starmark clicker case. Assembly was pretty much done except swapping out the sifter disc to dispense my girls kibble. On initial introduction, my girl was startled by the motor and possibly the sound of the kibble getting sifted, I think in the next generation of this product- Dr. Yin and Premiere should consider a quieter motor. When it was time to turn on the beeps, my girl would jump about 2 feet every time the tone would go off, even in the lowest setting-I’m thinking the lack of any visual ques might increase the surprise for her. She gets startled then quickly goes for the kibble as soon as the initial startle was over and has almost turned into a game for her. She has gotten over her startle response and I think the fact that I have her working a couple feet away from the device helps. She quickly associated the tone to treat to positive reward despite the volume of the tone and it took less than 1 evening, she treated this like her targeting stick the first night and fell asleep cuddling and watching it as she fell asleep. I have had her kibble jam the machine but that has been a rare occurrence and was expected since Orijen comes in irregular shapes and sizes, I plan on loading up Zukes Minis on the next load. The main caution I have is to owners in multi dog households which I experienced is the potential this item has as a resource to guard. My second dog, knows how to diffuse situations where my girl Presley sees something as a resource- he might be curious but still sees the magic treat dispenser as hers and would rather not challenge her position; he keeps his distance and I do not think I would ever be able to use this tool with him- even if I got a second one. I dog sat a relative stranger dog today, he saw and smelled the food and quickly claimed this resource as his even before the owner left. When I brought Presley in the room she split him from her treat dispenser saying, “hey, that’s mine” and thing quickly erupted into a full blown fight. Once I removed the item of contention, everything became happy and as serene as a house with 3 dogs including a young border collie and basset hound could be.

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  36. NuttyDogNut

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    It Puts the FUN Back in Training!

    The DVD that comes with the Manners Minder is alone worth the price of the system. (Pair it with Dr. Sophia Yin’s book, How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves, and you’ve got an entire, effective training system.) The Manners Minder is simply a lot of FUN! I have 2 dogs — an attention-challenged 4-year-old Golden Retriever and a not-quite-1-year-old Lab Mix. I bought it more for the Lab Mix, but have to say that I’ve made more progress with the Golden than we’ve made in all previous attempts at training him. He is so taken with the system that it has encouraged him to really pay attention — something we’d really never seen to this degree before! The puppy learned how to High-5 in about 20 minutes (which is REALLY cute!) and thought it was the most fun you could have being a dog! The basics of Look (sometimes called “Watch Me” which was ALWAYS a challenge for our Golden), Sit, Down, Stay and Targeting were all a snap, and we are now working on lengthy down-stays as well as desensitizing both dogs to the sound of the doorbell ringing (the first step to helping them be more relaxed when visitors come). There has been a distinctive increase in each dog’s level of self-confidence and the effects of training with this method carry over to the dogs’ interactions with each other as well as with us, all of which are much calmer now. This product was recommended to me by a vet and I honestly wasn’t sure it would be different enough from regular clicker training to make it worth the investment, but it is worth every penny — especially if you compare it to the cost of traditional obedience classes! The real investment in dog training is your time but when training sessions are this rewarding and you see behaviors improve so quickly, it is easy to make training a priority in your schedule.

