Family Veterinary
Mobile Clinic

Call or Text 1-800-993-7941

Serving the Sanford and 

Southern Pines areas of North Carolina

How We Help You

Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic helps you with sick pet care by providing non-emergency veterinary services in your home.  Because we don’t have access to immediate diagnostics or a hospital, we are not able to treat emergencies or pets who are dehydrated.  Marie, our CSR, is a former veterinary assistant and veterinary practice manager.  She will refer you to the most appropriate facility to best care for your pet.  

If you’re not sure if your pet’s symptoms are an emergency, please refer to our Pet Triage page.  We also have contact information for emergency hospitals, urgent care clinics, a pet transportation service, and what to do in specific situations.

Urgent Conditions We Treat

  • Limping or pain
  • Ear infections
  • Skin issues of all kinds
  • Urinary tract problems
  • Diarrhea

Chronic Disease Management

Many pets have chronic diseases that require ongoing management.  Some examples are arthritis, allergies, thyroid disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes.  Taking your pet back and forth to a veterinary clinic is time consuming and expensive.  Sometimes, that can lead to delaying care, which nobody wants to do when their furkid needs help.  We come to your home, which saves you a lot of time.  Our Wellness Plans also save you money because they include unlimited examinations and house call fees.  Enrolled Family Members don’t pay for anything out of pocket except medications!