Family Veterinary
Mobile Clinic

Call or Text 1-800-993-7941

Serving the Sanford and 

Southern Pines areas of North Carolina

Veterinary Services

Most clients purchase a wellness plan for their pets.  These are our prices for veterinary services if purchased without a wellness plan.  All of our services are included in the Dog Family Plan or Cat Family Plan.  

Training Services

Jael, our Certified Fear Free Animal Behavior College trainer, offers private in-home training and group courses.  We are committed to Positive Reinforcement and will never use force, punishment, or pain to train your dog.  All training is included in our Family Plan.  Pets must be currently vaccinated.  

Professional Pet Sitting

You do not have to be a client to receive our professional pet sitting and dog walking services. More information is available on our pet sitting website. Please sign up on our app.  All prices are for up to 2 pets.  Additional pets are $8 each for every kind of visit except the meet and greet.  Services are performed in your home.  We count multiple pets in one enclosure (fish in the same aquarium, rats in the same cage) as one pet.  

Dogs and cats must be currently rabies vaccinated.