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  37. Padfoot

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Number one training device

    I feed my dog Purina puppy food and the kibble works perfectly in the machine. This machine has been a lifesaver and is well worth its price. It helps in so many ways beyond the uses outlined in the dvd/book (which, by the way, might well be worth the $100 on their own).This machine is not a substitute for your time and effort in training your dog. It’s not a magic wand that will result in perfect behavior without any effort from you. You have to patiently follow the many steps outlined in the instructions to avoid any problems, such as your dog being afraid of the machine. But once you get through the steps…wow! My dog now lies down calmly while we eat our dinner, while I work out at home, or even while I’m in another room (he’s a real velcro dog that likes to follow me around). I also use it to keep him occupied when I’m not home – I just put the machine on a high shelf and set it to dispense kibble at random intervals. The kibble falls and rolls on the floor so it also becomes a nose-game for my dog because he has to run and track down the falling kibble. This technique has really decreased the amount of bored chewing at home and his energy levels in general. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and I love how I can just park him down in front of it whenever I need him out of the way.Cons: mostly fixable engineering flaws. Why aren’t smart people doing something about this? The jamming is annoying (but you can reduce it by cleaning the machine after every use). Plus the machine is huge and bulky. I don’t really have a problem with the noise though – I don’t hear it if I’m in another room. Also, I don’t really find it useful for door behaviors. Firstly, it’s annoying to just keep it on the floor all the time because it’s large, especially for a tiny apartment. If you get a lot of unexpected door bells, you have to keep it on all the time and at the right treat setting. For a dog who is very reactive to the doorbell, kibble is insufficient to hold his attention – I keep some peanut butter by the door for this reason. It’s also not exactly the behavior I’m looking for when guests come over. I want him to be able to calmly greet them, not stare like a zombie at a machine. Also a bit weird to greet guests while the beeping is going on.

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  38. jm

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Consistently jams – Can cause injury

    I have been trying to use this for separation anxiety training for about 2 months and have been so frustrated by the treat jamming. It ruins the momentum of training. I reached out and asked about the jamming issue and was told to cut the treats into uniform size and clean it before each use. I had an appt my trainer and during our appt she was able to witness the frequency of the jamming – twice within 15m. This is after I have cut the treats into consistent sizes as suggested. She advised me to reach out and ask about the potential of a replacement machine as the jamming frequency is more than she has ever witnessed in her training or clinical trials. No response from the company. Recommend buying a different brand if you need consistency.Also – be very careful if you have a curious pet, the spinning disc and treat hole can cut/pinch their tongues. After the machine injured my dog…sudden outcry and blood, I took the tray off and put a piece of card stock over the top like a dome to block access. I put this at the end because he was able to get over the fear with additional training sessions.

  39. Desert Gypsy

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    notes from day one with the manners minder

    Note: this unit requires two sizes of battery – four D size batteries for the main unit which you’ll need to provide, and a 23A for the remote which came included with my unit.The first day will probably the hardest part of training your dog with the Manners Minder so that’s what I’ll describe here:I read the quick start instructions which briefly outline how to set up the unit. I added some kibble and placed the base unit on the floor within my arms reach. I pressed the remote and a couple of kibble dropped into the bowl. The dog and the cat had been sniffing from about a foot or so away – both jumped back several feet when they heard the noise the motor makes. I patted the bowl where the kibble was and reassured my pup it was okay, that he could go get the treat from the bowl. Took a minute or two of coaxing but he eventually, timidly approached the bowl and took the kibble. When he backed away to look at the bowl I pressed the remote again sending more kibble into the bowl. They had the same reaction to the motor noise but they didn’t back up quite as much this time. I verbally reassured him that it was okay and encouraged him to take the treat. I repeated this several times and after about ten minutes or so my dog lay down in front of the bowl waiting for the treat. I told him what a good boy he was. At this point, each time he stood up to get the treat he’d then lay back down in front of the bowl. I started to wait just a little longer after he lay down so he’d eventually get the idea that he had to lay down before the treat would be released. Within 20 minutes he was in down/stay mode, waiting for the treat and no longer afraid of the motor noise.I had read many of the reviews here on Amazon and had a good idea of what to expect; I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly my pup became acclimated to the sounds and function of the Manners Minders. I didn’t exactly follow the instructions to the letter from the manual but it was just that quick and that easy to get my dog to get comfortable the sound of the unit without fearing the noise it makes to lay dow and stay to get the treat. This had been my biggest concern but in seeing how well day one has gone, I am looking forward to seeing how the results with my dog will continue to improve over time .The cat on the other hand just sneaks up on it, snatches the treat and runs away with it. We’ll work on that :)Now that I am confident that the Manners Minder will work for my pup I will follow the training method outlined in the full manual. I’ll continue to update this review as our training progresses.UPDATE: Day TwoMy dog is raw fed. I am having a little trouble finding treats that work with this unit *and* his diet. I am looking for a dehydrated, close to single ingredient, meat based/grain free treat. In the meanwhile I have been using Zuke’s Minis which works very well with the smaller plate of the MM, giving out only one or two tiny treats. The company makes Premier Liver Biscotti Dog Treats, Dog Treats,Wheat/Egg Free Recipe but when I called customer service to obtain the ingredient list, they did not have it and suggested I request it by email. It’s been only a day or so since the email request and I have not heard back from them just yet.I followed the training manuals steps to introduce the “beep” sound which is supposed to give that Pavlov response that a treat is coming but it seems he already figured out that the motor noise means a treat is coming; on low the “beep” is pretty loud and I would rather LESS noise involved with this process so I am not using the “beep” at this time.Since treats need to remain in the unit even when we aren’t practicing, I was concerned that either the dog or cat would try to tip this over and/or figure out how to get the lid open by fussing with it; so far it seems that they cannot get it open or flipped over.

