Professional Pet Sitting

About Our Services

When you can’t be with your pets, you want them to be safe and comfortable.  Our professional pet sitters are committed to happy, healthy relationships and will provide their care while you are on vacation, working long hours, or even just want them to have a walk when you don’t have time.  

Our professional pet sitters are valued employees of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic, not independent contractors.  They have each passed background checks, are fully insured, and have attained Fear Free Pet Sitter and Pet CPR and First Aid Certifications.  Marie, a Registered Veterinary Technician, is our Pet Sitting Manager for the Sanford and Southern Pines areas.  She trained each pet sitter how to do health checks and administer all kinds of medications, including injections and subcutaneous fluids.  Jael, our Fear Free Certified Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer, tested each sitter to ensure they walk your dogs the Fear Free way.

To become a pet sitting client, each dog and cat must be current on their rabies vaccines.  We strongly recommend current distemper, parvo, and lepto vaccines for any dog that is being taken off property for walks, etc.  Cats should also be vaccinated against FVRCP.  We take care of chickens and all non-venomous indoor pets.  Unfortunately we don’t do farm work at this time.  Pets must be non-aggressive and able to be easily handled by our sitters.  We test this during the required Meet and Greet Visit.  

Services and Fees

All services are for up to 2 pets.  Additional pets are $8 each for all services except the meet and greet and dog walks.  We count critters who live together in a single containment system such as fish in the same aquarium, birds in the same cage, bunnies in the same hutch, etc. as one pet.  Fish that only need feeding will be cared for at no charge.  

Our service includes bringing in mail, taking out trash and recycling, watering some house plants upon request.  

Meet Our Professional Pet Sitters!

Nancy, Home Care Director

It was pure serendipity that Nancy happened to be looking on Indeed for a job when Dr. Meghan posted a need for a pet sitting manager.  Dr. Meghan never expected to even meet someone with Nancy’s experience running a very successful pet sitting business in Raleigh before moving to Sanford.  She knew she had to hire Nancy immediately and give her the authority to direct Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic’s Pet Sitting Service with the same level of professionalism.  Nancy joined Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic in Spring 2023.

Born and raised in Raleigh NC, Nancy attended Peace College and Wake Technical Institute to receive her ASCP Certification as a Lab Technician. Nancy worked for 16 years as the Pathology Laboratory Phlebotomy Supervisor at Wake Med. Here she learned valuable skills in compassion, communication and management. Nancy and her husband moved to Sanford, NC in 2006.

While overseeing a 24/7/365 department of 30 full time employees ,Nancy also served as  co creator of the first phlebotomy training program to be taught in 5 local community colleges. In addition, she was the first elected President of the Employee Advisory Council at Wake Med.

Nancy felt called to work with one of her passions in 2001 and became an entrepreneur in the field of pet care. She successfully built a professional pet sitting and dog walking business in North Raleigh, later expanding to cover most of Wake County. During this time, Nancy served on the BOD for NAPPS (National Assoc. of Professional Pet Sitters). In 2019 after 17 years of fulfilling a dream, Nancy decided it was time to take a break from working 7 days a week and successfully sold her business.

In 2023, Nancy was hired as the Home Care Director for Family Vet Mobile Pet Sitting. She is thrilled to bring her skill set to this exciting opportunity for building a successful pet sitting business while providing employment for other animal lovers and personalized in home care for beloved fur babies!

Marie, Pet Sitter Manager

Marie is a long time veterinary assistant and manager.  She grew frustrated with the treatment of patients and corporate culture.  Looking for a change, she decided to make her pet sitting side hustle her main employment.  Now, in a Fear Free practice culture, she trains pet sitters to provide care and medications in a much nicer way!

Marie joined Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic in Spring 2023.

Hey everyone! My name is Marie Daniel, I have been working in the veterinary field for over 20
years and have done pet sitting during most of that time. I am excited to be working with Dr.
Meghan and her Family Veterinary Mobile Pet Sitting Service. Dr. Meghan’s Fear Free
approach to pet care is what prompted me to join her team because being a voice for pets has
always been important for me.

Belle, Professional Pet Sitter

Belle is one of our first pet sitters at Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic!  We just love her attention to detail and conscientiousness.  Belle has been caring for all kinds of pets for a long time, and has special affinity for seniors.