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  40. Texas Waterman

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fido’s New Favorite Toy

    Fido has a new favorite toy. The support materials are great, but the unit can jam, which could be a problem in down-stay mode in a live stranger training scenario. Overall, keeping my hands clean and watching sports during training makes it worth it. I wish I didn’t have to dust off an old DVD player to play the training videos, though. A usb drive, download link, or stream would be much more convenient.I have spent countless hours training Fido with positive rewards by hand, watched the videos, and read Dr. Yin’s book, How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves, prior to using the device. Because you control the Treat & Train, it’s important that you understand the basic principles of training with positive rewards. The quick start guide and manual are easy to follow, as long as you know that you should be reading it to succeed. The manual and DVD are a complete crash course for training your dog to behave correctly, and some chapters don’t even involve the Treat and Train. This material is excellent and I give it 5 stars.In my first training session, I followed the instructions and Fido rapidly took to the T&T. Before the cup of kibble was gone, he learned that to get a reward, he had to look at me. When I started by placing treats in the dish, Fido immediately laid down in front of the T&T. It didn’t take long for him to like it, and what’s not to like with a machine that gives food. What took longer was for him to realize that I was the one controlling it. Once he did, the treats started dispensing rapidly and I worked him up to playing the tone. On the lowest volume, I found the tone volume to be appropriate and not too loud. Someone was sleeping in the room while I used it, and they didn’t wake up. So, I’m thinking this T&T is great. I can watch the NBA finals while training the dog, and there’s no slobber on my hands.Then it jammed. Kibble was stuck in the dispense shoot and ring. It was easy to fix, but here’s the thing. The T&T is primarily marketed as a tool to hold your reactive dog’s attention while answering the door and letting visitors into your home. Well, neither the Pizza guy nor your dinner guest wants a jam to occur during a live training exercise. I investigated why it was jamming and it seems that some of my kibbles are just a bit too large. I think the wheel design has changed since the review recommending using a dremel tool to grind down a protrusion. I don’t see anything causing the jam other than the diameter of the hole. I could probably bore out the hole with a drill bit. I switched to the larger-holed wheel, and haven’t had a jam yet, but it now dispenses 3 kibbles per reward on average, rather than 1. Given all the science going on here, would it kill somebody to provide the optimal kibble dimensions for each wheel? Why can’t we purchase wheels with alternate hole diameters?As a tool to prevent me from getting Fido’s saliva all over my hands and allowing me to do other things while also training, it’s worth it. Do you need this device to train your dog, no. If you want, you can perform the job of the T&T by using a marker word, “yes”, and manually delivering treats. If you need this to hold Fido’s attention while answering the door and bringing guest into your home, then you better find the right kibble-hole diameter combination. For Call of the the Wild (red bag) the smaller one will jam and the bigger one will deliver 3 kibbles per reward on average.

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  41. Miss N. Warriner

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Item

    The media could not be loaded.

    Love this, wish I had invested sooner, do not go for the cheap ones! So much easier to train with one person now.

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  42. Melissa

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Must treat for only positive behavior

    I put in in the back seat w my dog. When he’s quiet it beeps & dispenses his treat. Timing is everything. Video has great instructions on timing my dog loves to work for his kibble.

  43. Mike WattersMike Watters

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing, unreal, wonderful—buy this thing

    I became aware of rewards-based training through Sophia Yin’s How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves and Tamar Gellar’s The Loved Dog. As a novice trainer, I struggled to capture and sustain the attention of my 8-week-old collie, Lucky, during our training sessions. When he turned 12 weeks, I decided to give the Treat & Train a try. The outcome was beyond my expectations. Within one day, I could get Lucky to do a down-stay in front of the machine for several minutes. After three days of practice with the machine and other training techniques, he was so calm and relaxed in the house that it was like having an adult dog. Granted, Lucky is a rough collie, the 17th most intelligent breed, and he was already a nice puppy when I purchased the machine. But I never expected him to be so well-behaved at such a young age. I have purchased a lot of garbage for my animals over the years, but this is the best $109 I’ve ever spent. I will never train another way.

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  44. AmandaKlins

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Train independent weaves and stays!

    Easy to use, easy to make extra complicated by using all the cool features too, if that’s more your thing! Dogs warmed up to it pretty quickly, but not all of them do. Since this works best with kibble, you have to have a dog willing to work for that. Haven’t tried other semi firm tiny treats in it yet, but I think Zukes might work. I have a very wiggly older puppy who couldn’t grasp the concept of stay, until we realized she would stand stock still staring at this thing. We were able to backchain off that, and now we’re building a nice stay. Another dog is learning to complete weave poles, she races ahead of me to enter 2x2s on command. Now we just have to start narrowing the channel. It’s a well made item, hope it holds up!

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  45. TKCMOMO2

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not for “chicken” dogs

    It functions mechanically as advertised, hence the two. Both my dogs are utterly terrified of it. Even with their favorite treats in it they cannot be convinced to go get the treats from it unless I sit next to it and don’t turn it on. After about 5 minutes one of them will consider sneaking up grabbing a treat and running away. But once I trigger the machine to dispense the whole process has to start again.So my dogs are apparently wimps. But I also have trouble with the machine jamming with any size hard treat and the alarm sound that it is jammed furthers the terror it induces in my dogs. This knocked my rating from three to two stars. Soft training treats work best BUT they dry hard as a rock by the end of/next day if left in the machine, and then it jams. So if I want a treat dispenser that I have to sit next to and insert treats into all day long this would, I guess, work. But pretty pointless in my view. It was recommended by the trainer our vet referred me to for some aggression issues with our small dog (with a small dog complex). She, the trainer, has great success with this tool apparently. I’m going to see if she wants to buy ours off me as the return time frame expired before I had a chance to figure out my dogs were simply never going to get over their fear. And, technically, there isn’t anything “wrong” with it.

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  46. Laura Butler

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I absolutely love this! It’s great to keep your dogs quiet in the car with. My Jaxon would bounce from window to window barking at everything he saw, and my Briar would whine and cry the entire time we were driving. Even going short distances was a pain in the Jax (that’s his nickname). But it’s kind of hard to train them to be quiet while I’m trying to drive! This thing is amazing – all I have to do is push the button on the remote and it rewards them for being quiet. They caught on very quickly and now driving is so much easier. It’s also great to lure them into my bedroom with when somebody rings the doorbell. I’m going to recommend this to all my clients. Thank you Pet Safe!Laura ButlerScaredy Dog Pet Sitting and Dog Training