  • Certified Fear Free Pet Sitter
  • Pet CPR and First Aid Certified

My connection with animals goes beyond just training. From my earliest days to now as an adult, I’ve been fortunate to share my life with a diverse array of animals, including cherished cats, loyal dogs, and even small rodents. This rich personal experience has fostered a deep understanding of their needs and behavior, enabling me to provide the utmost care and companionship.

In my professional journey, I’ve cared for a wide spectrum of cats and dogs, embracing the diversity of sizes, breeds, and temperaments. One of my most treasured professional experiences involved a sweet and beautiful sphinx cat. This special feline captured my heart and required extra attention and affection during each visit. This experience reflects my commitment to forming genuine connections with every pet I encounter.

I have spent a lot of time with different furry friends, both in my personal life and during my career. These pets come in all ages and sizes, and I’ve taken care of them for both family members and clients. I especially have an affinity for seniors, stemming from my upbringing alongside these wise and loving, faithful companions. This experience and connection drive my belief that they warrant not only equal but potentially even greater devotion and nurturing compared to their younger counterparts.

Ensuring the health of pets and tending to their needs is a top priority for me. While caring for both senior and younger pets, I have administered both oral and topical medications to ensure their happiness and well-being.

My decision to join Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic as a pet sitter stems from my profound passion and personal affinity for animals. This innate connection has driven me to dedicate myself to their well-being and provide comfort and devotion while their person is away. What truly sets this clinic apart is its Fear Free certification, which aligns perfectly with my values. Recognizing that pets experience emotions, the clinic prioritizes their feelings, ensuring every visit is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. This approach resonates deeply with me and strengthens my commitment to providing compassionate and considerate care. By collaborating with a Fear Free certified veterinary clinic, I can contribute to enhancing the lives of pets in a way that genuinely reflects my love for animals.

My professional motto is Pawsitively Reliable Pet Care! As a devoted pet sitter, my priority is ensuring your furry companions have the time of their lives! I’ll engage them in plenty of fun activities to keep them both physically and mentally stimulated. From playing fetch with their favorite ball to engaging in exciting tug-of-war sessions with their beloved rope toys, they’ll never have a dull moment. 

To challenge their minds, I’ll introduce them to food puzzles and treat search boxes, encouraging problem-solving and cognitive development. The outdoors will be their playground, allowing them to explore, sniff, and frolic freely, promoting mental and sensory enrichment. 

Yet, it’s not just about fun and games. While providing these stimulating activities, I also understand the significance of comfort and affection. Your pets will receive ample love and cuddles, making them feel cherished and secure in my care. Ensuring their emotional well-being is just as important as their physical and mental needs.

With me, your dogs will be in the best hands, experiencing a perfect blend of excitement and love, making their time away from you as enjoyable and enriching as possible.

Deirdre, Professional Pet Sitter

Deirdre is also one of our first hires.  Her empathy, compassion, and patience towards fearful pets makes her a perfect addition to our pet sitting team.  

  • Certified Fear Free Pet Sitter
  • Pet CPR and First Aid Certified

I have always loved animals and felt a strong connection to them.  I got my first dog when I was 11 years old and my first horse when I was 13.  I started informally pet sitting when I was 14.  

I’ve owned two successful dog daycare/training and boarding centers and I’ve started two nonprofit organizations for the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs, horses and our military veterans. 
I am equally at home with birds, fish and exotic animals as I am dogs and cats. 
Fear free is important to me because I suffer from anxiety, I would never want an animal in my care to feel any fear or anxiety. 

Lisa, Professional Pet Sitter


Hi. I am Lisa. I am teacher. I am also a former veterinarian technician but most of my animal experience comes from sharing my life with 17 rescue animals, fish, and red wiggler worms. Did I mention I am a vermicomposter? I have rescued close to 20 rabbits over the past 19 years. Most were neglected. I also have parrots (many are rescues). My first and oldest bird turned 27 in July. I purchased Keiko when she was 6 months old. My family also includes two rescue guinea pigs and Sadie, the Dutch bunny. I have 11 clown loaches and 1 algae eater. My oldest clown loach is 14. Six of the clown loaches are rescues. I have rescued numerous dogs and puppies over the years. Stella, a red nose pit mix  joined my family last year. She is sweet, loving, energetic, and exhibits fear based and separation anxiety. I do not believe in dominance or punishment training. I use treats to train Stella. I am a huge fan of Victoria Stillwell. I am working for Family Vet Mobile because their core values on raising and caring for animals align with mine. 


This will be my first Pet Sitting job. I decided I wanted to pet sit because I know how hard it is to find someone trustworthy to care for your animals when you are away. 

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