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  47. J. J.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Dog loves working with this

    I was having trouble training the weave poles for my novice agility dog, partly because I’m a very poor aim and throwing the treats or toy to the right place was a very hit and miss affair. Mostly miss. Once I got this the training started moving right along and she is now weaving and enjoys it. I’m in the process of “fading” the treat and train now but she really has fun with this so I do other things like long down stays. Putting the setting on “intermittent” keeps her riveted to it. This would be GREAT to train your dog to not rush the door when visitors arrive. I guarantee the visitors will come in a distant second in interest to the Treat N Train.

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  48. Joseph P.Joseph P.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Also useful for socializing reactive dogs

    I purchased this in early 2014 and have been using it to aid in helping to socialize my reactive dog with unfamiliar people. It really enables positive engagement at a safe distance.Occasionally the unit can jam depending on the type of food being used, but opening the unit and using your hand to manually rotate the mechanism will easily clear the jam.The unit is fairly dog proof. My dog is very skilled at extracting food from various containers, He is able to get into this unit if left alone, but luckily he doesn’t damage it in the process.When I want to make the unit more secure (e.g. when I leave the room so I can use the remote from a different room), I put the unit into a case which prevents the food storage door from opening.

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  49. Connie

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Works sometimes

    Not sure if I had received a dud, but when set on a timer to dispense every few seconds, it’ll work for maybe a minute, and then stop completely. I put brand new batteries in as well, so I know batteries are not the issue. Other than that, I’m sure it would’ve been a great product for some pups out there. For my dog, she couldn’t get over the loud mechanical noise. I ended up returning it.

  50. Di

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    It is a good trainer, but battery operated?

    I have used this and it works well and the directions are clear. Just be aware that it uses D batteries so you may be replacing them often if you are a trainer. Making it a rechargable device would be ideal.

  51. Amazon Customer

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I was super excited when this product arrived

    I was super excited when this product arrived, as we adopted a new reactive dog and wanted to use it to reduce his territorial barking and fear of visitors. It did not work. I thought it was the remote, so I called pet safe and they were very kind and accommodating. They immediately sent out a new remote. But then that remote didn’t work so I called them again. Once again to their customer service was amazing! They sent us a whole new machine right away. Now it works beautifully and we use it every day not only as a way to train our dog to stop barking at the door, but we also use it as a fun game at dinner time! We love the treatment train!

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  52. L. Johnna Ammentorp

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Pros and cons

    I use the Manners Minder to train agility behaviors, not for the reason(s) the product was created for. IMO getting a dog to glue itself to a treat dispenser using classical conditioning just so they will let someone in the door is ridiculous. Find a good dog trainer and learn how to train your dog to go to a mat or place, or just not jump. And please, don’t be so lazy as to use it to have your dog run back and forth across the room for exercise while you lay on the couch, like in the video! However, if you need to remotely reward your dog for behaviors in which you do not want him to be focused in on you it’s ideal. Agility is one good example of that.As far as the workability of the product? It jams somewhat regularly, I am using kibble and it still does. And I wish it would allow for more interesting treats. Still, I use it almost everyday when training agility. What I really wish is that the Train and Treat opened easier and then I would just go with that.Johanna Ammentorp

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  53. Kathryn Hawkins

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great training tool!

    I was having some issues with my English Springer Spaniel regarding her agility work. She had suddenly forgot how to do weave poles and really wasn’t all that interested in working in general. Using this as a tool to train to work away from me and her realizing that she would get food for working has changed her whole attitude!!! She is back to the happy, silly, willing to work dog that she was 2 months ago! I’m sure it was just a phase but this helped work through the phase in a hurry! I can see so many uses down the road for training puppies and am really excited for future uses! After her potty time in the morning she runs straight to the counter with the Manner’s Minder on it and sits next to the counter! She is so EXCITED about working and training again! BEST idea EVER, especially if you don’t have someone else available to train with and treat your dog for you!! LOVE this product!!

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  54. AJ

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Remote rewards for dogs

    The Premier Manners Minder allows you to offer your dog a food reward without you having to be near the dog. You click a remote and a piece of kibble drops into the bowl. I bought it for a specific purpose. I do the sport of Agility with my Shelties, and I am using the Manners Minder to train my dogs to complete obstacles no matter where I am. It is an excellent tool for this rather limited purpose.I think that using the MM to train polite behaviors — which is the emphasis in the MM material — is, in some cases, rather clunky. It’s much easier to teach a dog to touch your hand, for instance, by providing a “Yes” and an immediate treat than to have the dog run to the MM.

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  55. teacher1

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Out of production

    According to Petsafe, the manufacturer, the Treat & Train is out of production. Mine was missing the remote battery which was supposed to be included and Petsafe said they could not send another one because they no longer manufactured the whole item. Amazon still sells the product but what if it stops working or is defective? This is a great product. Get it while you can, but beware, you might not be able to replace a broken or defective one.

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  56. Amazon Customer

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great but jams unless you have the right kibble size/shape.

    Excellent training tool for dogs. We have been using it to train our recently adopted adult dog, who suffers from a little anxiety and really benefits from this as a training tool because she knows exactly what’s coming when she hears the tone. I do think the lowest volume is still pretty loud and that can be startling to the dog (at first) and obnoxious to humans. The only complaint I have is that you basically have to figure out the exact right size kibble or treat to stock it with, otherwise it jams, which is VERY upsetting to the dog because it makes a loud beeping noise when the machine jams (and of course treats stop coming out). When it does jam you sometimes have to take most/all of the kibble out to clean or unjam it. We haven’t nailed down the exact right brand yet but when it does work we have had a lot of success.

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  57. KarliKarli

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Like another review stated

    IF YOUR MACHINE IS JAMMING/NOT WORKING:2. If your machine seems slow/weak and has a hard time rotating, get it replaced. My second machine is a dream compared to the first model I received.1. Like another review stated, use a dremel and remove the outside lip of the treat dispenser circles. It isn’t pretty but it works. I attached a photo of what I did to mine — I can use any type of treat that fits through the hole now! Sometimes the kibble builds up like at the bottom of the photo without that edge, but that won’t happen as long as you keep it semi-full. :)Absolutely love this after getting a replacement and fixing the edge. It’s SO much fun!!

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  58. Elizabeth

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    One of my favorite dog training products!!

    One of the greatest tools for positive reinforcement dog training! With the easy-to-use remote, you are able to reward your dog for good behaviors from a distance. I use this product for agility, kennel training, and obedience. The product even comes with a manual, target stick, and two adjustable dispenser sizes (great for releasing less/more treats or treats of different sizes.) I use Zuke’s soft treats and my dog’s kibble for rewards and have had very few problems with the Treat & Train getting jammed. It has jammed occasionally, but the newer models seem to do a much better job and it’s very easy to remove the treat dispensing disc to fix it. Overall love this product and WELL worth the money. Amazon’s shipping was great as well – product was in perfect condition and speedy delivery!

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  59. DogLover

    1.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn’t work in grass!

    I purchased this item to use in agility training, all of which I do outdoors. Who knew it doesn’t work in the grass? I didn’t. I found I had to be within 5 feet to get it to work, which totally defeats the purpose of using this as a distance/remote reward system. And since the box was glued together like Ft Knox it was mangled trying to get the product out if the packaging, which means I can’t return it. Very disappointed.

  60. Jess

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Gets stuck

    First night using it with kibble (medium size puppy) and the dispenser got stuck several times. It would fail to turn and when the kibble was running low, it would give a light suggesting there is no kibble. My dog loves it and I see the use for this but it’s not worth the cost if it malfunctions.

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